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Lingo PR

Knowing the lingo, is a useful asset for getting your message across. The name eludes to the idea that this PR agency knows the ‘lingo’ and is, therefore, able to communicate well to the public/target audience.

Altitude Public Relations

Their name is telling clients that they are the best, the top PR firm and that they will ensure that their customers will also ‘get to the top’.

Beautiful Planning

A simple, elegant name. ‘Beautiful Planning’ engages with a particular type of customer; those wanting upmarket, sophisticated PR services

Shore Fire Media

Sounds like ‘sure fire’, a smart play on sounds is an intelligent naming strategy.

Hundred Stories

A PR firm specialising in real estate. The name has a double meaning, a tall building, but also the agency’s ability to come up with a plethora of strategies and stories to target different demographics.

Relevance New York

A New York based company, being relevant is all that matters when it comes to a successful PR strategy. This name reminds clients of that fact and indicates their ability to make a customer relevant.


A niche company that offers PR services for start-ups in the technology sector. The name is an indicator to what they do and suggests an efficient, cohesive team by the use of the term ‘squad.’

Factory PR

A factory is something that can churn out goods fast, efficiently and at a low price point. This name exemplifies all these traits and ties them to the PR industry.

Style House

A simple, easy to remember name. It also eludes to the company’s services.

Hunt & Gather

A smart use of a primaeval term. ‘Hunt and Gather’ is indicative of the agency’s ability to find out what people need to hear and then deliver.

High10 Media

Both ‘high’ and ’10’ portray an elevated status. This translates to potential clients seeing the firm in this positive light.

Marketing Strategy & Useful
Advertising Terminology

All companies and individuals who seek public relations (PR) services want the same thing. Firms in this industry use certain buzzwords that pique a potential client’s interest by making growth and a good public image sound easy and exciting.

Viral, gain traction, exposure, Persuasive, long-term relationships, best return on investment, reputation, strategic, crowd-sourced, data-driven approach, building beneficial relationships,

Clientele & Interests

The interest of individuals and businesses seeking out public relation services include a good public image, high-standing in the community they serve/reside and popularity amongst their target audience. The industry stretches across the global economy, and people from all walks of life utilise some form of public relations.

Popularity, appeal, growth of audience, high-standing, positive public image, friends, social media followers, likers and growth, neutrality for controversial issues, gain exposure to audiences, referrals, word-of-mouth

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