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You will benefit from our website name generator in the following ways:

Streamlines the website registration process

Aside from automatically checking website name availability, we’ll help you register your dream website quickly, even if it’s already taken.

Suggests accompanying logos

When you think of Google and YouTube, the first image you think of is their logos. Use our tool to get a professionally made logo for your website.

Automates business registration processes

Want to turn your website into a company? Use our tool to register your LLC and protect your brand with a trademark.

Top Tips

How to Come Up With Catchy Website Names

Finding a catchy website name that’s still available can be difficult. Follow our tips to optimize your naming process.

Audience Is Important

Your website name should be interesting to target users. Make sure the name attracts the right audience.


Think of the Content

What type of content will you create? An eCommerce website should have a different name from a webzine.


Be Unique

Analyze existing websites in your niche. Take what works for them and improve it by adding a personal touch and originality.

Be Ambitious

Will your name still work once you expand your content into other niches? Don’t be too specific with your name choice.

Check Availability

Reddit sounds like a cool name for a website, but you can’t register it. Make sure the name you pick is available.


Get a Second Opinion

Before you register your website, conduct a survey and get some feedback to see how users respond to the name.

Get Inspired

Unique Website Name Ideas

Want to see what our generator can do for you before you try it out? We’ve compiled a list of name ideas for a website that we found catchy and interesting:


Video Guides

How to Use Our Website Name Generator

If you’d prefer not to read, check out our video guides on how to use the website name generator and register your website quickly:

What Is a Website Name Generator?

Our website name generator is a free tool that comes up with catchy name ideas for your website based on your keywords, type of content, and industry. Instead of using a random website name generator, you’ll get AI-powered suggestions for optimal results.

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It’s always interesting to analyze the big brands and find some interesting trends that tie them together. Let’s take a look at the ten most visited websites in 2022 without going into the type of websites and their contents.

When it comes to brandable names for websites, memorability and character length are really important. Nine characters is the longest name (both Instagram and Wikipedia). 

Another interesting aspect is the formation of words. The majority of these websites are compound words, such as:

  • YouTube: you and tube,
  • Facebook: face and book,
  • Instagram: instant and telegram,
  • Wikipedia: wiki (community website) and encyclopedia,
  • Reddit: stylized spelling of the phrase “read it.”

When it comes to the extension, it’s worth noting that only Wikipedia doesn’t end in .com, although the top 20 websites feature .ru,, and .jp extensions as well.

graph showing the leading websites worldwide 2022, by monthly visits

Take the First Step in Creating Your Business Name

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Start by analyzing existing website names in your niche and noting down good examples. Brainstorm fresh and unique website names that will help you stand out in the market by using industry-relevant keywords. Use our website name generator to find ideas. In the end, you pick a catchy name that represents your business and can legally be used in your market.

The first thing is to look at the name and check if it’s easy to spell and pronounce, short, friendly, representative of your business, memorable, and creative. There’s a solid chance your name is good if it follows these guidelines. You can also gather feedback about your website name from your friends and potential customers.

You can use very descriptive website names that instantly show what the website is about. Make sure it’s short and memorable and that it reflects what you plan to offer.

You can use our website name maker to create unique website name ideas that can be registered as domains. Our generator will instantly show you which domains are available for every name it suggests.

The terms website name and domain names are often used interchangeably. Basically, a website is a collection of pages that are displayed on your domain name. A website URL refers to a specific page on your website and contains all the information necessary for your browser.

You can if you plan to build a personal brand or share personal stories or thoughts. Otherwise, it’s better to use a unique website name that’s not tied to your personal name.



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