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Generate professional and personal usernames instantly using the generator below.

1. Choose Your Username Keywords

Add keywords that describe your business or personality into our username generator.

2. Get Username Ideas

The AI-powered generator will provide you with thousands of username ideas, which you can fine-tune with various industry filters.

3. Select Usernames

Check name availability and save the ones that stand out to you. You can use our tool to select a logo and even register and protect your username.

Get the Perfect Handle With Our Free Username Generator

Our free username generator is an AI-powered tool that uses the keywords you enter and comes up with 1,000+ username ideas. You can use industry and style filters to change the type of ideas you get.

Our tool is not just a generator. It comes with additional features, such as:

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Domain name availability checker
Click on any name you like, and we’ll automatically check domain name availability for various extensions.

Logo maker
Every reputable social media profile has a recognizable avatar. Use our logo maker to get a logo that’s in line with your username.

Brand builder
Develop a company around your username. With our tool, you can streamline the processes of registering an LLC and protecting your business with a trademark.

Top Tips

How to Make a Username: Naming Tips

Your username represents your business. It’s the first thing potential customers see when they interact with you or your brand. Picking a username is easier if you follow these tips:


Research Competition

Doing a competitor analysis is the first crucial step that will save you a lot of time down the road. Try to spot the words and styles that perform best in your niche/market.


Pick a Brandable Username

It’s more effective if your username conveys a deeper meaning and captures the right interests. Think of your username as your brand, not a random internet name. This will help you stand out.


Be Memorable

Try to be easier to remember by picking a shorter name that makes it clear what your business is all about. You can use rhymes, alliteration, and puns to stand out and be catchy.

Think Out Loud

Think Out Loud

Brandable usernames are names that aren’t descriptive but are easy to spell and pronounce. They often use letter patterns of vowel/consonant/vowel as these word structures are typically short, catchy, and easy to say and remember.


Check Availability

Your username needs to be unique if you want to pick it. When you think of one, check popular social media to see if the handle is available.


Get Some Feedback

It’s always important to hear what others think. Conduct a survey among business partners and friends to see how they feel about your username.

Get Inspired

Creative Username Ideas

Check out the list of username ideas below to see what you can get from our generator:

  • MineYoursOurs
  • FastBuyz
  • SellSmart
  • BizBuzz
  • CarCorner
  • StylistiqClothing
  • Fashyion
  • Artful
  • RunwayReady
  • MarketMoguls
  • FlexiFinance
  • TechTrends
  • BargainBonanza
  • GrowthGuru
  • ClassyCollections
  • TheRetailer
  • CraftersCorner
  • WebWonders
  • CreativeSolutions
  • OnlineMart

Video Guides

Make Your Own Username: Video Guide

Check out how our username generator works and learn more about turning your passion into a successful business:

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Usernames and Social Media – Stats

When you take a look at the accounts with the most followers on various social media platforms, you won’t learn much – they’re all celebrities.

However, as a business owner, you should focus on other business-related profiles and see what they’re doing to build their social media buzz. For example, while it may be true that Facebook is slowly dying and TikTok is taking over, Meta’s platform is still king, with over 3 billion monthly users, compared to TikTok’s 1.2 billion.

It’s no surprise that Facebook is (still) the focus of marketers and business accounts. According to Statista, 89% of social media marketing professionals use Facebook, with just 26% of them being on TikTok.

While you should definitely not turn away from TikTok, you’d be wise to focus on Facebook, especially in the beginning.

A graph of Social media platforms used by marketers worldwide 2023

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