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Catchy podcast name ideas

Crafting a catchy Podcast name is a difficult task for any creative. To help, our branding experts developed a list of their 20 favorite podcasts with a unique name to help inspire you!

  1. Griefcast With Cariad Lloyd
  2. WTF With Marc Maron
  3. Song Exploder
  4. Mike Birbiglia’s Working It Out
  5. The Lazy Genius
  6. Dare to Lead with Brené Brown
  7. WE Well-Being Podcast
  8. Beautiful Anonymous
  9. The Trend Reporter
  10. This American Life
  11. Every Little Thing
  12. Reply All
  13. Spooked
  14. How Did This Get Made?
  15. The Daily
  16. Phoebe Reads a Mystery
  17. In the Dark
  18. How to Fail
  19. Where Should We Begin?
  20. You’re Wrong About

How to come up with a Podcast Name

1. Make your podcast name appealing

As a creator, your ultimate aim is to appeal to the audience. Ensuring your content is always relevant is the key.

Think to yourself: what will my audience find interesting? What will they gain? What will keep them coming back?.

These three basic questions will not only help you create a better podcast but also bring you a step towards your perfect podcast name.

2. Convey tone and personality in your Podcast name

Curating the perfect name according to the tone of the content is essential. Your podcast name alone can give listeners an insight into the type of content you create. For example, if your talk show involves comedy or has a laid-back vibe try names that are playful and welcoming. Whereas, a crime podcast would have a name that’s more serious or sinister.

3. Create a relevant podcast name for your audience

Better used for news, educational, or talk podcasts, alluding to the show’s length or timeliness of your podcast in the name is a great way to capture audiences that are either time poor or looking for a full-length podcast.

Create a relevant podcast name!

Some examples of this can be seen in popular podcasts like:

  • Dissect – Dissect is a music podcast whose host breaks down the musical theory and inspirations behind popular music. A typical episode length is 45 mins to an hour, using the word ‘Dissect’ conveys a show that is in-depth and provides well thoughtout ideas.
  • This Week in Tech – A much more straight forward podcast name, this show lets audiences know exactly what they can expect and what it’s about.
  • Murder Minute – With a typical length of 30 minutes, this podcast is made for audiences on a short commute or wanting a quick fix of true crime drama.

Top Podcast Names 2022

We did an extensive analysis of the podcasts attracting audiences worldwide and came up with the best names in the business. Here’s a look at why they are influential among listeners-

No Such Thing as Fish

No Such Thing as a Fish is a weekly British podcast series produced and presented by the researchers behind the BBC Two panel game QI. The topics are weird facts and feature the like of which feature on the show QI. This name is less descriptive, and you don’t instantly know what the show is about. However, it grabs your attention and makes you curious to find out. Once you know it makes perfect sense.

The Guilty Feminist

Again a very descriptive name. This is a feminist comedy podcast that addresses the hypocrisies and double standards of everyday life. Each episode starts with short stories beginning ‘I’m a feminist but…

Philosophize this!

This is a philosophy podcast that is to bring philosophical ideas to a bigger audience. The punctuation in the name is important as philosophy is traditionally a very dry subject and the name, punctuated with an exclamation mark shows that there is a lighter passionate side to this podcast.

My Dad Wrote a Porno

This isn’t just an arresting title. It is literally British podcast host, Jamie Morton, reading chapters from his father’s erotic novels. This is a light-hearted comedy Podcast supposed to amuse and engage, which is exactly what the title does.

Pod Save America

Pod Save America is a News podcast that addresses current political stories in the US. The name plays on the phrase ‘God Save America’, the play on words hints at its satirical nature whilst also showing they are discussing serious topics.

Podcast Name Inspiration

To start, try using our Podcast Name Generator to instantly and easily generate thousands of name ideas based on the keywords you pick out from your brainstorming sessions. It also, very handily, checks domain availability at the same time (see also our Domain Name Generator).

To help get you started we’ve created a shortlist of podcast names we’ve created:

  1. Understanding Crypto: This would be the name of an informative cryptocurrency podcast. Cryptocurrency is a trending topic currently, with massive fluctuations in currency value, yet it is something not fully understood by many people. Keeping the name clear concise and informative allows people to easily find and know what the podcast is about, and would appeal to that specific target demographic.
  2. Alien Investigators: This could go several ways. And as such the name could be off-putting for some. It could be a podcast on alien conspiracy theories which are popular in some circles, or it could be a light-hearted science podcast that explores the nature of and possibilities of life outside our planet.
  3. Fantastical Tales: A podcast about tales.The word fantastical implies incredible fantasy, whilst tales is a description of the content. A more creative name could be beneficial for this kind of Podcast.
  4. When The Robots Come: Exploring ideas of fast advancing technology. This title references ideas surrounding human fears of hostile robotics which trends in popular literature and movies like Terminator.
  5. Natural Progression: Questioning how humanity is changing and shaping the natural development of the world. This title is purposefully a little obscure to show that there would be an interesting new angle to the topic.
  6. This Blue Planet: Exploring ideas around some of the planets most incredible natural features. The name sounds somewhat like a documentary. It would be an informative environmental show with and obvious bent towards promoting ‘green’ living.
  7. Greatest Athletes: This is an easy and informative show title around history’s greatest athletes. This would appeal to a specific niche. The obvious understandable title would help it gain new dedicated listeners.
  8. By The Moons of Jupiter: Exploring sci-fi stories and literature.
  9. Odin’s Beard: Exploring Norse Mythology. Myths and Legends are a popular topic. Reference to Odin’s beard makes it clear it’s not a serious analysis and appeals to a male demographic.
  10. Nonsense What Dreams are Made of: A comedy show that explores the meaning behind dreams. Te title is purposefully grammatically incorrect to display the nonsense of the show. It is an engaging topic and thetitle outlines clearly what the show is about.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The biggest question behind keeping your real name on your podcast is your privacy and security. Your name will henceforth always have the tag with your podcast, which can compromise your privacy at any time. On the other hand, using a pseudonym saves you from that but opens up newer problems. Listeners often do not take these podcasts seriously, making it imperative for creators to have a fanbase.

If the previous channel is inactive, you can always take permission and go with your name. On the other hand, if it is active and working, all you need to do is find suitable synonyms and draw another combination.

Like every other process, a channel grows. Similarly, there might be situations where you need to change the name of your podcast. Under such circumstances, it is crucial to not lose on your audience base and retain them. The best idea is to always come clear and explain the need for the change to your listener. This helps the podcast gain more traffic.

1. Short podcast names are catchy and more memorable.
2. Convey your podcast's tone or personality.
3. Above all the podcast name should be unique.

Using our podcast name generator, you can check if the name/username is available across platforms like youtube, buzzsprout, soundcloud, and more!
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