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How To Use Our Domain Name Generator

Our domain name generator will help you create and choose the perfect domain name for your website in three easy steps.

add a keyword


Type in targeted keywords in the search bar

filter the results


Finetune your results based on your preferences

register your chosen name


Pick the best domain name (and extension) & register it instantly

Tutorial for Creating Domain Name

Tips for Generating Domain Names

1. Keep the Domain Short and Easy To Spell

If you want your website to be recognizable, you should keep the domain name short. A short and easy-to-spell domain name makes it easy for people to remember and find your business. Avoid adding numerals and causing confusion with the name.

The questions below can help you think about how the domain sounds when stated aloud:

  • Can someone spell it when they hear it? 
  • Does it sound awkward? 
  • Is it hard to say? 
  • Do you have to explain what you’re saying?

2. Use Keywords

When people use a search engine, they type in keywords for a specific topic. If you’re not going for a company-based URL, you should use keywords relevant to your industry.

Add your target keyword(s) in the search box above to get a list of workable domain name suggestions.

Target keywords relevant to your industry to follow the best SEO practices. For example, if you are working in construction, you could use words like ‘development’, ‘architecture’, or ‘building’. Google’s Keyword Planner can help you find relevant keyword suggestions. You can also use our business name generator to create more name ideas.

3. Make It Memorable

Having a memorable, unique, original domain name is a major advantage for your brand. It makes the business easier to find online and increases brand awareness. Thus, it generates more business.

4. Check for Trademark Availability

Trademark owners can sue domain name owners if they think people could confuse the domain name with their trademark. 
They can sue even if you legitimately own the domain and are using it for business unrelated to the trademark. Before you register a domain for your business, you should check if the business name is already taken.

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Domain Name Ideas

Following the advice above, we’ve used our domain name generator to create 10 domain name ideas that are catchy, easy to spell, and memorable. Take a look at our examples:


Try Our Market-Leading Free Domain Name Generator

Domain Name Generator

SEO-Friendly Domain Names for Business

SEO shouldn’t be the ultimate deciding factor for your custom domain. Still, keep it in mind when choosing a name. One aspect of SEO you should factor in is the ending segment of your domain, called the domain extension.

Most brands go with “.com” domains. These are still the most trusted and authoritative domain extensions. But, it’s probably better to go with an alternative extension than a long .com domain.

Explore local domain extensions like “” or “.ca” if you plan to operate within a specific country. Let’s look at the characteristics of SEO-friendly domains. We’ll even share a few examples of SEO-friendly domains and some that break the rules.

SEO friendly domain names
SEO Domain Best PracticesExamples of SEO-Friendly DomainsExamples of Non-SEO Friendly Domains
tick new Use Top Level
tick new Avoid Hyphens and
tick new Keep It
tick new Avoid Repeated
tick new Easy to Spell And
tick new Check for Any Inappropriate

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Brandable Domain Names

Brandable names don’t require concrete meaning. They often include a mixup of consonants and vowels that might seem random. If you are looking to create such names, then try our brand name generator.

A manufactured brand name is easier to trademark, and it’s easier to find an available domain name. 

Some of the biggest brands in the world use brandable domain names — “Google”, “Panera, and “Adidas”. 

Why Use the BNG Domain Name Generator?

With our generator, you get:

  • Instant domain search
  • Unlimited domain name ideas
  • Powerful filters for domains
  • Option to shortlist and save ideas
  • AI-powered algorithms
  • Free service

You don’t need to bang your head and try to come up with name ideas that may or may not work for your domain. Use our generator to get 1,000+ catchy, memorable name ideas in an instant. All you need to do is type in your keywords, use filters to finetune the results, and you’re good to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It’s a good idea to purchase the domain name you want as soon as you’ve found the perfect domain name for your site. The domain marketplace never sleeps, so there’s no guarantee that the domain name you want will be available the next day. If you don’t have a website set up yet, you can do so after purchasing the suggested domain name. Most web hosting sites provide a maintenance page to show you’re working on the site.

You might find a great domain name that works better for your site later on. If that happens, purchase the new suggested domain name, and then migrate your site to the new host and/or domain name. The seller should provide instructions with steps on migrating to your new site name. If you decide to change your domain name, inform your visitors of the change to avoid confusion. Provide a heads-up that includes the new domain to avoid a dip in traffic.

Catchy and cool name ideas help grab the attention of your target audience. People often like domain or website names that contain acronyms, alliteration, puns, or rhymes. One trick to try is niche vocabulary. Try to think of common words used in your niche that have an alternate meaning — double entendres. Think about your target audience when creating different domain names. And then use our domain name generator tool to check availability. With this simple tool you can create domain names with one click.

You can create the name manually or with a generator. We recommend you to try our domain name generator. It'll help you generate an unlimited number of free domain name suggestions. Simply type a few keywords in the search bar to find your free domain name ideas. It'll even show you which extensions are available for the generated domains.

Google domains aren't free. Prices for .com domains start at $12 per year, which is competitive when compared to other domain registrars. It's a good domain registrar to try out. Other companies offer free domains when you sign up for their web hosting. Since Google doesn't offer web hosting, there are no free domains for its users. A Google domain is one of the most secure domains in the online world. When you register the domain with Google, you're registering with one of the biggest companies in the world. They offer simplicity, transparency, and reliability.

You can come up with the name on your own. Try to make it short, memorable, and easy to spell. However, if you want to register your domain name, you will need someone to do that for you. We need servers to host websites and make them accessible, and it almost never makes sense to pay for personal infrastructure just to host a website.

The cost of the domain name depends on many factors. For instance, .app domains are more expensive than .com ones. You can register a domain for free (for a limited time), but free domains come with limited capabilities. Approximately, domain name costs vary from $2 to $20 per year.

The cheapest way to do it is to find a hosting company that offers free domain registration. However, these websites come with limited options and often look unprofessional, which can be counterproductive for your business.

Keywords are an important factor in website names. People often find new websites by searching for specific terms. These words will connect you to the niche. But keywords aren’t always necessary. For example, some of the top search results for “fishing equipment” are and None of these names explicitly use the word “fishing equipment” in their domain name.

The issue is that most .com domains are already registered. It’s hard to find an available domain name. This means you can only own them if you’re willing to pay the aftermarket price. And these can go very high. Premium .com domains can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to over a million dollars for the most desired domains. You can expect to pay a few thousand dollars for solid .com domain options. This is the price range where you can find easy-to-spell English words and prized single-word English words as domains.

A personal domain name is incredibly useful when building your brand. Sending and receiving emails from your personalized email address shows professionalism. You can use a .me TLD for personal domain. If your name is hard to spell, then using just your surname may be better for you than the whole name. You should think about how your personal brand name email address will look. For example, if the domain is, the email address would be [email protected] We propose utilizing our podcast name generator if you want to build a personalized podcast business name like these examples.

TLD stands for top-level domain and comprises everything that follows the last dot of a domain name. It’s also called a domain extension, and the most popular TLDs are: .com, .net, .org, .me, .int, .tv.


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