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1. Choose Your Startup Name Keywords

Think of some keywords that describe your startup or niche and add them to the generator.

2. Get Unique Startup Name Ideas

Finetune results with premade industry and style filters. Pick the best company name for your startup and check domain availability.

3. Concentrate on Your Startup

Focus on your products and services. Let us handle the registrations of your domain name, company, and trademark.

Startup Company Name Generator: What We Offer

You can use our AI-powered startup name generator for free to create as many startup business name ideas as you want, regardless of the industry you’re in.

But, there’s much more to our generator. Aside from creating unique startup names, it also:

Checks for available domain names

Having a matching domain name is necessary for establishing a brand. We’ll suggest available domain names or refer you to a broker if you want a premium domain.

Offers professionally-made logos

A logo is a major part of any recognizable brand. You’ll find logo suggestions to start off your brand imagery.

Takes care of paperwork

With the help of our trusted partners, you can officially register your company, and take out a trademark to protect your brand.

Top Tips

Getting the Best Name for Startup

Over 300 million startups show up every year, making it increasingly more difficult to pick a unique and memorable name. But, it’s not impossible if you follow our tips.

Follow the Industry

Your name should make it clear what your business is about and what industry you operate in.

Know Who You Talk To

Before you pick a name, define your startup target audience. Names won’t equally resonate in different groups.


Be Original

While you should be industry-relevant, you still need a catchy name to stand out from thousands of other startups.

Think Globally

If your goal is to expand to other countries, think of the international implications of your name (mistranslations, existing trademarks, etc.)


Check Domains

Make sure there’s an available domain name you can register that will match (or resemble) your startup name.

Ask for Feedback

Two heads are better than one, and you’ll need more than two. Conduct a survey to see how potential customers feel about your name.

Get Inspired

Startup Name Ideas

Startup names can vary significantly, depending on a handful of factors, such as the type of business and industry. When you use the startup name generator, make sure to play around with different keywords and filters. Here’s a list of the best names for a startup that we generated:

  • TechTerminus
  • TechGenius
  • LaunchTech
  • BrightSpark
  • SaaS Central
  • DreamBuilders
  • GeniusHub
  • Code Crafters
  • Echelon
  • Apex
  • Luminary
  • Synergy
  • Quixote
  • Aether
  • Rising Rebels
  • Forward Thinkers
  • Alpha Achievers
  • Innov8
  • IdeaLab
  • JourneyJolt

Video Guides

Video Guides for Startups

Want to see firsthand how our startup name generator works? Wonder how to create your brand identity? Check out our video guides:

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Where to Start a Startup

While you may hope to go global at one point, it’s important where you begin. According to data from Exploding Topics, about 70% of startups don’t make it past year five, and having a solid environment can help you a lot.

Thankfully, the United States is a leading country for startups, with a score of 198.08, almost four times more than the second-placed United Kingdom. Different cities within the U.S. bring different commodities to startups, as shown by Statista.

It’s worth noting that about 22% of startups that fail don’t have a good marketing strategy. You may have the most perfect product in the world, but if nobody hears about it or gets confused as to what it is, you won’t get sales.

That’s why it’s so important to have a strong startup name that will help you build your brand and develop a marketing strategy.

Take the First Step in Creating Your Business Name

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You start by brainstorming as many ideas as you can. We suggest you use our startup name generator to speed up this process. Check if the names you listed have available domains, social media handles, and trademarks. Ask for feedback from potential customers before settling on a name.

You should pick a name that describes your brand values and the industry you’re in. However, you should avoid being too specific, such as naming yourself after a product or location. This will be an obstacle once you try to scale your business.

Modern startup names are all short, sweet, and easy to spell and pronounce. This gives them a competitive edge since people are more likely to remember them the first time they hear them.

Our startup name generator gives you names and shows if they have available domains and social media handles. This is the fastest way to check if the names you generated can be used on different channels. We also suggest you do a legal check to determine your selected name doesn’t breach any existing trademarks.



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