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Get the Most Out Of Our Magazine & Newspaper Name Generator

A magazine & newspaper name generator is a free, AI-powered tool that creates thousands of creative, catchy, and unique newspaper names using keywords you include.

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Magazines & Newspapers Name Generator

Check domain name availability

We’ll automatically check the domain name availability across all popular domain extensions for the name you pick.

Pick a logo for your business

Every respectable newspaper or magazine has a recognizable logo. Pick one of the suggested logos for your favorite name and get your brand imagery going.

Safeguard your brand

You need to protect your new venture from copycats. We’ll help you register an LLC and take out a trademark in no time.

Top Tips

How to Name a Magazine: Naming Tips

You need an original name that will stand out. Here are some branding tips you can use to come up with the best names for news and magazines.

Express Yourself

Express Yourself

Give a glimpse of your content with the title. Your name should let the readers know what they will find inside. Choose keywords that are direct, implicit, or based on cultural references.

Make It Brandable

Make It Brandable

To amplify the reach of your publication, you need a brandable name. The most brandable names are often short and simple. Long names are difficult to remember.

Think Visually

Think Visually

If you’re going to publish a newspaper or magazine, you need to think about how your name is going to appear graphically. Put the semantics aside for a second and consider what it looks like aesthetically. Our logo maker can help you decide.

Think Long-Term

Think Long-Term

Try not to limit your growth by going too specific. While you might want to cover only a specific topic currently, make sure your name leaves room for expansion.

Check Domain Names

Check Domain Names

When you have a few ideas jotted down, check domain name availability to see if you can get a matching domain. You can’t establish a newspaper brand without an accompanying website.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

What if you find the perfect name, but nobody else finds it exciting? Conduct a survey among your potential customers before settling on a name.

Get Inspired

Newspaper and Magazine Name Ideas

Want to see our tool in action? Check out some of the best magazine name ideas we came across while using the tool:

  • Market Monitor
  • Business Burst
  • MarketMaster
  • Capital Chatter
  • CoutureCorner
  • Sleek Style
  • City Sightseeing
  • Trendy Travel
  • Travel Tales
  • WanderWorld
  • Poshtopia
  • GlobeGazers
  • NewsNow
  • Print Prophet
  • Paper Pundit
  • Story Seeker
  • Current Chronicles
  • Sports Spot
  • Sunshine Stories
  • Urban Edge 

Video Guides

Names for Magazines and Newspapers: Video Guide

Check out our video guides on how to use our magazine and newspaper name generator and quickly register a domain name:

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The Future of Media – What the Stats Say

For quite a few years now, we’ve been hearing how the internet will kill newspapers, magazines, and other forms of media as we know them. However, that has not happened yet, and it’s not likely to happen any time soon.

While it’s evident that printed media are seeing diminishing numbers, magazines and newspaper businesses have successfully made their way to the digital world and are firmly standing their ground.

According to Statista, the number of magazine readers in the United States stood at 222.2 million people in 2021, which is an increase of about 300,000 from the year before. If you’re going into the new venture with fears for the future of the industry, you can rest assured.

Magazines & Newspapers stats


Relevant Name Generators and Articles

Take the First Step in Creating Your Business Name

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Define your content strategy and target audience. Shortlist up to seven keywords that represent your business and communicate your publication’s vision. Conduct market research and choose the best-performing name before finally confirming its availability.

A good newspaper or magazine name should give an idea of the content that the reader can find inside and speak the language of its target audience. It should be brandable and visually compelling when seen on the page. A good magazine or newspaper name may draw on cultural references, incorporate rhyming features, or use an original font design to satisfy these demands.

Some of the best real-world magazine names are USA Today, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, and WIRED. They are attractive and make you want to check out what’s inside.

The newspaper and magazine trade, particularly in the print space, has declined in recent decades. The internet has, however, allowed online publications to make healthy profits at considerably lower startup costs. Most newspapers and magazines generate the majority of their revenue from selling advertising space, though there is still money to be made if publications can successfully tap into niche markets, even in print.

Some of the most famous fictional newspaper names include The Daily Planet, The Daily Bugle, the Quahog Informant, and The Washington Herald. As you can see, all of these names have keywords that show either what the contents are about or how often they release new publications.



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