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Our blog name generator can create countless brilliant blog name ideas for any topic or theme. Try the generator now and find the best name for your blog.

1. Choose Your Blog Name Keywords

Add keywords to the generator that describe your blog’s genre and theme.

2. Get Blog Name Ideas

Wait for the generator to make thousands of unique name ideas. Read through and apply filters to trim the list.

3. Select Blog Names

Pick some of your fave names before selecting one to launch your blog with.

How to Use Our Blog Name Generator

Want to use our blog name generator to make great blog names and ideas? The process couldn’t be simpler! 

First, think of some words that get to the heart of the topic of your blog, such as words related to the topic of your blog posts.

Enter your words into the blog name generator and click “Get Started” The blog name ideas generator will then use your words to create many blog name ideas. You can browse the list and apply filters to find specific types of blog names.

Targeted Keywords

Insert keywords that capture the essence of your blog. 

Generate And Filter

Generate name ideas and use the filters to find good names.

Save And Register

Create a shortlist of names and register the winning name. 

Make a shortlist of your favorite blog names and then check if they’re available. If you find a name that is free, you can claim it and use it or make some adjustments to make the name more unique and personal to your blog.

Video Guide for Blog Name Generator

Benefits of Our Blog Name Generator

Our blog name generator is designed to help ordinary people find great blog names. It’s extremely easy to use and has a wide range of features. 

These are just some of the benefits of our generator.

  • Save time – Making up blog names can be hard and time-consuming, and it can take hours to come up with names on your own. Our generator gives you hundreds of name ideas in seconds.
  • Versatile – Whether you’re running a travel blog, a food blog, or something totally different, our blog name creator can help. It can work with all kinds of blog name ideas.
  • Free to use – Unlike other blog name generators, which can have hidden fees or limitations, the BNG unique blog name generator is completely free for every user. 
  • Handy filters – With our blog name generator, you can apply filters to search for specific sorts of blog names, like 1-word names or names that rhyme.
  • No limits – You can use our blog name generator to create as many name ideas as you like. There is no limit to the number of blog names this generator can create.
How To Name Your Blog

Different Types Of Blogs

Not all blogs are created equal. In fact, there are countless different types of blogs out there, and one of the first things to do when setting up a new blog is to decide what kind of blog you want to make.

Food Blogs 

As the name suggests, food blogs focus on themes of food and cooking. You might like to use your food blog to share recipes, for example, or review the foods you’ve eaten or restaurants you’ve visited.

A blog names generator is a great tool to use to find the right blog name for your food blog. It’s a good idea to use words that are associated with food, like delicious, tasty, scrumptious, and oven.

Travel Blogs 

Travel blogs are very popular nowadays, with lots of people looking for a travel blog name generator to help with naming their new blog. On this kind of blog, you can entertain readers with descriptions of trips and vacations.

When using a travel blog name generator and trying to create great travel blog names, it’s a good idea to use relevant keywords that make people think of travel, such as flight, voyage, adventure or explore.

Lifestyle Blogs 

On this kind of blog, you can share tips, tricks, ideas, and posts about general lifestyle matters, like health, exercise, home, and food.

Lifestyle blogs can be very diverse and intriguing, and they often have unique or eye-catching names. So when using a lifestyle blog name generator, come up with words that reflect the unique mood or theme of your blog.

Fashion Blogs 

On this kind of blog, people may share things like pictures of their favorite outfits, posts about new fashion trends, or tips and tricks for how to dress better.

Fashion blog names need to be trendy and on-point, so it’s common for blog creators to include words like trend, topic, style, and hip to help their fashion blogs stand out from the crowd.

Personal Blog

You might also decide to run a personal blog, and you can use our blog name generator to make some great personal blog name ideas. On this blog, you can share your own thoughts and feelings about your life or family, for example.

Personal blogs can be almost like online diaries, and many people find it fun to share snippets of their lives online. For this kind of blog, it may be useful to use your own name as part of the blog name or find words that are deeply personal and relevant to you.

Think outside the box. You can use other generators on our site if you want to create blog names that stand out. You can try our luxury business name generator for fashion and beauty blogs. Also, our cool and catchy business name generator can help you come up with blog name ideas that stand out.

Best Blog Names 2022

There are some amazing blogs in the blogosphere with great names that have helped them attract attention and become great success stories for their owners. 

Here are some real-world examples of great blog names and why they work.

Blog NameType of NameType of BlogTarget AudienceLink to BlogName LengthWhy it Works
Dan Flying SoloFounder NameTravelIndependent travelers words, 15 charactersPersonal, easy to remember, and descriptive of the blog’s contents
Vanessa GrandaFounder NameFashionFashion and style fans words, 14 charactersConveys authority and raises awareness of the blogger
Deliciously EllaFounder NameFoodFoodies, general audience words, 16 charactersEvocative and personal at the same time
Girl with CurvesDescriptiveFashionFashion fans, especially women with certain body types words, 16 charactersAttention-grabbing and targets a specific audience
QuintessenceEvocativeLifestylePeople into art, design, fashion, and lifestyle word, 12 charactersA singular, elegant, evocative word
Cup of JoWordplayLifestyleGeneral audience words, 9 charactersClever wordplay using the founder’s name
The Broke BackpackerDescriptiveTravelTravelers on a budget word, 20 charactersEasy to remember and accurately describes the blog
Never Ending FootstepsEvocativeTravelAdventurers and travelers words, 22 charactersBeautiful and eye-catching phrase
Smitten KitchenWordplayFoodFoodies words, 15 charactersA rhyming name which is fun and easy to remember
Budget BytesDescriptiveFoodPeople who want to eat better on a budget words, 12 charactersUses alliteration, making it easy to remember

20 Travel Blog Name Ideas

One of the most popular kinds of blogs to make is a travel blog. Here are some travel blog name ideas, made using our blog name generator and the following keywords: adventure, fly, explore, world, and journey.

