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Use the podcast name generator to find amazing podcast name ideas and inspiration for any niche – like sports, music, crime, history, and more!

1. Choose Your Podcast Name Keywords

Identify some descriptive words that are relevant to your podcast and its content.

2. Get Podcast Name Ideas

Type your words into the generator and watch as thousands of amazing name ideas are generated for you.

3. Select Podcast Names

Compare your options and select a podcast name that will attract your ideal audience.

What Is A Podcast Name Generator

The BNG podcast name generator is a simple tool that helps you create amazing podcast name ideas. 

The generator uses artificial intelligence to create meaningful podcast names based on the input you provide. 

This is the perfect tool for anyone looking to start their own podcast. 

INSTANT availabilityPowerful FILTERSUNLIMITED searchesALL niches
Instantly check name availabilityFilter the names you createdCreate unlimited podcast namesPodcast names in any niche

We believe that our tool is the best amongst all podcast name generators in the market. 

Try it yourself to see what it can do for you. The generator is completely FREE to use and has no limitations. 

How To Use Our Podcast Name Generator

The podcast name generator is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is insert the keywords, generate ideas, and filter the results. 

Insert your target keywords in the search barFilter the suggested names based on your preferencesPick your name and register the domain

Before You Start Searching For Podcast Names

There are a few things you should do before you start brainstorming name ideas for your podcast. 

pointing Define your target audience

pointing Think about the topics you will cover

pointing Make a list of potential guests

pointing Set a schedule for the first shows

pointing Think about the podcasting directories you will use

pointing Think about the keywords you can use in podcast names

pointing Prepare a marketing strategy for your podcast

You can brainstorm ideas without doing these steps. But, we always encourage you to be prepared before you search for names. In the end, your podcast name should be an extension of your branding strategy. Check out our articles on the ‘Business Name Search‘ page for more information on where to look for business entity names in specific states.

Catchy Podcast Name Ideas

Crafting a catchy Podcast name is a difficult task for anyone. We went out and collected our 20 favorite catchy podcast name ideas to help inspire your search for the perfect podcast name idea. These famous podcasters picked the right name for their audiences.  

You can use these ideas as a guideline for your brainstorming sessions. You can easily create names like this with our podcast name generator. 

Griefcast With Cariad LloydWTF With Marc MaronSong ExploderMike Birbiglia’s Working It Out
The Lazy GeniusDare to Lead with Brené BrownWE Well-Being PodcastBeautiful Anonymous
The Trend ReporterThis American LifeEvery Little ThingReply All
SpookedHow Did This Get Made?The DailyPhoebe Reads a Mystery
In the DarkHow to FailWhere Should We Begin?You’re Wrong About

We recommend using our creative business name generator to generate fresh and modern business name ideas.

Generate A Podcast Name Now!

Podcast Name

How To Come Up With A Podcast Name

1. Make It Appealing

As a creator, your ultimate aim is to appeal to the target audience. Ensuring your content is always relevant is the key.

Ask yourself: 

  • What will my target audience find interesting? 
  • What will they gain? 
  • What will keep them coming back?

These three basic questions will not only help you create a better podcast but also bring you a step towards your perfect podcast name idea.

2. Capture The Tone Of Your Podcast

Curating the perfect name according to the tone of the content is essential.

Your podcast name alone can give listeners an insight into the type of content you create. 

For example, if your talk show involves comedy or has a laid-back vibe try names that are playful and welcoming. Whereas a crime podcast would have a name that’s more serious or sinister.

3. Make The Name Relevant

Always keep your listeners in mind when creating name ideas for your podcast. Think of the words they use in their everyday conversations. Try to use the same words in your podcast title. Are there any niche-specific jokes you can use in the name? No matter what you pick, always make sure that the name you select is relevant to the niche and your target audience. 

4. Check For Availability

The last thing you need to do before launching your podcast is to check if the name you picked is available. You don’t want to use the same name as other podcasters. We always recommend you pick a name that is completely unique and hasn’t been used before. You can use our generator to instantly see which suggested podcast names have available domains. You can also do a detailed Google search to ensure there are no brands with the same (or similar) name in the market. You should also ensure that you can get relevant social media handles for your podcast name. 

