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How To Name Your Vlog

Vlogs are becoming an increasingly popular way to share your thoughts and opinions to a wide audience. From fashion and interiors to food and books, there’s all kinds of topics to cover in regular video edits. Online videos are incredibly popular, with a 92% audience reach worldwide of internet users as of 2021.

If you’ve decided you want to be a part of it, vlogging is very accessible. What’s challenging however, is getting your vlogs seen by people. One of the top solutions to kickstarting your vlog is to design a great name that internet users can find and remember easily. 

In this article, you’ll find examples of vlog names provided by our vlog name generator, a selection of popular vloggers, and information on how to begin crafting your future name. 

20 Vlog Name Ideas

To begin searching using our vlog name generator, input words you associate with your vlog. For example, if you’re documenting outfits and giving styling tips, you might want to try words such as ‘fashion’, ‘style’ and ‘outfits’. You can also type in ‘vlog’ and see what comes up. 

We tried several different words to come up with these 20 vlog names. Take a look and see what you think!

  1. Grace Coverage
  2. Lilies Channel
  3. On Cloud
  4. Cyberya
  5. Native Cyber
  6. Solar Talk
  7. Cloudverse
  8. Conversatry
  9. Success Talks
  10. Adele Style
  11. Persona Beauty
  12. Urbane Uncut
  13. Lola Uncut
  14. Stella Beauty
  15. Styleium
  16. Jam Mic
  17. Bucket List Travel
  18. Penny Styling
  19. Journeyman Travelling
  20. Desk Talking

20 More Vlog Name Ideas

  1. Mic Drop
  2. Travel Sphere
  3. Stylin’ Net
  4. Watch Official
  5. Life Uncut
  6. Game On
  7. Famous Gamer
  8. Sing Unlimited
  9. The Singster
  10. Beauty & the Babe
  11. Strictly Cyber
  12. Top Song Critic
  13. Hashtag Hits
  14. All Things Sports
  15. The Virtual Coach
  16. Game Hub
  17. CyberLife
  18. The Daily Cloud
  19. Inner Sphere
  20. Fashion Channel

Best Real-world Vlog Business Names

The digital world is packed with vloggers, many of which share their videos on YouTube. It’s not uncommon for vloggers to use their real names, but there are also a lot of fun names too. Here are some youtube channel names for vloggers that you’re probably familiar with.

These vloggers are highly successful in the industry, with millions of subscribers to their YouTube channels. While content is key, vlog names still have an important role to play for your audience.


Inthefrow delivers an immediate fashion message to those in the know. The frow refers to sitting in the front row at a fashion show, an important place to be. The name makes it clear that you’re going to find fashion content here and is likely to attract fashion lovers. The founder Victoria Magrath tells in her own words that she chose the name to be short, snappy, and memorable. It worked!


Zoella is founded and run by Zoe Elizabeth Sugg. We think it’s safe to assume that the vlog name is a combination of her first and middle names. It doesn’t give away much about what the content includes, however, for such a simple idea, this one-word name is unique, easy to remember, and is recognized by millions.

Many vloggers use their names online. Combining multiple names could be an interesting way to jazz up your regular name.


This is a particularly quirky name for a vlog. It’s a little bit of a tongue twister and at the same time memorable due to the rhyming aspect. Originally titled ‘Pewdie’, the rest came later after the founder had to create a new account because of a forgotten password. The name combines gaming words ‘pew’ and ‘die’ ideally connecting the name with the gaming content that is posted regularly.


This travel-focused channel developed its name from real-life brothers Marko and Alex Ayling. The first half of the name stems from the word ‘vagabond’, referring to a person who moves from place to place. Essentially, the name captures the fact that these brothers enjoy traveling, and gives viewers an immediate insight into what the channel is about.

Merging words to explain your content is a good way to create an individual name that nobody else has.

The Food Ranger

You don’t need to think too hard about what The Food Ranger posts online. The name is clear, catchy, and inviting to any food lovers who enjoy culture and travel. The name acts as almost a description of the founder. It can be useful to look at the basics of your brand and what you want to produce. This way, you could come up with a title that really suits you.

Unique Content for the Niche

There are so many vlogs that it can be difficult to really distinguish your brand as different from the rest. A key piece of advice if you’re starting up a vlog is to really explore and focus upon your niche. Vlog content can be about absolutely anything, so narrow down what you want to promote or discuss.

Many vloggers use their own names. This can be great for getting your name out in the digital world, however, it can be difficult to attract subscribers in the beginning when people don’t know who you are. Selecting a catchy name instead may be a better option to attract viewers.

Relating the name to your niches, such as travel or fashion, is a good way to let people know what your content is about. With the vlog name generator, you can enter multiple words to generate name ideas.

Remember, while you want to grab attention online, you don’t want to go for a name that is too complicated. A long vlog name can be hard to remember, especially if viewers are watching multiple channels. Shorter generally means better.

5-Tips for creating unique Vlog Business name ideas

Aside from adding your favorite keywords to our vlog name generator, there are some other great tips you can try to discover the ideal name for your vlog. It’s all about giving yourself options and not rushing in too quickly with a single idea before checking all avenues.

1. Check out the competition

The 5 real-world vlog names we reviewed earlier should have given you some good ideas of where to start. It’s important to remember there are thousands of vloggers before you who have managed to build successful reputations. Looking at them and finding out how and why they chose their names is extremely helpful.

Many people come up with names in unexpected ways. When you read their story, it could give you an alternative idea of how to find a name yourself.

2. Make sure it’s available

It’s easy to get caught up in a name that you love, but before moving forward, make sure it’s available! Breaching copyright laws is the last thing you want for your new channel. You also don’t want people searching your vlog name, and finding something else. The best way to build a reputable brand is to have a clear identity and an individual name.

3. Confirm your content

It might seem obvious, but knowing the type of content you are going to produce is vital for a startup vlog. You can start by writing a clear list of what you plan to do with your voice. That way, you can craft a name that relates to your content. Words that can be associated with your area of expertise or your passion can help to bring in the right audience.

4. Brainstorm your ideas

When using the vlog name generator, entering various words will give you more results than you can explore and even merge together. Brainstorming is an ideal solution for brain fog. If you’re struggling for inspiration, simply think of words connected to your industry to get started.

For example, if you’re making a music vlog, you could use words like ‘sing’, ‘guitar’, and ‘tune’.

5. Ask for feedback

Once you’ve shortlisted some great names, it’s a good time to start getting some feedback. You can put the name to people and ask them questions such as what impression does this name give you? What do you think this vlog is about?

Try to avoid close connections who already have knowledge about your subject. You want to gather completely fresh opinions from those who do not have any prior knowledge of your vlog plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Picking a YouTube name to launch your vlog can be tricky. You should consider several aspects before confirming your name, such as brainstorming your ideas on paper, relating the name to your content and choosing something catchy. Youtube channel names for vloggers need to stand out from the millions who are also using this website.

The best vlog names deliver an idea of what the content is about. Keep it relatively short and ideally, come up with something catchy. You can find a huge number of name ideas by using our vlog name generator.

To make your vlog unique, develop and stick to your niche. A great vlog name will help viewers to find you, while ensuring they remember your name when sharing with friends and family. The name is all part of your branding, so make sure you identify exactly what you want your brand to be.
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