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How to Choose a Business Name

Whether you’re just starting a business, an entrepreneur or inspiring small business owner, company name creation can be difficult. Follow our six point plan for business name success.


Industry Mission

Get your Sherlock Holmes hat on and dive into your industry. What’s hot? What’s not? Look around for names that are already taken and spot gaps.


Create Personas

Imagine your ideal customer – let’s call them James. What does James like? Sketch out James’s profile – this will help you shape your business name.


Be Memorable

The best business names are memorable. Think of a business name like a catchy song – make it stick after hearing it once. Would “James’s Jazz” buzz in your head all day? That is what you’re after.


Feedback Fun

Put some names out there and let your potential customers decide. Watch out for their reactions – they’re the best indicators.


Futureproof It

Your business name may be used for years to come. Will “James’s Jazz” still be good in 10 years? Fast-forward to the future and assess if it is too current to still be relevant.


Digital Domain

To establish your digital presence, you must register a domain name and think about registering supporting social media channels.

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Unique Business Name Ideas

A great business name is more than a label; it is an important part of your business identity. To help you get started, we’ve created a list of 20 creative business names using our brand name generator.

Catchy Business Name Ideas

Catchy business name ideas should be unique, relevant, and memorable to your business. Here are 20 catchy business name ideas that are generated using our business name generator:

1. Lumitonique
2. EcoQuanta
3. Panache
4. Fit n Fab
5. SolPurify
6. News Now
7. Kidz Paradise
8. Yoga Zen
9. AutoCare
10. Organic Oasis
11. AquaPixel
12. EduMart
13. PureFeast
14. Luxe Looks
15. Agro Store
16. Stylista
17. VisiKore
18. Stylista
19. AlphaBright
10. TechHarvest

Cute Business Name Ideas

Cute business name ideas can capture the customer’s heart and make your brand unforgettable. Below are 20 cute business name ideas from our company name generator for your inspiration:

1. Daisy Dew
2. FuzzyWuzzy
3. Honeybee
4. BubbleBliss
5. CottonCandy
6. PeachyKeen
7. TwinkleStar
8. RosyCheeks
9. SunnySmiles
10. SnuggleNest
11. SugarPlum
12. Flutterby
13. SnuggleBears
14. WigglyWorms
15. DoodleBug
16. HoneyHugs
17. PetalPals
18. BubbleBurst
19. SnugglePea
20. Giggle Bliss

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