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How to use the business name generator

Crafting the perfect name for your business or company is a difficult task, even for the most experienced branding strategist.

With the Business Name Generator, you can streamline this process by generating unique business name ideas, based on the keyword(s) you submit.

If we don’t find you the perfect business name, we hope you at least can leave our site with new ideas and inspiration for your business name! With that in mind, here are a few great features of our business name creator tool:

Business name ideas for any niche or industry.

The business name generator will take keywords you enter and use its matching algorithm to automatically apply the most relevant industries and filters to help you find relevant names. You can also add/remove any filters as well!

Filter, adjust, and save your name ideas until it’s perfect.

Our generator allows you to adjust the length, tone, and overall catchiness of each name idea to help find the perfect name match for your business!

Instantly check availability.

Check if your business name ideas are available using our domain checker tool. Simply Save or Click-on your favorite and most memorable name ideas, our generator will do the rest.

Why our business name generator is the best

Unlike other sites which simply combine random words to create a business name, our generator has in-built logic that works by understanding the text you submit. Using it to create unique name ideas based on a range of branding and business considerations.

In short, the name generator logic creates unique name ideas through keyword association, industry relevance matching, and a summation of learnings from millions of user interactions on our site.

When combined, all of this helps our ai business name generator to understand and serve business name ideas that are unique, engaging, and attractive to our users.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not give our business name generator a try!

Business name generator

How to name your business

What goes into a good business name? Any branding expert will tell you there is a myriad of considerations to make depending on your business goals.

To help you during the business naming process, here are the six most important steps in creating and choosing a business name:

1. Research your audience

What type of customers are you trying to reach? Knowing your customers first will help you to better decide on the style and overall tone of your business name.

A great way to perform audience research for your business name is to start by creating customer personas. In short, your customer persona should outline the Wants, Needs, and Jobs of your customer.

Outlining these facts and assumptions will help you understand your customers better and act as a great point of reference for all business decisions. Such as deciding what name would suit your business best.

research your audience

2. Make it catchy

Catchy business names are effective because they stick. Business names that are catchy should be short, easily pronounced, and to the point.

How can you test if your business name ideas are catchy? A good way to do this is by visualizing your business name in a slogan or advertisement. Try to be objective here, or get help from a friend, and ask yourself: “would I remember this name after seeing (or hearing) it only once?”.

This simple, but effective, trigger question can help to filter out potentially poor name ideas in your shortlist.

Make it catchy

3. Research your competitors

Businesses who break through the market are always perceived as a pioneer.,To avoid looking like ‘just another one of those businesses’, create a document with extensive research for your business industry, niche, and local competitors.

To start, create a list of your direct business competitors and, for each one, hone in on how they landed on that business-specific name and why it works (or doesn’t work). Here are some trigger questions to help get you started:

  • Do they use specific keywords? Avoid using keywords similar to your competitors.
  • Is there a common trend? Try to find an opportunity to offer a point of difference.
  • What story or values does the name convey? Customers should easily be able to understand your business services and values in a name.

As you build out your competitor analysis document, it will quickly become a great point of reference and ensure consistency in many of your business decisions.

Research your competitors

4. Keep it simple

Business names should generally be only 2-3 words long at most! Which is something our business name generator keeps in mind when generating results.

Complex, long, or hard to pronounce business names are simply difficult to remember and will make the branding process even harder.

It will take a lot of effort and creativity to make simple names work, as most of the good ones will already be in use, but the outcome will help you establish a strong and unique presence in the market.

Keep it simple

5. Is it brandable?

When shortlisting your business name ideas, thinking ahead and visualizing how your business name will look on marketing collateral, radio, or podcast mentions will help to validate which name ideas fit your business best.

  • When you generate a business name, keep the following tips in mind:
  • Is it easy to pronounce?
  • Is it unique and easily differentiated from competitors?
  • Is it easy to spell?
  • Is it short and to the point?

This vital step in the business naming process will ensure that the name you commit to will work for you and not against you. Be sure to try the business name generator to get brandable business name ideas and check their availability!

6. Establish a digital presence from the get-go!

Often the last and most important step in validating your business name ideas, establishing your digital presence is a crucial step in the business creation process.

You’ll want to ensure that your domain name, username, and social media handles (like Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram) are available to register.

Our business name generator helps you streamline this process, and immediately checks if your name ideas are available to register across all those mentioned platforms.

stablish a digital presence

What makes a great business name?

Naming a business is easy. However, creating a great business name is a complex and arduous process that, when done correctly, will pay off to be one of the most crucial aspects of creating and growing your business.

Generating a business name is a great starting point and can be the first step in the road to a great business name, so be sure to give our business name generator a try before you leave!

In short, a great business name should be short, unique, and sum up everything your business is about.

Think about companies like Uber, Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, or Amazon and you’ll already see two of those points in action: short and unique.

Dig a bit deeper into the company’s history and values and you’ll discover how they ingeniously and perfectly sum up what, at its core, the company is about.

How to choose a business name?

Using our business name generator is a great way to brainstorm relevant words, name styles, and name ideas that could be relevant to your company.

As we mentioned, the best business names are short, unique, and sum up your business values. Once you have a list of names that achieve this, use this checklist of considerations to ensure you’re only shortlisting your absolute best business name ideas:

Ask these questions when shortlisting your business name ideas:

  • Is the name easily pronounceable and spelled?
  • Could the name be misinterpreted in another language, culture, or industry?
  • Does the business name allow your business to grow? Don’t silo your name ideas to a specific product, niche, or
  • market unless it works in your favor.
  • Is the name available online? Check for website and social media availability.
  • Does the name get you excited to launch your business?


If you still have a shortlist of name ideas after this process, the last step would be to get feedback from both random people and your target audience to get validation on the effectiveness of your business name idea.

If you’re getting feedback from your friends and family, it’s also good to keep in mind any biases they may have.

How to create Company Name Ideas

While the terms business and company can be used interchangeably, in a legal sense they have considered two different things.

As a result, when it comes to naming a company there are a few considerations you should keep in mind while brainstorming. What’s more, be sure to try the company name generator to get a list of unique ideas for your company name.


Keep your holding company name non-specific.

If your plan is to run smaller businesses under one main company, try to keep your company name ideas short and non-specific.

This will allow you more freedom and flexibility when it comes to branding and launching subsidiary companies.

Avoid play on words

If your goal is to become a top company the likes of Nike, Apple, or Amazon. Aim to generate company name ideas in a similar vein.

First impressions matter with consumers, and your company name should stand to represent your overall brand values and tone.

Try a brandable name

Brandable names are an extremely effective way to name a company as they essentially don’t mean anything, but are short and are easy to pronounce and read.

Try using our company name generator to get brandable company names. Some good examples being: Arleos, Mendex, or Zaffia.

These types of names are an extremely safe and effective way to create name a company.

Company Name Generator


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