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How to Create Podcast Business Name

Good Podcast Name Ideas

So what are some good and cool podcast names? The best names tell you what the podcast is about and what kind of coverage you can expect. In other words, the title should suggest what it will be about and its niche. Is it a serious podcast topic, humoristic, or stat-based?

Good Podcast Name Ideas Examples

Use our podcast name ideas list for inspiration:

  1. History Weekly
  2. Humor Review
  3. Fashion Show
  4. History Review
  5. Politics Talks
  6. Comedy Chat
  7. Comedy Weekly
  8. Discuss Politics
  9. Comedy Roundup
  10. Fashion Daily

Random and Unique Podcast Name Ideas 

  1. Listen Lilies
  2. Recap Stream
  3. Fashion Junkie
  4. Weekly Recap
  5. History Junkie
  6. Favorite Roundup
  7. Life Nightly
  8. Study Roundup
  9. Weekly Life
  10. Daily Pod

Sports Podcast Name Ideas

  1. Scope Sports
  2. Stance Talk
  3. The Sportsman Show
  4. Endzone Talks
  5. NBA Daily
  6. Basket Journeyman
  7. NBA Review
  8. Football Tip-off
  9. Sports Sprawl
  10. Sports Supply

Funny podcast names Ideas 

  1. Quirky Quests
  2. Laugh Lounge
  3. Wit Whiz
  4. Playfully Punny
  5. Comic Chronicles
  6. Laugh-a-Palooza
  7. The Comedy Corner
  8. The Laugh Factory
  9. Jokers R Us
  10. Entertainment Express

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Generate A Podcast Name Now!

How To Come Up With Podcast Names

Your podcast name should be clear-cut and tell your listeners exactly what you will discuss. Make sure it’s to the point, relevant, and catchy. You can use alliteration or a pun related to a recognizable term in your niche. 

For example, LePod is easy to remember, and people will know you will talk about the NBA and it’s all-time scorer.

Creative Podcast Names: Things To Consider

Before you settle on a podcast title, look at successful podcasts and see how important names of podcasts are and how their names help them reach a wider audience. In general, quality podcast names:

pointing Are short: Short podcast names are easy to remember. You want to make it easy for listeners to recommend your podcast to their friends and family.

pointing Avoid numbers and misspelled words: These podcast titles are harder to remember and recommend.

pointing Have rhyme or alliteration: Literary-based naming techniques can make your podcast name stand out. Funny podcast names always stand out, or you can even go with completely random podcast names, as long as they showcase your show.

pointing Avoid the term “podcast”: It’s overused and easily replaceable with words like “show”, “experience”, “talk”, or something similar.

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Tips For Creating a Podcast Name

1. Make It Appealing

When you start your podcast, ask yourself:

  • What is the topic of your podcast
  • What will my target audience find interesting? 
  • What will they gain? 
  • What will keep them coming back?

2. Capture the Tone of Your Podcast

Your podcast name can give listeners an insight into the type of content you create. 

3. Choose a Name With Relevancy

Keep your listeners in mind when creating name ideas for your podcast. Think of their everyday conversations and use the same words in your name. 

4. Check for Originality

Use our podcast name checker to see if the domain name is available. After checking a domain’s availability for your podcast, examine your podcast title and its originality.

Best Practices for Using Our Podcast Name Generator

If you need help getting started and coming up with podcast name ideas, our podcast name generator can create 1,000+ ideas in under five seconds. To get the most out of it, you should:

  • Add up to six keywords: The more keywords you add, the more detailed the results will be.
  • Use industry filters: Use your niche as an industry filter to make sure our AI-powered generator comes up with relevant ideas.
  • Play around with name settings: You can choose how many words and characters you want your name to have. You also have the option to select keyword order and whether the name rhymes. Play around with the settings to see what works best for you.
  • Register a domain name instantly: When you select a name, our generator will automatically check to see if the domain is available. You can then register the domain so you don’t miss out on it.
  • Select a logo for your podcast: You can choose a logo for the name you selected.

Why Use Our Podcast Name Generator?

Your name is the first interaction listeners have with your podcast’s brand. They’re keen on original names that entice with a hint of what’s to come.

Our generator offers:

  • Industry filters for over 20 industries.
  • Traditional and modern extensions — .com, .io, .store, and more.
  • Naming filters that place keywords, insert rhymes, and control your word and character counts.
  • The ability to save your podcast name ideas for later.
  • Different podcast logo ideas instantly for you to select. 
  • Podcast name registration facility.

Key Takeaways

You need a name that’s instantly engaging. While the actual quality of your podcast will be the determining factor of your show’s success, having a cool podcast name is virtually as important. Who cares if your podcast is the best if nobody clicks on the title?

A well-thought-out podcast name can help you attract listeners grow and promote your podcast in the future. If it’s catchy enough, they’ll recall it and remember to tune in again. Try to think of your name as the only means of communication you have with your potential audience.

Our podcast name generator can help you grow communication with a sharp, memorable name and enables you to identify your voice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your podcast name should reflect the topic you want to cover and presenters’ tone of voice. In addition, it should be short, easy to pronounce, and search-friendly.

When choosing a catchy podcast name, aim for a short word, ideally a name that is four words or less but still aligns with the content of your podcast. Try and steer clear of special characters, misspellings, abbreviations, and unnecessary punctuation. Think about common phrases or puns to make it fun, make the name searchable and ensure it's easy to pronounce.

Technically speaking, two podcasts can have the same name, especially if the name is not trademarked. However, this is not the best practice and could confuse your audience. Use our podcast name generator to find name ideas and register the domain name and social media handles.

Yes. Audiences grow, and there might be situations where you need to change the name of your podcast. Be clear with your audience and explain the reason for the change to avoid losing listeners.

You may consider renaming your podcast for the following, but not limited to, reasons: Target audience: If your current podcast name no longer aligns with the target audience you're trying to reach, renaming it could help you achieve that. Discoverability: If numerous podcasts that have a similar or the same name. Rebranding: If you've undergone significant changes in your content, format, or focus, a new name could make it more relevant.


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