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20 Best Business Names For Your Makeup And Beauty Company

One of the most exciting parts of launching a new beauty brand is choosing a compelling name for it. Depending on the brand personality your company embodies, there are a lot of options to be inspired by from the edgier names to the poetic ones.

To start getting new ideas for your new beauty, cosmetic, or make-up brand, use our Beauty & Make-Up Business Name Generator above.

In this article, we’ve also collected some best practices and the latest trends in the beauty industry to help you decide on the perfect business name and be well-informed for your upcoming launch.

If you’re starting a cosmetics or make-up brand in 2021, you’re definitely seizing a lucrative opportunity. The beauty industry has grown from $483B in 2020 to $511B in 2021 with an annual compounded growth rate of 4.75% worldwide. In the next 5 years, it’s predicted to exceed $716B.

There’s no doubt that it’s a great opportunity to get a piece of that pie, and choosing a memorable brand name will help you make it a great investment. The Asia Pacific and North America are still dominating this market so you’ll need to make sure your business name appeals to these demographics.

Let’s look at some ideas to get you started.

20 Compelling Business Name Ideas For Your Beauty Brand

There are endless options when it comes to cosmetic, make-up, and beauty brands. To give you a few options, we’ve run a few searches on our Beauty & Make-Up Business Name Generator and listed our 20 favorite ideas below.

  1. Mirage Cosmetics
  2. Bombshell Beauty
  3. Sweet Temptation
  4. Siren Bay
  5. Lux Queen
  6. Midas Touch
  7. Makeup Maven
  8. Supreme Sparkle
  9. Glam Goddess
  10. Perfect Finish
  11. Lipsy
  12. Bellezza
  13. Dream & Dusk
  14. Amber Cosmetics
  15. SensiSkin
  16. Scandalous Beauty
  17. Glow Up
  18. Visage
  19. La Belle
  20. Serenity

The key here is to get creative and experiment with different words associated with your business. Try to mix and match your ideas and come up with new word combinations or mosaic words that have a compelling sounding. Remember, the key to naming a successful beauty brand is to choose a word that instantly makes your buyers feel beautiful.

You can also try our creative business name generator if you want your makeup and beauty brand to be different.

20 More Makeup and Beauty Name Ideas

  1. Beauty Basics
  2. Bossy Beauties
  3. Supreme Sparkle
  4. Beauty Bounty
  5. Generous Glam
  6. Glam Goddess
  7. Perfect Finish
  8. Glamified
  9. Make-up Masters
  10. Bella Beauty
  11. Beauty Essentials
  12. Vogue Styles
  13. Cleopatra’s Beauty Store
  14. Pearlville Salon
  15. Klassichic
  16. Midas Touch
  17. Allure Beauty
  18. The Bellas
  19. Makeup Maven
  20. Beaucoup Beauty

How The Biggest Beauty Brands In The World Got Their Names

Biggest Beauty Brands

Urban Decay

Urban Decay was founded in 1996 with only two lines: lipsticks and nail polishes. In the next 20+ years, they’ve grown into one of the most popular beauty brands in the world.

Despite its growth, the company still lives by its unique mantra, “beauty with an edge” which the name conveys as well.

The founders of Urban Decay had an intention to stand out from the plethora of pink-themed hyperfeminine brands on the market with something edgier. They agreed on the “urban” name but they weren’t sure how to complete it.

Until one day, founder Wende Zomnir walked down the streets of New York and noticed a beautiful crumbling brick wall. She said “It had so much depth and history, yet it wasn’t conventionally perfect, or shiny or slick.

And I thought that’s what we are saying with the name: that something can be really imperfect, and yet incredibly beautiful at the same time.”


Sephora is a French beauty brand that retails more than 3,000 personal care and make-up products globally, including their own private label the Sephora Collection. The company has been named as one of the Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company magazine.

The name Sephora originates from the combination of two archaic names: Zipporah, the wife of Moses in the book of Exodus who was believed to be exceptionally beautiful, and the Greek word for beauty and vanity sephosis. The mosaic word created by its founders has a unique appeal and a nice sound to the ear.

