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Complete Guide to Naming Your Virtual Assistant Business

Our virtual assistant business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get virtual assistant business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Virtual assistant (VA) companies are thriving. This is a B2B service that results in tons of convenience and efficiency for the clients. Unfortunately, the global market has become pretty competitive and you will need to think about your branding in order to stand out.

A good VA brand is based on your values. Is creativity your top priority? Or maybe you have a youthful team that’s comfortable with modern technologies and innovative solutions? Do you take pride in your punctuality and ability to multitask on behalf of clients? You can help these values and characteristics shine by highlighting them in your branding efforts.

Virtual assistant branding is also about pinpointing the niche services you are going to provide. The term VA is pretty general and it can encompass an array of things. Some of the most common service varieties include communication management, booking and managing appointments with clients, assisting marketing campaigns, carrying out receptionist duties and managing the client’s calendar. If you are known for excellence in one of these particular areas, you should definitely put emphasis on the fact when naming your business.

Demographic Interests

As already mentioned, VA services are sought by companies that want to outsource certain processes for the purpose of boosting efficiency or reducing costs.

A lower cost isn’t always the primary focus – a partnership with a virtual assistant company can make resources for strategic processes available. Thus, when marketing to your clients, it isn’t always a smart thing to focus on how cheap your services are. A focus on professionalism and specialized knowledge will fare much better.

VA businesses can work with both large corporations and small companies. Even owners of home-based businesses may need a bit of outside assistance to get things organised and make sure there is enough time for the completion of important tasks.

Competitor Name Analysis


The name has an obvious meaning – it enables company owners to free up some time and resources by outsourcing processes to a virtual assistant.


A portmanteau of virtual and talent, the name is a bit less obvious because it avoids the clichés in this area of specialization.


Do you really need an explanation of this name? UAssist.ME has decided to adopt a bit more casual and approachable strategy towards name selection.


Having a virtual assistant to take care of daily tasks for you will make it much easier to relax. This is precisely what the company intends to tell you – clients gain freedom from daily stress.

Surplus Hands

Do you need to get more hands on deck? You can, by choosing a virtual assistant company like Surplus Hands.


The name of this company is a creatively spelled version of time saver. The approach towards naming once again puts emphasis on the benefits that VA clients experience.


While the obvious approach towards the selection of your virtual assistant company name is the easiest one, it typically isn’t the most rewarding in terms of brand establishment.

Take some time to think outside the box. You have unique characteristics and strengths. These can help you craft a memorable and original name for your business.

Our Business Name Generator will help you explore variations and get those creative juices flowing. In addition, you will get information about domain name availability. You can test the service by trying the following VA-related words and phrases:


Virtual assistant

Time management

Content management



Help desk

VA certified


Process manual


International Virtual Assistant Association (IVAA)

Answering service

Virtual office

Virtual receptionist





Spreadsheet input




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Virtual Assistant Business Name Inspiration

  1. The Virtual Squad: while the name does carry a degree of frivolous energy, it still tells potential clients what service to expect and it’s suitable for a company operating in the B2B world.
  2. Time is Money: a phrase everyone in business recognises and knows well. Virtual assistants can save time, hence they can contribute to an increase in corporate revenue.
  3. 9 to 5 VA: another phrase most people are familiar with. The name simply tells potential clients they can rely on help from their VA throughout the work day.
  4. No Lunch Break VAs: another rendition of the same idea. While the client is enjoying their lunch break, the VA will be taking care of all the important tasks.
  5. Task Terminators: a bit of humour and a bolder approach can pay off. This is precisely what the example demonstrates.
  6. Desk Mate: while the pun is an obvious one and maybe the wordplay isn’t top of the line, the name is still a memorable one.
  7. Corporate Helpers Worldwide: if you plan to run a virtual assistance company that outsources to multiple parts of the world, a name like this one may be a great pick.
  8. Free Employee: this name could be interpreted in two ways – one is that a virtual employee is available for hire and the other one implies that your company’s employees will gain a lot of freedom when you choose the service.
  9. BreakinCubicles: the traditional cubicle and the standard method of doing work are long gone and this is precisely what the company’s name suggests.
  10. Help a Click Away: another name that doesn’t need an explanation and that results in immediate recognition.

What Not to Name Your Virtual Assistant Business

Be creative. Virtual Help and Virtual Gurus are far from the best names for your VA company. In fact, a simple Google search will reveal there are probably companies already carrying such names out there.

The emphasis on virtual and digital does not pay off in terms of recognition. Instead, focus on your skills and the types of services your staff is capable of providing to clients.

Location matters to a VA company’s name only if you plan to establish yourself locally. If you intend to work with international clients, however, your location is going to be 100 per cent irrelevant.

Avoid long words and phrases that are difficult to pronounce and even more difficult to spell. You have to think about your online presence. While a simple domain and a cool website matter in all corporate spheres, they are even more important for virtual assistant service providers.

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