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Caesars Entertainment

you probably have gotten it from the name already but Caesars Entertainment is a company that specializes in the creation of casino-style apps. There are various mobile games and tip apps in the company’s portfolio.


one of the most popular app development companies in the world is named after the dog of its CEO Mark Pincus. The company was originally called Presidio Media but this brand wasn’t distinctive enough. This is when the name change occurred. The company logo also carries the theme because it is the silhouette of a dog.


the company was originally called Colony Life. The corporate website was Colony Life Plus and the current name is an abbreviation of these three words.


: a name that really doesn’t require a thorough explanation – Gameloft is a company that develops mobile game apps.


another company that originally had a different name. Watercooler changed its name to Kabam because the founders wanted a brand that was more impactful. The name was chosen because it sounds good and it’s different.


the Japanese app development company is named after Six Degrees of Separation – a hypothesis that states each person is six steps away from another person at any given time. The name symbolizes GREE’s desire to create new possibilities for internet-based communication and fun.

Branding Strategy & Naming Terminology

Mobile apps are accessible on the go and they offer a user-friendly experience. These are the characteristics to focus on when naming apps designed for use on mobile devices.

App development companies can base their marketing on the innovative characteristics of apps, the specifics of the user experience or both. There’s always room for improvement and even apps that already exist can be made better and launched on the market.

There is a lot of freedom when it comes to naming an app development business. The name doesn’t have to focus on technical terms that only a select group of people will understand. App companies will generally have to appeal to a wider audience. A good approach is to take an impactful word or phrase (even an invented one) and to give it new meaning by attributing brand qualities to it.

Demographic & Interests

While most people link mobile apps to games, there’s a lot more that these companies focus on. Some develop financial apps, others focus on multimedia, learning opportunities or useful tips. Because apps come in so many shapes and forms, these companies don’t have a strict clientele group.

Some app companies do specialize in one type of app, which is why they have a pretty good idea about the audience to attract. In other instances, developers will be looking at a general audience.

The only unifying characteristic is the fact that customers are tech-savvy and they rely on their mobile device for entertainment, convenience or learning opportunities. These people own at least a smartphone or a tablet and while they’re typically looking for free apps, some will be willing to pay for premium quality.

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