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How to Name your Business

  1. Think Brand, what is the brand goal of your business and what do you want your name to communicate? Think of words that communicate your brand strengths and appeal.
  2. Who’s your Target Audience? You want a name that connects to your target audience. A name that appeals to this demographic and that they can understand. For example an older audience will associate certain words to different things a younger audience may.
  3. What are their interests? Once you know what you want your name to communicate and who your audience is think about what their interests might be. Are there words associated with their interests that could be used? For example ‘Birdie Burgers’ for a Burger Restaurant located near a Golf Course.
  4. Get Feedback! Ask friends and family what they think of your business name, how do they pronounce it? How does it sound? How does it look? Is it memorable? What does it look like written down? What does it communicate?

..and get Name Ideas

  1. Use our Business Name Generator of course! Type in two keywords associated with your business or industry and we’ll generate thousands of name ideas for you. Filter your results to find suitable names.
  2. What’s Trending/Popular? Look at the names of new businesses, companies or charities launching in your industry. Why did they call it that? Think about what the name communicates, who it’s targeted to and why they choose that name.
  3. Analyze your Competitors! Look at the established brands in your market. These names often have sounds, letters, or parts of words that are associated with that industry. For example ‘tube’ in used in the business name YouTube, ‘ify’ in popular apps like spotify and ‘eco’ in environmentally aware organisations.
  4. Get Brainstorming. Find inspiration from pop culture, a thesaurus, music, poetry, other languages, colors, symbols, science, astronomy or cultures from around the world. Group your names into different categories to help you choose and look at variants between different names.

How NOT to Name a Business

  1. Avoid long names and names that are difficult to spell, remember or search for.
  2. Don’t use insensitive names like Dirty Dicks Bar, Frying Nemo Fish & Chips.. or the many others we could come up with.
  3. Unless you want copyright lawyers sending you letters, avoid business names that sound similar or are spelt similar to major businesses or brands like. Even using insta from instagram could land you in trouble.
  4. This ones a little obvious but avoid naming your company something unappealing or that has a negative connotation.
  5. Don’t misspell it! Creating a variant of a name or mixing words together might be a great idea but it also could be a failure making it difficult to pronounce and remember.

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Use our generator as a domain research tool to generate and find available domain names ideas. Enter two keywords related to your website, domain or criteria and we’ll generate name ideas and available domains.

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