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How To Name Your Cafe Business

Hospitality is an attractive industry to get into. Cafes in particular are a great business venture. There is lots of opportunity to release your potential, be creative and to build a profitable business. Although tricky, one of the most exciting steps in the process is inventing the name that will sit high and proud above your shop. However, with 37,189 coffee houses in the US as of 2020, the competition can be fierce. 

To get started, give yourself the best chance of success with a really unique name. Cafes are supposed to be welcoming, which is why some of the best cafe names are fun, witty and personal. There’s endless possibilities when it comes to naming your cafe. 

So, whether you’re a cafe serving up boozy breakfasts or a cafe/local music venue, think of something that’s going to catch on quick! Read on to find out how to search our cafe name generator. We’ve also reviewed some recognizable cafe names, and added some handy tips to get you started. 

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20 Cafe Business Name Ideas

After typing the words ‘cafe’ and ‘cafe business’ into our cafe business name generator, a variety of cafe names came up. We also searched for ‘coffee shop’ with the coffee shop name generator for a good mix. You might want to try several keywords depending on the type of cafe you are opening, and what it sells. Here are 20 which we particularly liked. 

  1. Earth Cafe
  2. Daytime Cafe
  3. Warmth Cafe
  4. Cafedo
  5. Cuppa Business
  6. Ritual Coffee
  7. Roast Cafe
  8. Chai Cafe
  9. Leaf Shop
  10. Farm Coffee
  1. Dream Cafe
  2. Heaven Cafe
  3. Groove Cafe
  4. Culture Coffee
  5. Filter Cafe
  6. Cafeorama
  7. Breakfastnest
  8. Sun Cafe
  9. Brew Breakfast
  10. Grow Cafe

20 More Cafe Business Name Ideas

  1. The Quick fix cafe
  2. Black Aroma
  3. Golden Mug
  4. Jugz Expresso
  5. Urban Zest Cafe
  6. Fresh Grind
  7. Cream Mocha
  8. MoodSpresso
  9. Morning Vibe coffee
  10. The sippers
  1. VintageBee Coffee House
  2. Daily bean Perk
  3. Egoeast Latte
  4. Café pronto
  5. Ancient twist káva
  6. FreshFlip
  7. Express Chai Caffe
  8. Mugshot Café
  9. cream mine
  10. Busty Bean

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Best Real-world Cafe Business Names

The cafe business name generator may be your first step, but it’s always useful to look to your competitors when building your own brand identity. From mainstream coffee chains to small independent cafes, there’s plenty of brand names to inspire you for your own business.



The biggest coffee chain in the US, Starbucks is a name everybody knows. Interestingly, the name was inspired by Moby Dick and the early coffee traders at sea. The name is highly recognised across the world. Literature can be a great source of inspiration when developing a brand name. With cafes, the name doesn’t necessarily have to make sense to customers. A memorable, catchy title is enough to get your journey started.

Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee was named following the founder’s personal experiences of backpacking through Alaska. Drawing upon personal stories, memories and events can help you to find a unique concept for your cafe. It’s less likely you will find a similar name to yours if there’s a good backstory behind it. You can also take pleasure in sharing your cafe name’s origin to curious customers. 



Grind is a London-based coffee shop chain. With several locations, each shop includes the borough name. For instance, you’ll find Soho Grind and Greenwich Grind. The word ‘grind’ is instantly recognizable in reference to coffee, as the beans must be ground as part of the preparation process. If customers can associate your cafe name with the food or drinks service you provide, it may help them to find you more easily. Adding the location is another good suggestion for naming your cafe, as customers will know exactly where to find you!

Everyman Espresso

Everyman Espresso

Another coffee-associated cafe name, Everyman Espresso delivers the idea that this cafe is accessible to everybody. The use of the word ‘everyman’ is inviting, welcoming customers from all walks of life. Including a type of coffee also gets the message across that this place serves up coffee. The alliteration makes it rather catchy too, and therefore makes it memorable. 

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe delivers the concept of cool within the name. The music link i.e. hard rock is quirky and suggests there will be a particular vibe inside this venue. It lives up to its name, as the interiors feature rock and roll memorabilia. The founders actually took the name from the artwork of an album cover by The Doors. If your cafe is going to be themed, naming it with reference to this can give your brand a certain edge. Art, music and culture are all great reference points for name creation. 

Unique Content for the Niche

Cafes and coffee shops are frequented by millions across the globe on a daily basis. From one-stop visits to morning rituals, many people enjoy the comfort of spending time in cafes. As somewhere to eat and drink, the atmosphere can range from cute and cosy to trendy and laid back. It’s best to find a name that pulls the aesthetic of your cafe together with the overall vibe and atmosphere. 

If you’re serving up great coffee, adding a coffee-related word to the name can help to bring in passerbys. For instance, words like ‘brew’, ‘grind’ and ‘bean’ are all elements associated with coffee in some way. As cafes are typically relaxed, there’s no reason you can’t be playful with the name.

5-Tips for creating unique Cafe Business name ideas

Now that you’ve seen what our cafe business name generator can do, you’ve reviewed the competition and thought about your niche, you should be ready to get thinking. Here are 5 further tips and tricks to finding your perfect cafe name.

1. Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm

Before tackling the name, you should put everything down in writing about your business model. Think of things like what you’re going to sell, what makes your cafe different to others, and what impression you want to give. Making a list of words and terms is ideal for getting all of your thoughts down on paper. You can even use our cafe names generator or coffee shop name generator to pick out single words. 

2. Choose something memorable

With cafes, it’s great if you can get people to keep returning. One way of getting people to return is to pick a name that people don’t forget so easily. Customers may visit your establishment and love the place. However, with a forgettable name, their chances of finding you again may be reduced. Generally with cafes, something relatively short is better remembered. Fun and quirky titles tend to be more memorable too, especially those which have an interesting story behind them.

3. How about your own name?

Sometimes cafe owners like to include their own name, or family name in the title. If you’re an independent coffee trader or the inventor of the beloved cakes you serve, adding your own name could make your cafe feel more homely and special. For instance, something like ‘Cathie’s Cakes’ sounds humble, welcoming, and plants the idea that the cakes are homemade by Cathie. 

4. Know your brand

As there are so many cafes operating across the globe, you need to make yours stand out. What is it about your cafe that’s different? Getting familiar with your brand is essential in any business. You should know your brand inside and out, and be completely clear on your identity. Once you’re officially set on your identity, you’ll find it a lot easier to determine a name which shows to others what you’re all about!

5. Use our cafe business name generator

We can’t recommend our cafe business name generator enough. Explore a range of possible name ideas at the click of a button. Just enter any words you fancy into the generator, and do so multiple times until you have a long list of ideas. You can then play around with word combinations until you narrow it down to a handful of names you really love!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve now shared some cool ideas for naming your cafe, our favourite existing cafe names, and top tips for finding the one that best suits you. As well as using the cafe names generator, it can be useful to read the frequently asked questions on this topic too. 

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