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How To Use Our Domain Name Generator

The domain name generator will help create and choose the perfect domain name for your site.

Ideally, the domain you register should be easy to spell and remember, while encompassing the values of your business or brand.

If it gets too complicated, potential visitors may have a hard time getting back to the site or sharing it with anyone else.

Simple Steps To Using The Domain Name Generator


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Filter results based on your preferences


Pick the best domain and register it

Domain Name Generator

Best Practices For Generating Interesting Domain Names

1. Keep The Domain Short And Easy To Spell

People type the domain in the search bar if they want to go to a specific website.

You have to ensure that your domain is easy to type. You want to make it easy for people to find you. 

Short domains are usually better since they are easier to remember. 

2. Keep It Simple

Think about what the domain sounds like spoken out loud. 

  • Would someone be able to spell it if they heard it?
  • Does it sound awkward? Is it hard to say? 
  • Do you have to explain what you’re saying?

For example, a Halloween store might be called ‘’. It’s interesting, fun, and catchy. But you would have to constantly clarify the spelling of ‘which’ and ‘witch’. Want such interesting store name, then head to our store name generator.

3. Use Keywords

If you’re not going for a company-based URL, i.e. ‘’, then you should choose something relevant to your industry.

Try adding your favorite keyword in the search bar of our Domain Name Generator to get a list of good domain name suggestions.

You can target keywords that are relevant to your industry. This is good for SEO.  For example, if you are working in construction, you might brainstorm around terms like ‘development, ‘architecture’, or ‘building’. Google’s Keyword Planner can help you find relevant keyword suggestions. We also recommend using our company name generator to create more name ideas.

4. Avoid Numbers And Symbols

There are a couple of reasons to avoid symbols and numbers. The biggest one is that symbols are hard to pronounce. 

Let’s say you pick the custom domain ‘’  

Imagine saying ‘MyConstruction, hyphen, sixty-two, that’s sixty-two the number, dot com.’ 

It’s much easier to just say ‘’. Domains like that are also much easier to type and remember.

This brings us to the last point.

5. Make It Memorable

Having a memorable, unique, original domain name can massively help your brand.

A memorable domain makes you easier to find online, increases your brand awareness, and will eventually lead to getting more business.

Your goal is to make the domain as easy to remember as possible. 

6. Check For Trademark Availability

Trademark owners can sue domain name owners if they think the domain name could in some way be confused with their trademark.

They can sue even if you legitimately own the domain and are using it for business purposes that don’t relate to the trademark.

You should consider hiring a trademarking consultant to help you check if your selected domain can be trademarked. You can check for registered trademarks on your own.

Do I Need Keywords In My Domain Name?

Keywords are an important factor in website names. People often find new websites by searching for specific terms.

For example, if someone wants to learn about fishing, they might use “fishing” or “fish” as keywords, or type in the names of specific fish, such as trout, salmon, and so on. These words will connect you to the niche. But keywords aren’t always necessary.

For example, some of the top search results for “fishing equipment” are and None of these names explicitly use the word “fishing equipment” in their domain name.

SEO Friendly Domain Name Ideas

Although SEO shouldn’t be the deciding factor for your custom domain, it is a good idea to keep it in mind while choosing a name.

The ending segment of your domain, called the domain extension, is one of the most important factors.

Most brands go with “.com” domains. These are still the most trusted and authoritative domain extensions. But, it’s probably better to go with an alternative extension than a long .com domain. 

SEO friendly domain names

In other words, we would select something like “” rather than “”.

You can also explore local domain extensions like “” or “.ca” if you plan to operate within a specific country. 

Let’s look at the characteristics of SEO-friendly domains. We’ll even share a few examples of SEO-friendly domains and some that break the rules. 

SEO Domain Best PracticesExamples of SEO-Friendly DomainsExamples of Non-SEO Friendly Domains
tick new Use Top Level
tick new Avoid Hyphens and
tick new Keep It
tick new Avoid Repeated
tick new Easy to Spell And
tick new Check for Any Hidden Dirty

What Is A TLD?


Brandable Domain Name Ideas

Brandable names don’t necessarily have a meaning. They often include a mixup of consonants and vowels that might seem random. If you are looking to create such names, then try our brand name generator.

A made-up brand name tends to be easier to trademark. It’s also easier to find an available domain name for a made-up brand name. 

Some of the biggest brands in the world use brandable domain names – “Google”, “Panera, and “Adidas”. 

We recognize the names “Google”, “Panera”, and “Adidas” as something important because of the businesses behind them. But they were simply made-up brand name ideas when these brands first launched.  

Brandable domain names are usually:

pointing Short

pointing Memorable

pointing Smooth

pointing Catchy

pointing Cool

pointing Punchy

pointing Easy to spell

pointing Easy to pronounce

pointing Easy to trademark

Why Do We Have The Best Domain Name Generator On The Market?

