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Get the perfect tech company name with our AI-powered tech name generator.

1. Choose Your Tech Business Name Keywords

Think of keywords that describe your business and the tech niche you’re in. Add them to the generator to get the related tech business name ideas.

2. Get Tech Business Name Ideas

Apply industry and style filters to fine-tune the results and find the perfect tech company name ideas. Click on the names you like to automatically check domain name availability.

3. Get Started Today

Our tech business name generator offers more than names. Use its additional features to get your feet off the ground and focus on building your business.

What Is a Tech Company Name Generator?

Our tech company name generator is a completely free tool that doesn’t have any hidden costs or require signing up. It’s an AI-powered generator that uses your keyword input and industry filters to come up with the best possible name ideas for a tech business.

But, it’s much more than that.

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Tech Business Name Generator Benefits

Get custom-made tech company names

Our generator will create as many name ideas as you want. Use filters to get optimal results.

Build your online presence immediately

It’s getting increasingly harder to find an available domain name. Our tool will automatically check domain name availability and link you to a registration process.

Don’t let the paperwork distract you

No need to wait around: with our tool, you can get an accompanying logo and automate the processes of registering your company and trademarking your brand.

Top Tips

Tips for Creating Tech Company Names

Picking a name for your tech business is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Use our tips to help you find your perfect name.


Find Your Niche

Your name should show what your business is about. Make sure it reflects the tech niche you want to operate in.


Find Your Audience

Imagine your ideal customer, their habits, needs, and wants. Think whether your name will resonate with your core audience.


Find a Futureproof Name

If you plan to offer only web design and then expand to other services, don’t pick a name that’s too specific and limits scalability.


Find Your Customers’ Opinion

It’s tough to know what someone else will think of your name. You should conduct a survey and get feedback on all potential names.


Find the Best Domain

Available .com domains are hard to find. Consider alternative TLDs, such as .ai and .io, which will instantly let customers know you run a tech business.


Find a Unique Name

You’re not the only one offering services within your tech niche. Ask yourself if your chosen name is catchy and original and whether it stands out.

Get Inspired

Tech Company Name Ideas

Want a sneak peek into what you can get from our tech business name generator? Here’s a list of catchy tech company names we’ve created using the following keywords: tech, IT, web, software, coding, and cloud.

  • IT Gurus
  • Cloud Architects
  • WebMasters
  • IT Mavericks
  • Software Samurai
  • Code Breakers
  • SoftwareSensei
  • CodeCrush
  • ByteBusters
  • CodeXpert
  • Teknogic
  • ITechSolutions
  • TechnoHive
  • PC Protectors
  • CyberCrew
  • AI Allies
  • Digital Daredevils
  • Computer Coaches
  • System Surgeons
  • Cyber Czar

Video Guides

Video Tutorial for Creating a Tech Business Name

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Exploring the Tech Market

The tech market is highly competitive and arguably the most evolving and shifting industry out there. Something that was industry standard becomes outdated overnight.

As someone looking to enter this space with your newly-founded tech company, you should look at all the different niches in which your skill set is applicable. Don’t shy away from studying new technologies and adopting them in your work.

So, where can you find a market gap you can exploit? According to Statista, two of the niches that are expected to grow the most are artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) security.

Experts predict that the global AI market will be worth around $1.85 trillion by 2030. When it comes to IoT security, its worldwide market size is estimated to jump by more than 200% in the next five years, going from $6.68 billion in 2023 to $20.04 billion in 2027.

If you can put your tech knowledge to use in these niches, combined with an IoT- or AI-related name, you stand a great chance of being successful.

a graph of global artificial intelligence market size 2021 to 2030

Key Takeaways

Breaking into the tech industry and making a name for yourself is not an easy task, but it’s a rewarding one. If your company turns out to be successful, you can build your brand for years to come.

However, making a name for yourself is impossible if that name is bleak and forgettable. You need a unique and catchy name that reflects your brand values and the tech niche you’re in. 

With our tech business name generator, you’ll get memorable name ideas, logo suggestions, and everything you need to get you started.


Relevant Generators and Articles

Take the First Step in Creating Your Business Name

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

First, consider what services/products you offer, your competitive edge, and how you can stand out. Brainstorm name ideas and start to refine them until you have a name you think both describes you well and sets you apart from your competitors. You should also incorporate keywords people type in when searching for your services/products to be more easily findable.

Here are a few of our favorites: MailChimp, Figma, Uber, Tesla, PayPal, Netflix, Slack, GoDaddy, DropBox, Cloudflare, Yandex, Infineon, Baidu, and Crowdstrike.

These tech companies are known for their unique names: Alphabet, Amazon, Orange, Nintendo, Spacemaker, Observe.AI, Hastee, and Eligma.

You can check if your tech company name is registered by looking it up on a domain and trademark availability search tool. It will give you instant results and help inform you of your name choice.

Make sure that your IT company name reflects the service or product you offer. You should walk the fine line between being too generic and too specific. Avoid generic names that confuse customers about what your company is about. On the other hand, a name that’s too specific may limit your growth and expansion into other niches.

Tech companies choose names that represent either their brand values, the products they offer, or the niche they operate in. Here are some examples of how big tech brands got their names:
  • Samsung: means three stars in Korean (three brand virtues),
  • HTC: stands for high-tech computer,
  • Google: intentional misspelling of Googol (the name for the 10¹⁰⁰ number)
  • Microsoft: combines microprocessor and software,
  • Skype: combines sky and peer-to-peer.

You need to identify your brand values and your core target audience. Think of words that describe your business and are relevant to your potential customers. Ask for feedback from friends and do market research to see what names work best. If you’re struggling to come up with name ideas, use our tech business name generator to help you out.



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