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Complete Guide to Naming Your Academy

Our academy naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get academy name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Whether you want to build an academy aimed at furthering the qualification of knowledge workers, your focus is on foreign languages or innovative school learning techniques for children, your academy should exude an aura of competence and educational excellence.

You have to build your reputation and establish yourself as the leader in the respective field. What is the one thing that sets your academy apart from other educational/instructional institutions? Do you employ the Montessori education method, for example? If so, this should be the primary focus of your branding efforts.

The same applies to certificates your graduates will receive upon the completion of the course or specialized skills they can acquire solely at your academy. The curriculum, the instruction techniques, whether you offer distance learning and the certification you have should all be emphasized.

Demographic Interests

Potential customers come in two categories.

The first group of people you may want to target is parents. They are looking for innovative and highly effective educational options for their children that go beyond the scope of school education. Such clients will typically be looking for a personalized approach, small class size and the use of innovative technologies to make the learning process more engaging.

Academies that put emphasis on adult learning or professional skills will be targeting a different group of clients.

These potential customers are either interested in perfecting skills they already have or acquiring new skills. They want to advance in their career, enter a completely new field or acquire personal/soft skills that will open up new opportunities in life. if this is your target demographic, your branding efforts should capitalize on their ambitions and how you can help them move forward.

Competitor Name Analysis

Right to Dream

This non-professional African youth football academy was initially set up to provide children coming from massive poverty with a chance in life – hence the name. Today, the academy has grown to offer scholarships and opportunities to talented young athletes from various countries.

Chef Academy

As the name indicates, this course provider puts emphasis on the culinary arts. Anyone interested in acquiring the skills to become a professional chef should consider this opportunity.

The Academy of Professional Dialogue

If you want to become a professional speaker and you lack effective dialogue skills, this is the academy to join today.

Star Child Academy

The name immediately makes it clear that the academy puts emphasis on work with children. Star Child Academy features academic curricula for young students and the name appeals to the need of parents to develop the talents of their children to the maximum.

Autodesk Design Academy

This name accomplishes two things – it provides an indication of the skill that students will acquire (design) and it also immediately mentions the tool that will be used for the purpose (Autodesk). While far from creative, this name is effective.

Higher Education Academy

This British professional academic institution tells potential clients right away its focus is on instructing individuals who will later on be involved in the field of higher education.

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Whether you want to establish and name an academy working with children, university students or adults, you should try out our Business Name Generator for the selection of the most relevant and suitable name. Domain name avaiability will also be checked to streamline your initial branding efforts.

Academic and academia are obviously two of the phrases you can test out. An academy name, however, could potentially be much more creative. If you need a bit of inspiration, consider the following terms when brainstorming for a suitable name:

Higher education



Higher learning





Private education

Special training



Academic approach




Personalized learning




Digital Business Name Inspiration

  1. The Language Academy: simple, straightforward and concise, this name tells potential clients exactly what the academy has to offer.
  2. Scientific Discovery Academy: since academies can offer specialized learning in various different fields, it’s important to focus the name on the exact niche that the learning opportunity will be focused within.
  3. Montgomery Fine Arts Academy: if you want to put emphasis on both the discipline and the location, you should definitely include both in the name.
  4. Sunny School for Math Talent: the word academy doesn’t necessarily have to be in the name to exude authority. This name makes it clear that the respective institution works mainly with children.
  5. World Wide Digital Academy: online course provision is growing in popularity and such a name is excellent for an academy that offers remote learning opportunities.
  6. Brain Gain Academy: an educational institution’s name can be a bit more frivolous and it will still show potential clients that the focus is on learning.
  7. True Color Art Academy: again, you can be creative within a field but you have to make the academy name as niche as possible.
  8. Writer Academy: if you want to become a better writer, this academy is probably the one you’ll research, isn’t it?
  9. Elite Education: on occasions, keeping it a bit more generic will make sense but you’ll still exude academic excellence through the name.
  10. Change Your Life: after all, this is the primary goal of obtaining education, isn’t it?

What Not to Name Your Digital Business

Academy names are typically more formal and somewhat stiff, regardless of the field you’ve chosen to focus the activity in. Frivolous and casual names do not build the reputation that an educational institution needs.

Refrain from being too generic in your naming efforts. There are many clichés out there and there are many course providers. if you stick to a stereotype, you will find it exceptionally difficult to build the reputation you need to attract a big number of students.

Puns and wordplay are also not a good choice for a business that focuses on education. A straightforward, somewhat sophisticated approach is the one that will yield the best results in terms of reputation establishment.

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