You probably came across different domain name generators while trying to create your own custom domain name idea. By now you would have learned that most of them don’t provide quality results.

We decided that if we want to offer our own domain name generator tool, we have to make sure we’re providing the best results on the market.

tick INSTANT Domain Search tick UNLIMITED Domain Name Ideastick Powerful FILTERS for Domains
tick SAVE And SHORTLIST Ideastick AI-Powered Algorithms tick Completely FREE to Use

We’re lucky to have a lot of people using our domain name ideas generator every month. This gives us the opportunity to gather feedback and analyze the results to improve the way our generator works. 

Our best domain name generator enables you to filter the results based on industries. This ensures you’ll only get available domain name suggestions that work in your market.

You can also filter the results based on word count, character count, or you can select to only have rhyming names shown. 

Another thing you can do with the generator is to save your favorite available domain names, so you don’t forget them. 

And last but not least, you can also choose the domain extensions you want to use if you want to explore other options than dot com. 

All this combined means our generator really is the best one on the market. It provides you with unique ideas and helps you pick the perfect domain name based on the criteria you choose. 

Other popular tools on the market include Lean Domain Search, Domain Puzzler, Domain Wheel, Bust A Name, Shopify Business Name Generator, and Domains Bot. 

Let’s quickly recap what makes our generator better.

BNG Domain Name GeneratorLean Domain Search, Domain Puzzler,
Domain Wheel, Bust A Name,
Shopify Business Name Generator,
Domains Bot, and others. 
tick CLEAN designcross Not always clean
tick SIMPLE user experiencecross Harder to navigate
tick AI-Powered algorithmcross Questionable algorithms
tick INDUSTRY specific suggestionscross No industry filters

Tools like Lean Domain Search and Domain Wheel can produce good results. But we’re positive that our generator produces better results on average. 

It’s the right tool to find the perfect domain name for your website. 

Try Our Market-Leading Free Domain Name Generator

We understand how important it is to keep our domain generator free to use. By keeping the generator free, we can help a lot of people find good domain name ideas.

The more users we have, the more data we have to play with. This helps us refine our process and make our generator even better.

Our domain generator is free and will remain free to use. There are no restrictions or limitations when it comes to usage. You can use it to generate thousands of ideas if you want.

Your job is to insert the relevant keywords, and the tool will do the rest

Not only is the tool completely free to use, we even encourage you to use it as much as possible. The more names you generate, the more likely it is that you will find the right domain name idea for yourself. 

The Best Domain Name Generator For Perfectionists

Our domain generator is made for perfectionists:
tick new You have total control over the suggestions with powerful filters
tick new You can repeat the process over and over until you find the right domain name
tick new You can save the ideas you like and make the final decision later
tick new You can control the output with selected keyword
tick new Instantly check for domain availability

Let’s analyze which domain extensions are the most popular. We’ve compiled the data below from public sources. They show which domains are most used by various websites around the globe. 

The table contains the ten most popular domain extensions in the world.

TLDNumber of
registered domains
Market shareTLD type

gTLDs – Generic TLDs: These are the domain extensions that have been in use since the early days of the Internet. This group includes the domains .com (commercial), .org (organization), .net (network), .edu (education), .int (international), .gov (government) and .mil (military).

ngTLDs – New Generic TLDs: As the Internet evolved, ICAAN added new domains to cover specific areas. The most popular ngTLDs are .top, .info, .xyz, .online, .site, .biz, .shop, .club.

ccTLDs – Country Code TLDs: This is a domain extension that refers to a specific country or a sovereign territory. All ccTLDs consist of two letters. The most popular ccTLDs are .tk, .cn, .de, .uk, .ru, .ga, .nl, .br.

How Much Do .com And Other Domains Cost?

You can choose between many different domain extensions when you register your domain. While alternative domains are gaining popularity, the .com domains still reign supreme.

If you want to build a memorable brand out of your business, the .com domain is definitely the one you should go after if you can. 

The good thing about .com domains is that they don’t cost more than other domain extensions. Some of the new extensions like .online, .design, .tech, and others cost a lot more than .com domains.

Cost of

The most expensive domain name ever sold!

Did you know that the highest sold domain name of all time was valued at $873 million? Can you guess the domain? We’ll help you. It was

Why Are .com Domains Difficult To Find? 

Most of the good .com domains are already registered. It’s hard to find an available domain name. 

This means you can only own them if you’re willing to pay the aftermarket price. And these can go very high. 

Premium .com domains can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to over a million dollars for the most desired domains.

You can expect to pay a few thousand dollars for solid .com domain options. This is the price range where you can find easy to spell made-up English words or maybe even single-word English words as domains. 

