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How To Name Your Gym Business

As a gym business, your name speaks volumes. It needs to really motivate potential clients to jump on the treadmill or hit the bench press!

With our specialist guide on naming your gym business, you’ll be able to find a name that gets passersby staring when they see you in the street!

The Gym Business Name Generator will be your key source of inspiration. Try it out above and discover hundreds of original business names to pick from.

After giving the Fitness Name Generator a go, continue reading for key insights from our branding specialists.

You’ll find a competitor analysis of some of the biggest gym branches worldwide, keyword advice for when brainstorming your name, and general tips to ensure you come up with a winning gym name.

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20 Gym Business Name Ideas

To get you thinking about your new gym name, we tested the Gym Name Generator and found 20 example names for you to view below. Which ones do you think are best? Remember to use the Fitness Name Generator yourself and see if you can do better!

  1. Herculean Gym
  2. Olympia Fitness
  3. Spartan Bodybuilders
  4. Helix Gym
  5. FitFactory
  6. Heavyweight Lifting Centre
  7. Gymzilla
  8. Supercharged Fitness
  9. Goliath Gym
  10. Mammoth Fitness
  1. Behemoth Bodybuilding
  2. Dungeon Gym
  3. Holistic Health Hub
  4. Colossus Weightlifting
  5. Lifestyle Crossfit
  6. Adonis Fitness
  7. The Guru Gym
  8. Body Sculptors
  9. Jackhammer Fitness
  10. Muscleverse

20 More Gym Business Name Ideas

  1. Muscle Monsters
  2. Gym Hero
  3. Kardio Work
  4. Guardian Gym
  5. DevMuscles
  6. Fit and Lift Gym Center
  7. The Fitness Pack
  8. Dynamo Fitness
  9. Alpha Muscle Center
  10. Premium Fitness
  1. The Workout Zone
  2. Platinum Fitness
  3. The Sweat Arena
  4. Muscle Magic
  5. Gym Palace
  6. Metal Muscles
  7. Corenergy
  8. Max Fitness
  9. BodyWorks
  10. Premium Body

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Best Real-world Gym Business Names

To help you develop your initial ideas, we’ve provided 5 of the best real-world gym names and explained what makes them good.

Many of the examples in the list below rank amongst the biggest gyms in the world; their names have grown to become globally renowned brands. Consider which ones you like best and take these ideas forward when formulating your own gym name.

YouFit Logo


YouFit Health Clubs is a popular American chain of health clubs catering to casual gymgoers. The use of the ‘you’ pronoun strikes a personal connection with the reader. ‘Fit’ highlights what can be achieved be using the service. The choice to combine these two words is creative, concise, and has a motivating effect on users who will want to ‘get fit’.

Crunch Fitness Logo

Crunch Fitness

One of the biggest gym chains in the world, Crunch Fitness has over 300 locations spread across North America and Australia. The use of the word ‘crunch’ is effective on two levels; it refers to the specific ab-related exercise and more generally to the physical process of breaking something down using energy. When paired with ‘Fitness’, it makes for a simple name that is easy to remember.

Brick Bodies Logo

Brick Bodies

Brick Bodies is a successful group of gyms located in Baltimore. This might be the catchiest name of this list: alliteration and use of the monosylabbic ‘Brick’ really help this name to roll off the tongue. It’s also a brandable name that is simply reduced to two B’s on its logo.

Titan Fitness Logo

Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness is a provider of high-quality gym equipment that services many health clubs around the world. The word ‘Titan’ is apt as the company specializes in high-performance, heavy-duty strongman equipment—the kind that powerful, or ‘titan’, gymgoers use. It’s also a very punchy and brandable name.

24 Hour Fitness Logo

24 Hour Fitness

With over 400 locations, 24 Hour Fitness is one of the world’s most successful gym chains. The inclusion of ‘24 Hour’ highlights one of the company’s USPs, as many of its gym are open around the clock. This also gives the impression that the company is always there for its users during their fitness journey.