Lancome Paris

The brand name of the cosmetics company Lancome was inspired by the ruins of a French Castle named Château de Lancosme that founder Armand Petitjean visited on vacation.

The yellow flowers around the castle are actually the reason for the rose emblem used in the company logo.

The city of Paris is still synonymous with beauty, elegance, and fashion. Lancome grabbed the opportunity to be associated with the global fame of this inspiring city by using it as part of its brand name.


The hair-care line Ouai got its name from the French expression “ouais,” which is a casual way of saying yes, like “yep” or “yup.” The company founder Jen Atkins dropped the “s” at the end to make the brand name look more Hawaiian, hinting at his island upbringing.

This way, he managed to make his brand name sound double-exotic by infusing the romantic vibe of both Hawaii and France in it.

Atkins wanted the name to be a bit of a puzzle to create mystery and as he admitted at the launch event, “I wanted you to be at a lunch with your friend, and they mispronounce it and you say, ‘No, it’s Ouai.’ The correct pronunciation is actually “way.”

10 Smart Strategies To Name Your Beauty & Make-Up Brand

Some of the most genius case studies of branding stem from the beauty industry. Let’s look at what we can learn from these alluring brands that have taken over the world.

Speak To Your Niche

Are your products made of natural ingredients? Do you sell cruelty-free brands? Are your cosmetics made for people with sensitive skin?

If your products have these amazing benefits, make sure that it’s instantly recognizable from your brand name and the way you present your products.

Nuxe has doubled down on this strategy with a name that’s a combination of the words “natural” and “luxury.” If you’re someone who’s committed to natural products and fancy cosmetics that make you feel like a million bucks, you’ll definitely resonate with this name.

Voice Your Mission

Nearly 70% of millennials take into account company values before making a purchase and the Gen Z youngsters are basically voting with their credit cards when it comes to choosing between brands.

The mission your beauty brand represents is sometimes even more important than the actual product.

Even major cosmetic lines founded by the biggest celebrities of the world often emphasize what they stand for instead of the name of their widely known founders.

Selena Gomez named her company Rare Beauty to show that beauty has many faces and Jessica Biel launched her products by the name Honest Beauty as a guarantee of its non-toxic, natural ingredients.

Brainstorm Abstract Aesthetic Concepts

When you’re selling lipstick or face cream, you’re not just selling a piece of cosmetics, you’re selling beauty in a box. Your customers will choose you based on the promise of how your product will make them feel.

Do you want to make them feel naturally beautiful? Do you want them to embody an edgy, fierce look to express their confidence? Perhaps you want to make them feel playful with an upbeat color palette?

Choose a name that encapsulates that feeling. Nyx (pronounced as “nicks”) was named after the Greek goddess of night, and their rich, evening-friendly makeup makes any woman feel like a total goddess.

Our brand name generator can help you create abstract name ideas.

Go For Euphonious Words

Euphonious words are the ones that sound beautiful and pleasant to the ear when pronounced out loud. Popular global brands like Olay or Sephora have uniquely beautiful names and it’s not by accident.

The key to creating euphony with words is to play around with different vowels and consonants and create a pleasant-sounding combination. Pay attention to the rhythm of the words and say them out loud to see how they affect you.

Ask people around you which one they like the most to get an unbiased opinion. Even better if you can create a name by combining meaningful words as Sephora did from Zipporah and sephosis.

Talk To Their Aspirations

Your customer avatars have a core identity that describes who they are in the moment. Their aspirational persona, however, describes who they truly want to be.

Brand names that speak to this aspirational self are much more effective than the ones which speak to the core identity because we use beauty products as a tool to express who we want to be.

Perfume brands are the masters of this strategy such as Girl Of Now by Elie Saab or Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Dior named their perfume Poison to speak to the femme fatale within, as they say, “Hypnotic Poison isn’t a fragrance you wear, it’s a fragrance that wears you.”