As you can see, the price for .com ranges from $10 for unregistered domains all the way up to a million dollars for most premium domains. It’s up to you to decide how much you’re willing to spend on your domain. 

How Important Is It To Use A “.com” Domain Name?

Often you’ll learn that the name you’ve chosen cannot be registered as a .com domain. You can always find alternative domains like .info, .me, .co and similar. Your domain extensions won’t impact your Google rankings. 

However, some visitors still consider .com domains more trustworthy. In general, .com, .net, .org, .co and .io are considered the most trustworthy domain extensions. Take this into consideration when registering your domain.

Always opt for .com if you can. However, you can build a successful brand even without a .com domain.

price of domains

Try The Best Domain Generator On The Market

It’s your turn to find the best domain name for your business. Make sure you take full advantage of our generator. You can repeat the process as much as you want.

Remember, the generator is completely free to use. You can filter the results and save the best ideas for later.

Start your research today and find your domain name.

try domain name generator

Should I Register A Domain For My Personal Name? 

A personal domain name can be incredibly useful when trying to build your brand. Sending and receiving emails from your personalized email address also shows you’re a professional.

You can use a .me TLD for your personal address. If your name is hard to spell, then using just your surname may be better for you than the whole name.

You can also use your initials, for example, John Smith might use,, or even

You also have to think about how your personal brand name email address will look. For example, if the domain is, the email address would be [email protected] We propose utilizing our podcast name generator if you want to build a personalized podcast business name like these examples.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It’s often considered a good idea to purchase the domain name you want as soon as you’ve found the perfect domain name for your site. There are a lot of taken domains.

Different domain names are bought and sold all the time, so there’s no guarantee that the domain name you want will still be available even just a few days later.

If you don’t have a website set up yet, you can set it up after purchasing the suggested domain name. Most web hosting sites will provide a maintenance page you can put up while you’re working on the site.

That way, people who visit your site will know it’s just not ready yet.

You might find a great domain name that works better for your site later on.

If that happens, all you’ll have to do is purchase the new suggested domain name and then migrate your site to the new host and/or domain name. Typically, the site you purchase your domain name from will provide instructions on the steps you can take to migrate to your new site name.

Keep in mind that if you do decide to change your domain name, your visitors will need to be informed about the change. Otherwise, you may leave them confused when your site suddenly disappears.

Give visitors plenty of warning and make sure they know what the new domain will be to avoid a dip in visits.

Honestly, there are different tools out there that can help you find the best domain name suggestions for your business.

But we firmly believe that our domain name search tool gives the best search results for people looking for good domain name ideas. All you have to do is list a few keywords in the search box and wait for domain ideas.

You get cool name ideas in just a few clicks. The simplicity of use is what makes our domain name generator tool so special. We believe it delivers better results than other popular generators on the market like instant domain search and lean domain search. Neither of them gives you the option to search for top-level domains in other languages.

Our generator also enables you to make instant domain name availability checks. You will instantly know if your domain ideas can be registered. You can immediately eliminate taken domains. This is the easiest way to find the right domain name for your brand.

Domain privacy is the ability of a website's owner to keep their website name private. That means that other people (potential competitors) cannot find out what web address(es) they own or are planning on using for their business.

If you're looking to start your own business, this is an essential consideration because it will protect your trademark and intellectual property from being stolen or copied by someone else. Always keep domain privacy in mind when registering domains. That means that other people (potential competitors) cannot find out what web address(es) they own or are planning on using for their business. If you're looking to start your own business, this is an essential consideration because it will protect your trademark and intellectual property from being stolen or copied by someone else.

Catchy and cool name ideas help grab the attention of your target audience. People often like domain or website names that contain acronyms, alliteration, puns, or rhymes.

One simple trick you can try is using niche vocabulary. Try to think of words that are used in your niche that mean something different outside of it. We call these names "double entendre."

Always think about your target audience when creating different domain names. Also check the availability of domain names. You can use our domain name generator tool. With this simple tool you can create domain names with one click.

You can create the name manually or with a generator. We recommend you to try our domain name ideas generator. It'll help you generate an unlimited number of free domain name suggestions.

You can generate thousands of great domain name ideas for your business. All you have to do is type a few keywords in the search bar to find your free domain name ideas. It'll even show you which extensions are available for the generated domains.

Google domains aren't free. Prices for .com domains start at $12 per year, which is very competitive compared to other domain registrars. It's a good domain registrar to try out.

Other companies offer free domains when you sign up for their web hosting. Since Google doesn't offer web hosting, there are no free domains for its users.

A Google domain is one of the most secure domains in the online world. When you register the domain with Google, you're registering with one of the biggest companies in the world.

They offer simplicity, transparency and reliability.




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