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Paul Allen, Microsoft cofounder, came up with the name. Microsoft is a combination of two words – microcomputer and software.


Originally, the company was called BackRub by its founders. The name came in relationship with the fact that backlinks were used to determine the relevance of a website. Eventually, Google came into existence. The name is a misspelled version of googol – the number 10100 .


This popular acronym stands for International Business Machines.


The American tech company has a name that’s a portmanteau of integrated and electronics. Co-founder Robert Noyce is one of the most prominent integrated circuit inventors. Today, we know the invention by a simpler name – microchip.


Software Development Laboratories was founded in 1977. The company changed its name several times through the years. The first name change occurred in 1979 when the company became Relational Software. Eventually, it was called Oracle after its flagship tech product.

Hewlett Packard (HP)

There isn’t a big surprise behind HP’s name. The company is named after its founders – Bill Redington Hewlett and Dave Packard.


The name is derived from a Korean word that means “three stars.” The word three in the Korean hanja word is representative of something significant and big.


Portmanteaus seem to be quite popular in the tech word. The name Accenture is a combination between accent and future or “accent on the future.”

Branding Strategy & Naming Terminology

Technology companies face stiff competition. A personalized approach that is tailored to the specific needs of the respective clientele is one of the biggest essentials for getting the best possible results.

Educational content and giving something to the audience is a good approach. The world of technology is expanding all the time. Many people feel puzzled and confused by innovations. Investing in innovative video clips, demos and written content that gives the audience knowledge is an excellent way to build a loyal base of potential customers.

Good marketing campaigns will also tell stories. Technology is somewhat impersonal. Giving the brand human characteristics will increase the level of relatability. Telling the stories of the people behind the technology will result in an immediate emotional bond.

Innovative, new design, idea, indispensable, indispensable device, evolved, advanced, key development, smart technology, breakthrough, progress, forward-thinking, rapid evolution, influential, revolutionize

Demographic & Interests

Tech companies can develop solutions for both consumers and companies. The complexity of these tech solutions depends on the intended use and the specific needs of the target audience.

B2B interactions are aimed at giving companies a higher level of efficiency, more accountability and streamlined processes.

The B2C clientele is typically knowledgeable and it has tested out a number of tech solutions already. In today’s world, people know what they want to get from technology and they can be quite picky in terms of selection.

Tech businesses typically work with a younger crowd. Millennials and younger generations haven’t seen a world without technology. They tend to rely on multiple gadgets and hi-tech solutions in their everyday existence. In the future, the need for tech developments is expected to grow even further and clients will likely become even more discerning.

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