Let’s check a few examples of popular podcasts that follow the rules we mentioned above. 

  • Dissect – Dissect is a music podcast whose host breaks down the musical theory and inspirations behind popular music. A typical episode length is 45 mins to an hour, using the word ‘Dissect’ conveys a show that is in-depth and provides well thought out ideas.
  • This Week in TechA much more straightforward podcast name, this show lets audiences know exactly what they can expect and what it’s about.
  • Murder MinuteWith a typical length of 30 minutes, this podcast is made for audiences on a short commute that want a quick fix of true crime drama.

If your business is related to event management, then try our event business name generator or marketing business name generator to create a unique business name.

Top tips for podcast names

Top Podcast Names 2022

We did an extensive analysis of the most popular podcasts in the world to uncover what kind of names they use. We made a list of the best podcast names in the business. 

Here are six top-rated podcast shows with great podcast names. 

pointing No Such Thing as Fish

No Such Thing as a Fish is a weekly British podcast series produced and presented by the researchers behind the BBC Two panel game QI. The topics are weird facts similar to those featured in the show QI. This name is less descriptive, and you don’t instantly know what the show is about. However, it grabs your attention and makes you curious to find out more about it. 

pointing The Guilty Feminist

This is a very descriptive name. It’s a name of a feminist comedy podcast that addresses the hypocrisies and double standards of everyday life. Each episode starts with short stories beginning with “I’m a feminist but…”

pointing Philosophize this!

This is a philosophy podcast that aims to bring philosophical ideas to a bigger audience. The punctuation in the name is important as philosophy is traditionally a very dry subject, and the name punctuated with an exclamation mark shows that there is a lighter passionate side to this podcast.

pointing My Dad Wrote a Porno

This isn’t just an arresting podcast title. It is literally British podcast host, Jamie Morton, reading chapters from his father’s erotic novels. This is a light-hearted comedy Podcast supposed to amuse and engage, which is exactly what the title does.

pointing Pod Save America

Pod Save America is a News podcast that addresses current political stories in the US. The name plays on the phrase ‘God Save America’, the play on words hints at its satirical nature whilst also showing they are discussing serious topics.

pointing The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan is probably the most famous podcast host in the world. He uses a very simple and descriptive name that includes his personal name. This makes sense as he was a well-known celebrity before he started The Joe Rogan Experience. 

What Makes A Good Podcast Name

Different people like different names. That’s why it’s extremely important you pick names that work for your target audience. 

There are some universal strategies you can use when creating your perfect podcast name idea. Keep these in mind when using our podcast name generator. 

pointing Keep it short – Short names are easy to remember. You want to make it easy for listeners to recommend your podcast to their friends and family. 

pointing Keep it relevant – Use a relevant keyword that ties your podcast to the niche you’re covering. This will make your podcast more appealing to potentaič listeners. 

pointing Avoid numbers and misspelled words – It’s harder to remember names with numbers and misspelled words. Try to avoid this to make your podcast easy to recommend. 

pointing Make it memorable – Try naming techniques that make podcast names memorable. Alliterations and rhymes are popular styles to try if you want a memorable name. 

The word podcast is very popular. But you don’t have to use in your podcast name. You can replace it with “show”, “experience”, “talk”, or something similar to ensure you have a good name that is also unique.

Good podcast names

What Is The Best Podcast Directory

You can have the best podcast in the world with the best possible podcast name, but that won’t matter much if people can’t find your podcast.

We recommend you list your podcast on popular podcast directories online. The most popular directories are Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and others. 

Try to get your podcast on as many directories as possible. You want to reach as many potential listeners as possible. And since different people use Google Podcasts than Apple Podcast, it makes sense to have your podcast on both. 

Best podcast directory

Podcast Name Inspiration

We recommend you use our Podcast Name Generator tool to instantly and easily generate thousands of name ideas based on the keyword you pick out from your brainstorming sessions. 

The generator will also instantly show which podcast names have an available domain name. The same holds true for every business name generator on our page. 