  • Barefoot Adventures    
  • Flyscape   
  • Jet Adventure
  • Jungle Journey  
  • World Walker
  • Explore Abroad  
  • Journey Journal  
  • Fly Nomad      
  • Epic Adventure
  • World Conquest 
  • Journey Unlimtied  
  • Hop Explore  
  • Fly Universe   
  • World Wanderer  
  • Adventurenest
  • Epic Journeys
  • Bucket List Explorer  
  • Fly Free
  • Breathtaking World
  • Globe Explorer

20 Food Blog Name Ideas

Food blogs are an awesome way to share your passion for food and fine dining with the world. Here are some ideas for food blog names, made with our blog name generator and these food-related keywords: delicious, yum, taste, kitchen, and cook.

  • Delicious Dungeon 
  • Yum Bazaar  
  • Taste Tale  
  • Kitchen Divine  
  • Cook Connoisseur 
  • Decadent Delicious  
  • Yum Street
  • Superior Taste  
  • Crispy Cook 
  • Kitchen Sensation 
  • Deliciously   
  • Yum Galore   
  • Crumb Cook 
  • The Taste Dude  
  • Kitchen Cuts   
  • Crispy Delicious
  • Yum Bites
  • Local Taste
  • The Kitchen Bro
  • Cook Gusto

20 Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas

Lifestyle blogs are another kind of blog you might like to make, and these kinds of blogs can talk about all sorts of subjects related to everyday life, from home décor and design to diet advice and financial tips. Here are some blog names based on keywords like life, romance, financial, design, and family.

  • Life Spirit  
  • Cheeky Romance   
  • The Complex Life 
  • Family Focus  
  • The Design Doctor 
  • Financiology 
  • Honest Romance
  • Family Forever    
  • Life Cracked 
  • Radiance Design  
  • Financial Independence
  • The Family Oasis      
  • Romance Rose  
  • Design Bubble 
  • Atomic Life
  • Family Delight
  • Clever Financial   
  • Soulmate Romance
  • Splash Design
  • Financial Advisory

20 Fashion Blog Name Ideas

Of course, you might also like to share fashion advice, outfit ideas, and style tips in the form of your own fashion blog. Here are 20 more blog name ideas made by our blog name generator with these keywords: style, trend, look, beauty, elegance.

  • Style Symbol
  • Trend Silhouette 
  • The Catwalk Look  
  • Elegance Idol      
  • Lavish Style   
  • Beauty Cave    
  • Trendwear  
  • Jazz Elegance    
  • Look Divine   
  • Style Splendour
  • Castaway Beauty
  • Elegance Insignia     
  • The Trend Clan
  • Look Unique  
  • Beauty Flex   
  • The Style Syndicate
  • Misguided Trend
  • Affinity Elegance
  • The Lost Look
  • Beautops
Demographic Interests

Most Popular Name Generators At BNG

Our blog name generator is a great tool to use for unique and original blog name ideas. But it’s not the only generator available. We have many other name generators you can use for all sorts of business names, and here are a few of the most popular options:

Tips For Creating Unique And Catchy Blog Name Ideas

  1. Think About The Theme – The first thing to do is think about the theme or topic of your blog. This will help you hone in on the right kinds of relevant keywords that you can enter into the blog name generator and use to make blog name ideas.
  2. Consider Your Audience – Ask yourself who you want to read your blog. What kind of audience are you targeting, and what are they looking for? Try to find words and name ideas that will grab their attention.
  3. Analyze the Competition – Check out some other blogs that already exist in your chosen niche, like travel or food blogs. Check out the names they’re using and use them as inspiration for your own blog.
  4. Make it Personal – A lot of the best blog names have a personal touch and may include the blog owner’s name or nickname in some way. This is a good way to add some personality to your blog and draw people in immediately.
  5. Think About Different Name Types – When coming up with blog names, you might like to use descriptive names, evocative names, or metaphorical names. Research the different options and think about which one works best for you.
  6. Easy to Spell – It helps to have a blog name that is easy for people to spell and remember, as this will make it easier for them to find your blog in the future or recommend it to others.
  7. Avoid Hyphens or Complex Words – It’s best to avoid using words that are hyphenated, as this can make it harder for people to remember your blog’s URL. The same applies to words that are complicated or spelled differently in different parts of the world.
  8. Be Creative and Original – There are countless blogs out there, and you need a name that is unique and fresh if you want people to click on your blog and read it. Try to think outside the box and use words that are special or unusual.
  9. Verify Availability – Since there are so many blogs already in existence, some of the blog names you find might already be taken. Check to see if your chosen names are available before claiming any of them.
  10. Make Great Content – Having a good blog name is the first step towards a successful blog, but you also need to fill your blog with interesting posts that people actually want to read. So, once you’ve named the blog, get to work on some posts.

Use the business name search to check if you can legally use the blog name you picked. You can find the right domains for your blog with our domain name generator.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I create a catchy blog name?

A good blog name needs to be catchy, original, and interesting. It should be relevant to the content of the blog, and it also helps if the name is easy for people to remember.

Some examples of real-world successful blog names include the likes of Deliciously Ella, Dan Flying Solo, Girl with Curves, and Cup of Jo. There are many other examples in fields like travel blogs and food blogs.

Yes, every blog needs a name. This is what you’ll use in the URL or website address of your blog, and it helps people to remember your blog and find it again in the future.

You can Google for your blog name to see if it’s already taken. Our generator includes an instant domain availability check that shows if your selected blog name has available domains.


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