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How To Use The Business Name Generator

Craft the perfect name for your business with ease. Our Business Name Generator streamlines the naming process by generating unique business name ideas based on the keyword(s) you submit.

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BNG Best Practices

Follow the tips and tricks below to generate high-quality business names.

tick new Use more than one keywordDiversify your business name suggestions with multiple keywords — up to six.
tick new Go for relevancyStick to names that represent your business.
tick new Try it more than onceUse different keywords and combinations to enhance your perfect business name search.
tick new Zero-in on target audiencesWhat terms do your potential customers use? Can you include them in your company name?

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Why Our Business Name Generator Is The Best

No random wordsOur generator has built-in logic that processes the text you submit.
Logical name ideasThe name generator creates unique name ideas through keyword association, industry relevance, and a summation from millions of user interactions on our site.
AI-Powered namesOur AI-based generator understands and serves business name ideas that are unique, engaging, and attractive.
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Names Build Brands

Small business owners understand the importance of branding.The right name makes a memorable first impression and sets the tone of your business in the eyes of consumers. 

Choose a brand name that’s easy to remember to improve your chances of building a strong identity. Then convert your potential customers by creating a great brand.

Choosing a Business Name

To help you during the business naming process, here are the six most important steps in creating and choosing a business name:

star 1. Research Your Audience

Knowing your customers will help you better decide on the style and overall tone of your business name. Research your audience and create customer personas that outline their wants, needs, and demographic information. Then, use that information to narrow your search.

star 2. Make It Catchy

Catchy business names are short, easily pronounced, and stick. Test your name by visualizing your business name in a slogan or advertisement. Then ask yourself, “Would I remember this name after seeing (or hearing) it only once?”

star 3. Research Your Industry and Competition

Create a document with extensive research for your business industry and local competitors. Use this research to identify specific keywords and common trends and to understand how a competitor’s story or values connect with their name.

star 4. Keep It Simple

Complex, long, or hard to pronounce business names are hard to remember and hinder the branding process. Business names should be only 2-3 words at most, and it’s something our algorithm accounts for when generating results.

star 5. Make It Brandable

Generate mockups of how your business name will look on marketing collateral. This helps validate which name ideas best fit your business.

star 6. Establish A Digital Presence From The Get-Go!

To establish your digital presence, you’ll need a domain name, username, and social media handles (like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram) that are available to register.

Ask these questions when shortlisting your business name ideas:

tick new Is the name easily pronounceable and spelled?
tick new Could someone misinterpret the name in another language, culture, or industry?
tick new Does the business name allow your business to grow? Don’t silo your name ideas to a specific product, niche, or market unless it benefits you.
tick new Is the name available online? Check for website and social media availability.
tick new Does the name get you excited about launching your business?

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How To Create A Cool And Catchy Business Name

Cool name ideas and catchy business names often go hand in hand. If a name is catchy, there’s a good chance it’s cool. 

But how do you ensure the potential names you create are cool and catchy? And what does that even mean?

A cool name is the one that people notice; a catchy business name is one that people remember. You’ll want both in a name for your business. 

Here are some simple tips to help you create cool name ideas and catchy name ideas for your business.

  • Make the words rhyme — People love rhymes. They’re easy to remember and stand out. 
  • Play with alliterations — Alliterations are smooth and flowing. They are easy to spell and pronounce. The rhythm makes them very cool and catchy. 
  • Use rhythmic sounds — Sound creates a stronger memory in the brain and separates your business from the crowd. 
  • Try favorable word structures — Use word structures that pop and jump out of the ordinary. 

Use our generator to create cool name ideas and catchy name ideas. And review only the best candidates on your list of potential names.

Domain Name Availability

Your name isn’t worth much if you can’t get the matching domain name. Our name generator instantly shows you which names have an available domain name and gives you the ability to save them for later. 

Check all popular extensions for domain name availability. And after you choose a name, we recommend registering all of them. This prevents other people from registering the same name on a different extension and help you claim your brand.

Domain availability

Business Name Generator Vs. Shopify Business Name Generator

Which generator should you use to create the right name for your business? 

Our generator creates reliable business names based on your relevant keywords. We’re confident the algorithm will put out the highest quality results and invite you to test your keywords on both platforms. You’ll see the difference for yourself and gain even more name suggestions.

FeaturesBusiness Name
Shopify Name
tick new Number of keywords you can use for every search61
tick new Instantly check domain availabilityYESNO
tick new You have to register with your email to use the namesNOYES
tick new Number of suggestionsUNLIMITED100
tick new Powerful filters for name ideasYESNO
tick new You can save and shortlist best namesYESNO
tick new AI-Powered algorithmYESNO

Company Name Generator

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’re a team of vibrant individuals enthusiastic about business names and new ventures. Our generator is constantly improving name suggestions, learning from the millions of user entries we receive each month. We’re on a mission to empower businesses with tools they need to secure a solid name and domain.Learn more about us.

While naming your business after yourself might sound like a good idea, it's best to avoid this practice — unless you're in a service industry. Why? Naming a business after yourself can make branding efforts difficult. Also, it can be less memorable if your name is too simple or difficult to pronounce.

Pick a name that represents your LLC. You can include what makes your LLC different or better than other companies in your industry. Try to pick a name that stands out from other names to ensure people notice and remember your LLC.

Use our generator to get a long list of relevant names for your company. You can ask the following questions when shortlisting your business name ideas: Is the name easily pronounceable and spelled? Could someone misinterpret the name in another language, culture, or industry? Does the business name allow your business to grow? Don’t silo your name ideas to a specific product, niche, or market unless it benefits you. Is the name available online? Check for website and social media availability. Does the name get you excited about launching your business? Get feedback from potential customers for the names you shortlisted.




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