To show you what’s possible with the BNG podcast generator, we went ahead and generated 10 podcast name ideas for various use cases. 

Understanding Crypto
This could be a catchy name for an informative cryptocurrency podcast. Keeping the name clear, concise, and informative allows people to easily find and know what the podcast is all about.

Alien Investigators
This could go several ways. It could be a podcast on alien conspiracy theories, which are popular in some circles, or it could be a light-hearted science podcast that explores the nature of and possibilities of life outside our planet.

Fantastical Tales
This could be a podcast about tales. The word fantastical implies incredible fantasy, whilst tales are a description of the content. A more creative idea could be beneficial for this kind of podcast.

Odin’s Beard
This could be an interesting podcast name for a show exploring Norse Mythology. Myths and Legends are a popular topic nowadays. Reference to Odin’s beard makes it clear it’s not a serious analysis and appeals to a male demographic.

Natural Progression
This could be the title of a podcast questioning how humanity is changing and shaping the natural development of the world. This title shoes an interesting new angle to the topic.

This Blue Planet
This is a possible podcast name for a show exploring ideas around some of the planet’s most incredible natural features. The name sounds like a documentary, which makes it relevant in the niche.

Greatest Athletes
This is an easy and informative show title around history’s greatest athletes. This would appeal to a specific niche. The obvious understandable title would help it gain new dedicated listeners.

By The Moons of Jupiter
This is a possible name for a podcast exploring sci-fi stories and literature. You can also use it for podcasts covering different space-related topics. These podcasts could be very scientific or more pop-science.

When The Robots Come
This is a possible podcast exploring ideas of fast-advancing technology. This title references ideas surrounding human fears of hostile robotics, which trends in popular literature and movies like Terminator.

Nonsense What Dreams are Made of
This could be used for a comedy show that explores the meaning behind dreams. The title is purposefully grammatically incorrect to display the nonsense of the show. The title clearly outlines what the show is about.

If you are an artist and in need of fresh business names like the above, then try our art business name generator.

Podcast Name Generator

Generate podcast name ideas

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The biggest question behind keeping your real name on your podcast is your privacy and security. Your name will always have the tag with your podcast, which can compromise your privacy at certain times. Using a pseudonym saves you from that but opens up new problems. Listeners often do not take podcasters with pseudonyms seriously, which isn’t great if you want to build a loyal fanbase.

If the previous channel is inactive, you can probably go forward and use the same name. It’s always good to get permission from the previous podcast show owner. On the other hand, if it is active and working, we recommend you change your podcast name into something unique. Use our podcast name generator to find name ideas. Make sure you also register the domain name and social media handles for your podcast.

Like every other process, a channel grows. Similarly, there might be situations where you need to change the name of your podcast. Under such circumstances, it is crucial not to lose your target audience and retain your listeners. The best idea is to always come clear and explain the need for the change to your potential listener. This helps the podcast gain more traffic. Make sure that the new name has available domains and social media handles.

We recommend you follow these three simple tips when creating podcast names ideas.

1. Short podcast names are catchy and more memorable.
2. Convey your podcast's tone or personality.
3. Above all, the podcast name should be unique.

Creating a great podcast name is the same as generating good business name ideas.You can also use the same guidelines for every episode title.

Using our podcast name generator, you can check if the name/username is available across platforms like youtube, buzzsprout, soundcloud, and more! Make sure you can register your podcast name on different social media platforms. Do this for every potential name.

The same functionality is included in every business name generator on our page.

Podcast hosting companies help you host your podcast online. You can think of them as web hosting but for your podcast. The most popular providers include Buzzsprout, Captivate, Transistor, and RSS. We recommend you pick the one that works best for your needs.

Some of the most popular sports podcasts in the US are Pardon My Take, Fantasy Footballers, The Lowe Post, and The Draymond Green Show. You can use our name generators to create unique sports podcast names for your show.

You should start with a great name. You can use our name generator for that. We recommend you get coaching and guidance from professional service providers like Pacific content if you want to turn your podcast into a thriving brand.




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