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How To Name Your Project

How To Name Your Project

When it comes to naming your project, you want a name that will inspire you and your customers alike. Therefore, it is essential to choose a project name that is both innovative and advertises what your project is about immediately.

If you’re looking for unique ideas to name your project, then we have a range of real-life examples and ideas to inspire you. Then, when you’re ready, try our project name generator and create the perfect name for your project!

Tutorial for Creating Project Name

20 Project Name Ideas

Choosing a name for your project can be difficult as there are so many options to choose from. Using our project name generator, we have created a list of potential ideas that can be used to inspire you to create your own project name!

Here are some of our favourite options for naming your project or program:

  1. Project Breeze
  2. Command Program
  3. Project Point
  4. Project Mecha
  5. Program Pad
  6. Project Synergy
  7. Dynamic Program
  8. Project Zen
  9. Project Illuminate
  10. Magnetic Program
  11.  Project Systems
  12. Native Program
  13. Project Force
  14. Quest Program
  15. Project Signal
  16. Project More
  17. Module Program
  18. Project Chroma
  19. Momentum Program
  20. Strategic Program

20 More Project Name Ideas

  1. Allosaurus
  2. MicroRaptor
  3. Tarius
  4. Rugops
  5. Erketu
  6. Capricorn
  7. Sagittarius
  8. Gemini
  9. Pisces
  10. Taurus
  11. Osiris
  12. Horus
  13. Hathor
  14. Anubis
  15. Bast
  16. Othello
  17. Titus
  18. Ophelia
  19. Juliet
  20. Yorick

Best Real-World Project Names

The name you choose for your project or your program should be reflective of what makes your brand unique. If you need ideas, try our project name generator and see what appeals to you.

Alternatively, to give you inspiration, we’ve collected 5 real-world examples of great project names used for start-up businesses that are catchy, easy to remember and communicate to their customers what they specialize in.

Here are our 5 examples of real-world project business names:


The name Groupon is a combination of ‘group’ and ‘coupon’, which is how the project initially started as a way for groups to buy items in bulk and receive a discount. The combination of two words also makes the company easier to find as they will be associated with both ‘group’ and ‘coupon’ in search generators.

Using ‘Groupon’ as a project and business name is successful as short words are easy for customers to remember. Furthermore, the name is instantly memorable and alerts customers to what they specialize in.


Specializing in VR headsets, games, and similar equipment, Oculus is a great name for the project that was sold to Facebook for $2 billion.

The word Oculus is often associated with an eye-like design, which makes it a great choice for a VR reality company. Using Oculus rather than ‘eye’ adds an element of sophistication and expense which is often featured within technology companies.


Offering photos, ideas, and more for home design and renovation, Houzz advertises itself as one of the central brands.

The project was initially formed as a way to elevate the lack of online resources available for those wishing to renovate their houses and now is a billion-dollar company.

Houzz is easy to remember due to the shortness of the word. The double ‘zz’ in the spelling suggests a modernization of ‘house’, as well as suggesting the digital format of the website.


ProductHunt uses the two keywords of their brand to advertise to their customers what they sell. The company is a platform that allows people to discover new technology products that can be beneficial.

Originally started as a project, the ProductHunt name implies the company is at the cutting edge of finding the best technology. Using the word ‘hunt’ implies a ferocity and drive that sets them apart from competitor companies.


This project was started to help online companies find discounts. AppSumo works as a project name as once again it encompasses the format of the brand, on an App, and ‘Sumo’ creates the idea of. a growing company.

AppSumo was initially called but this contained negative connotations of theft. The word ‘software’ was said to date the company, which is why it was changed to AppSumo, which creates a more modern appearance.

Unique Content for the Niche

Ideally, the name of your project needs to showcase why it is unique, innovative, and interesting. With many projects, it can be tempting to choose an unorthodox name, perhaps encompassing elements of code, Latin, or other uncommon features.

However, elements such as these in your name can alienate your audience or hinder your project development, as they can be difficult for your customer base to remember.

Names that are hard to pronounce can prevent your customers from discussing your brand through word of mouth, which can limit the exposure your project will receive.

To help you create a memorable project name, try using our program name generator for inspiration.

5-Tips for Creating Unique Project Name Ideas

5-Tips for Creating Unique Project Name

Your project business name should help to make your brand stand out from competitors. While Forbes has suggested some tips for naming your start-up business, here are our top 5 suggestions of things to consider when naming your project. 

1. Make Your Name Clear

Your project name should clearly advertise to your customer base what your project involves. While it can be tempting to use unique and uncommon names for your project, this can confuse your audience as they may not understand what it means.

Avoid using names that are not within the existing field of work your project is in, as this may hinder your project and prevent the necessary associations that can help your brand grow.

2. Motivate Yourself

When choosing your project name, it can also be recommended to use inspirational and motivational names as this can keep you interested in developing your project.

It can also help to give your project connotations of greatness and victory. Using names such as Ancient Gods, fierce animals, or similar heroes, can inspire your audience as well as keep you working on your project.

If you have an idea in mind, such as your favorite hero, and need inspiration, try our program names generator where you can experiment with variants of your name until you find one that perfectly suits your project!

3. Use Keywords

It is almost impossible to choose a name for your project the first time around. The more options you have for naming your project, the easier it will be to select one that encompasses everything you need for your project.

Using our name generator is a great way to come up with several names to choose from. You can use as many keywords that describe your product as necessary and it will generate excellent program names to inspire you.

Once you have selected the perfect name for your project, you can then use our business name search index to ensure the same name is available for your domain.

Using a cohesive name for your project across all platforms will make it easier for your brand to be advertised and promoted, and for new customers to find you. 

4. Try Your Own Name

Using your own name within your project is a great way to make your brand more personal for your customers. As well as putting your own stamp on your project, it can also help customers to remember you.

Consider abbreviating, initializing, or using a nickname as part of your project. If you have a common name or a name that is already in use, these adjustments can help to make your project name unique and stand out.

5. Combine Words for a Unique Name

A great way to come up with a unique project name is to combine words together, such as ‘Groupon’ did. If you have two key concepts for your project, try combining them and see if there are interesting results.

If you’re struggling to think of a name independently, try entering your key concept into our project name generator which will create innovative names for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your project name can be anything you like! For successful project names, it is recommended that you name your project in accordance with the type of work or type of project it is. Suggestions for project names can include animals, such as Jaguar and Panther like Apple have used for various OS X versions, or myths and legends as used for the American rocket projects like Apollo. Try to use names that align with existing companies, but that are not too similar to what already exists.

To create a catchy project name, you can use techniques such as combining words, abbreviating words, using alliteration or even rhyming your project name. Catchy project names are far more likely to resonate with your chosen audience and allow them to spread the word faster about your brand. Avoid using words that are overly long and complex. One or two well-chosen words is enough to make a statement through your project name.

It is important to give your project a name for a number of reasons. As well as helping you to organise and refer to your project, research suggests that it can also have an impact on the success of a project. Using names that are important, inspiring or motivating for your project can actually help you to accomplish more on your project. For inspiring names, try our program name generator and find the perfect name for your project.

Having a project name that is unique to you is essential in helping to grow your brand. While you want your project name to exist within the larger world of what your project is related to, having a unique name is beneficial to advertising and exposing your brand. Use blended names, alternate spellings or anagrams to help create a unique project name. Study real-world examples to help you become inspired, and see if your project name fits within this existing frame.


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