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More Than a Domain Generator: What You Get

Check domain name availability automatically

It’s no use getting brilliant domain suggestions if they’re already taken. Our domain picker tool automatically shows domain name availability, including the most popular domain extensions.

Speed up the registration process

When you see a name you like, you can click on it to proceed to the registration page and get everything done quickly. We’ll help you by referring a domain broker if the name is taken.

Get your business up and running

Registering a domain name is a beginning, but there’s more to starting up a business. Use our tool to choose a professional logo, register your company, and protect your brand with a trademark.

Top Tips

Tips to Generate a Domain Name

With so many domain names already taken, it’s hard to find an available domain that ticks all the boxes, but it’s still doable. Check out our tips to learn how you can do it:

Keep It Short

A short and easy-to-spell domain name makes it easy for people to remember and find your business online. Avoid adding numerals and causing confusion with the name.

Incorporate Keywords

When you offer a specific product or service, find keyword suggestions relevant to your niche. Targeting particular keyword(s) can help you with SEO and establish an authority within your industry.

Make It Memorable

Having a memorable, unique, original domain name is a major advantage for your brand. It makes the business easier to find online and increases brand awareness.

Trademark Availability

Trademark owners can sue domain name owners if they think people can confuse the domain name with their trademark. Always check if the business name is already taken in advance.

Make It Scalable

Don’t focus only on the current stage your business is in. Try to think outside of the box and imagine where your company might be in five or ten years’ time. Pick a name that won’t be an obstacle to your growth.


Get a Second Opinion

Research your audience and conduct a survey on your domain name suggestion. Getting feedback on your domain name ideas can help you pick the right one.

Get Inspired

Domain Name Ideas

If you want to learn what you can expect from our website generator, here’s a list of available, fashion-related domain name suggestions we’ve created using the tool:


Video Guides

How the Domain Name Generator Works: Video Tutorial

Check out our video guide on how the domain name generator works. Find out how to register your domain in under 5 minutes:

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Choosing a Domain Name: What the Stats Say

Almost 50% of all websites have a .com extension. It’s the most recognizable extension, and ideally, you’d want to use it for your company.

However, you shouldn’t turn your back on your preferred domain name just because .com is taken. Plenty of businesses use alternative extensions, it’s just important to pick one that’s trustworthy.
Several TLDs have a bad reputation due to the number of scam and phishing websites with that extension. If you go for an alternative TLD, make sure to avoid some of the most sketchy ones, such as .xyz and .fun.

Relevant Name Generators and Articles

Already have an idea for a domain name but want to check if it’s taken? Use our domain name finder tool and find out now:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can create the name manually or with a generator. We recommend you try our domain name generator. It'll help you generate an unlimited number of free domain name ideas. Simply type a few keywords in the search bar to do a free domain name search. It'll even show you which extensions are available for the generated domains.

Brandable names don’t require concrete meaning. They often include a mix of consonants and vowels that might seem random. If you are looking to create such names, then try our brand name generator. A manufactured brand name is easier to trademark, and it’s easier to find an available domain name.

Catchy and cool name ideas help grab the attention of your target audience. People often like domain or website names that contain acronyms, alliteration, puns, or rhymes. One trick to try is niche vocabulary.

Yes, our domain name generator is completely free to use. It doesn’t come with any hidden costs or signup requirements. Approximately, domain name costs vary from $2 to $20 per year.

The cost of the domain name depends on many factors. For instance, .app domains are more expensive than .com ones. You can register a domain for free (for a limited time), but free domains come with limited capabilities. Approximately, domain name costs vary from $2 to $20 per year.

Owning a domain related to your name isn't necessary but can offer benefits, especially if you are running a business related to your personal skills. For example, an artist or a therapist may rely on getting new business via personal recommendations. It provides control over your online identity and content and could help enhance your branding.

SEO shouldn’t be the ultimate deciding factor for your custom domain. Still, keep it in mind when choosing domain names for a business. One aspect of SEO you should factor in is the last part of your domain, called the top-level domain (or domain extension). Many brands go with the .com domain. It’s still by far the most trusted and authoritative domain extension. However, it’s probably better to go with an alternative extension than a long .com domain that’s hard to remember.

Our domain name generator is an AI-powered tool that uses language learning and millions of various data points to suggest names based on industry and style filters and entered keywords.

  • Your domain name is an essential part of your online presence.
  • It's often the only point of contact with potential customers.
  • Domain names need to give a clear idea of what your business is all about.
  • You'll lose all trust and earn zero customers with a random name (e.g.,, and you do nothing related to selling shoes).



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