Use Exotic Languages

Paris and Milan are considered to be the capitals of fashion and a lot of beauty brands use that to their advantage. But even if your brands are not from a fashion metropolis, you can create a beautiful brand name from foreign words that carry mystery and appeal.

Many cosmetics use the word beauty in different languages such as Beaute (French) or Bellezza (Italian). Clé de Peau Beauté is a Japanese brand that could’ve used the English equivalent of their name “the key to beautiful skin” but instead they opted for the euphonious French words.

You can also experiment with the jewelry business name generator to help you create exotic-sounding names.

Celebrate Modern Feminism

The women of today want to feel powerful. They want to buy products that make them believe they can do anything and look good while doing it.

No matter what line of cosmetics your new company is into, you can’t go wrong with this messaging.

Consider Other Genders

Consider Other Genders

In case you’ve been living under a rock, I’m here to tell you that make-up for man is a thing — and it’s still a fairly untapped market.

According to research carried out in Europe, 71% of men consider makeup to be a crucial ingredient in their daily life yet only a few brands cater to that niche.

Whether you launch a modest concealer pen that speaks masculine confidence or a colorful palette for non-binary people to embrace, inclusivity in your messaging is key. The first step in addressing them is using non-gender-specific brand names.

Use Abbreviations

Brand names that are too long are easily forgotten and it will be a challenge to display them on your packaging. If your beauty business name is too long, consider shortening it in an acronym.

Would you have guessed that MAC stands for Make-up Art Cosmetics? How about the haircare brand ghd, meaning “good hair day?” SK-II comes from the words “secret key” hinting at their secret ingredient discovered in a Japanese sake brewery. Ciaté stands for Colour, Innovation, Aspiration, Trend, and Extraordinary — see how that could never fit on a label?

Research Your Competitors

The world of fashion and beauty is one of the largest industries in the world. This might mean high competition, but also a lot of examples to get inspired by. Look at what cosmetic lines with similar products do and make sure that the name you’re considering hasn’t been taken.

Celebrity Beauty Brands To Look Out For In 2021

JLo Beauty

Jennifer Lopez announced at the end of 2020 that she was launching her own skin-care brand named JLo Beauty. What’s special about this new cosmetics line is that it’s featuring the mega-celebrity’s secret anti-aging ingredient: olive oil.

The products under JLo Beauty are made under the tagline “beauty has no expiration date” because Jennifer believes you can be youthful at any age. Her skincare products are luxurious yet accessible which is conveyed in their simple, clean product packaging. She didn’t just create a namesake brand but truly captured her essence in it.


Halsey, the American singer-songwriter announced at the beginning of 2021 that she’s launching her new color cosmetic brand, About-Face. She aims to break down beauty standards and create more bold looks with her A-Z make-up collection.

About-Face is a brand that speaks to a young audience wanting to express itself in a multi-dimensional way without feeling boxed in by popular beauty trends.

How Do You Know That A Make-Up Brand Name Is Unique?

The easiest way to know if your brand name is unique is to research it. See if there are other brands with similar-sounding names, and ask your target market in a survey whether they resonate with it.

You can use our business name search to check the availability of your name. Our domain name generator can help you find the right domain names.

You should also ensure that your name is available on social media. Make sure you stick to original Instagram name ideas.

Sharing the story of how your brand name came about and what inspired you to choose it can also make a name unique and memorable. If you use mosaic words or made-up terms coined by you, you likely won’t run into competitors.

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Make-up brands only sell make-up, while beauty brands might also have collections of skincare or personal care products.

Some words that mean beauty are Forma (Latin), Beaute (French), Bellezza (Italian), and La belleza (Spanish).

1. List a few words associated with your brand 2. Enter these words in the Beauty & Make-Up Business Name Generator 3. Shortlist your favorite ideas from the Beauty & Make-Up Business Name Generator 4. Add scores 1-10 to your shortlisted ideas and consider using one from the top ones 5 +1: Try creating unique combinations from these names and read our guide on naming your beauty business

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