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Complete Guide to Naming Your Wellness Business

Our wellness business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get wellness business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Wellness is a pretty broad term and your business can engage in various activities. Pampering spa treatments, physiotherapy, aromatherapy, proper nutrition, exercise, yoga, de-stress, de-toxification and holistic approaches to overcoming medical problems all fall under the wellness category.

When branding your wellness company, you can either focus on the comprehensive approach towards improving health and wellbeing or on the very specific and unique procedures that you have to offer.

As the interest in wellness is growing, so is the number of service providers. You will face stiff competition. The quality of customer service and the uniqueness of your approach towards ensuring personal wellbeing will both be in the heart of helping your business grow.

You have to find your voice. What makes you the best wellness service provider in the respective field? Do you use locally-made, sustainable products? Apart from focusing on nutrition, are you also preparing meals that will be delivered to your clients at lunch time? These are the extras and the specific features of your company worth highlighting and establishing a brand upon.

Demographic Interests

The wellness consumer is often seen as a young woman who is particularly health and nutrition-conscious. While this is definitely the case in certain scenarios, this isn’t the only demographic profile wellness companies should be targeting.

Wellness companies do work mostly with women but the median age for many of them has been set at 45. This is a well-educated and successful career woman. She has a higher level of education and she’s health-conscious (aware of the newest trends in exercise, nutrition, beauty, anti-aging, etc.).

Approximately 60 per cent of the women who consume wellness products and services are married and 40 per cent have a college degree. They use internet and specialised journals to inform themselves about lifestyle and health. Based on this information, wellness consumers can make rational choices when it comes to choosing the right brand.

These consumers are looking for comprehensive solutions that aren’t fear-based. The diet culture is becoming a thing of the past. Rather, wellness enthusiasts bring together sustainability, conscious decisions and the joy of feeling healthy, light, beautiful.

Competitor Name Analysis


The name is a combination between fabulous and athletics. It offers a line of comfortable activewear for women. The choices are affordable and fashionable and their goal is to excite women about working out.

Honest Beauty

The term honest is related to sustainability and it is very prominent in the world of wellness. Honest Beauty is a company that focuses on natural makeup and beauty products.


Blogilates is a prominent brand started by Cassey Ho on YouTube. The name is a combination between blogging and pilates. Ho is known for making readily accessible and simple pilates routines that women can watch online.

Blue Apron

This company delivers pre-measured healthy ingredients that are sufficient to make a healthy home meal. The name is derived from a French culinary tradition in which young, inexperienced chefs wore blue aprons.


Everest is the highest place you can reach on the face of the planet. The brand has developed an app that enables people to organize, plan and eventually fulfil their goals in life.


The first ever online farmer’s market hides behind the name Farmigo. It has an online delivery services, simplifying the access to local farms.


A wellness company can be named in so many different ways – you’re not limited by etiquette or standard corporate practices. Use this freedom to come up with something creative and unexpected.

Our Business Name Generator can help you explore multiple opportunities and even generate new ideas on the basis of your original research and brainstorming session. Information about domain name availability will be provided, as well.

Here’s a wellness-related vocabulary you can use to get started:












Fair trade







Clean food





Wellness Business Name Inspiration

  1. Zen Garden: this name is pretty generic and through branding, it could be used to refer to a wide range of wellness and beauty products and services.
  2. Green Cuisine: a choice that’s a bit more niche and a bit more tailored. The name provides an immediate indication about what the company deal with.
  3. PureTastic Cosmetics: a cosmetics brand, especially one that tries to appeal to younger women should have a quirky and fun name.
  4. Wholesomeness: wholesome is yet another synonym for holistic – a word of particular relevance for the wellness industry.
  5. Inner Goddess: wellness targeting beauty aims to help a woman rediscover her femininity and beauty. A name like Inner Goddess puts emphasis on these goals.
  6. Divine Touch: the name could be used by a massage company or a wellness business offering cosmetic/beautifying procedures.
  7. More Than a Lifestyle: this name is a pretty general one and it could apply to a wide range of wellness organisations.
  8. Life Force: another name that could apply to more than one business – health supplements, beauty products, clean food, etc.
  9. Vita Eterna: this name means eternal life and it falls right within the wellness philosophy.
  10. Self-Reflection: self-reflection is an important part of psychological health and discovering inner peace, hence it fits right inside the wellness niche.

What Not to Name Your Wellness Business

Don’t go for a cliché when choosing the name of your wellness business. Words like holistic, soulful, spiritual, simple and clean have been used to death in the field of wellness. If you opt for such a branding approach, your company will be reminiscent of dozens of others.

It’s also a good idea to be realistic. Don’t promise divine results if your procedures or products can deliver slight improvements. A bit of exaggeration is fine in marketing but it’s not ok to mislead your potential customers.

Passive words are also not good. Choose strong nouns and even verbs. The best brands offer a proactive approach towards improving one’s health or wellbeing. Use the dictionary to look for words that are impactful and that carry a dynamic sound. Not only will they make your brand sound good, you’ll also have a lot of freedom to exercise creativity when selecting brand elements like your logo.

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