How to Come up with Keywords for your Gym Business Name

When starting a new gym, beating out competitors is among one of your biggest challenges. You need to give prospective clients a reason to use your service rather than the other health club down the road!

Selecting a USP

The best way to do this is to choose a USP—something that your service offers that cannot be beaten elsewhere. There are many ways to specialize your gym business. You could differentiate your gym from others based on the price of membership, the equipment you provide, or the audience you cater to.

Once you’ve decided on the thing that makes you unique, you may decide to incorporate your USP into your name. Now, this doesn’t have to be awkwardly inserted into your gym name. Rather, it should be subtle and seamless. Using a keyword related to your USP is a great way to go about this.

You’ve probably already noticed that most gym businesses incorporate a generic word(s) like ‘Fitness’, ‘Gym’, or ‘Health Club’ into their name. This is necessary in most cases as it identifies the services that are provided. But the keyword that this generic word is paired with is your chance to make your business stand out from the crowd. Make it count!

Here are some example keywords based on different USPs within the gym industry.

Bodybuilding Gym

These gyms aren’t for the faint-hearted. The keyword you choose here needs to convey a sense of superhuman strength. ‘Titan’ was a good example from earlier. Here are some of our own:

  • Spartan
  • Collosus
  • Goliath
  • Behemoth
  • Hercules

Casual Gym

These gyms cater to a wider audience; you don’t want to scare off any potential customers by using the kind of keywords from the list above! Instead, try more neutral keywords such as:

  • Simple
  • Easy
  • Clear
  • Vital
  • Fair

Boutique Gym

A boutique gym is smaller and more exclusive than your average big box gym. Typically, boutique gyms focus on a specific area of exercise, so you will want to hone in on that with your keyword. Here are some ideas:

  • Cycle
  • Balance
  • Core
  • Run
  • Flex

Use the Gym Business Name Generator

Based off of your keyword planning, you should select around 5 keywords to take forward to the next stage of the naming process.

One by one, input your chosen keywords into the Fitness Name Generator and see what gym names you can find!

You can filter results based on a number of options including character limit, number of words, and rhyming features.

4 Tips for Creating Unique Gym Business Name Ideas

Now that you’ve seen some real-world examples and keyword advice, here are 4 tips to bear in mind when creating your name!

1. Make it Catchy

Having a catchy name ensures that people will remember you and your brand. There a number of ways to create a catchy name. Consider some of the following tips:

  • Use alliteration or repetitive sounds. ‘Brick Bodies’ was a great example from earlier
  • Keep your name as short as possible. Words with two or less syllables are best.
  • Ensure it is easy to pronounce. This is crucial. Before settling on a name, test it with other people to ensure it is easy to say.

2. Motivate

Going to the gym isn’t always easy. Sometimes, people need extra motivation to exercise. Your gym name should motivate as a means to get people to engage with your service.

To do this, use dynamic verbs or specific words that signify the rewards that can be reaped from going to the gym regularly. For example, ‘ripped’, ‘olympic’, or ‘muscle’.

3. Experiment with Words

Some of the most effective gym names get creative with their word choices. There are two ways to go about this:

  • Combine two words together. This can make your name more concise. For example, ‘YouFit’
  • Create a new word. The Gym Name Generator gives you lots of these options, such as ‘Gymzilla’

4. Check the Availability

Before settling on a name, you must check to see that it has not already been registered by another business.

Firstly, check to see if the name is free to use as a web domain. This is key, as your website will be your main touchstone for customer signups.

Secondly, check if the name is available to use on social media. Many gymgoers engage with their fitness clubs on social media. As such, this is a great way to build your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most common question around naming your gym business so that you can deepen your understanding of the area.

How Should I Name my Gym Business?

What Makes a Good Gym Business Name?

What are the Best Gym Business Names?

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