Event Company Name Generator & Ideas

Generate names for your event company below.

Event Company Name Generator & Ideas

Generate names for your event company below.

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1. Choose Your Event Name Keywords

Think of keywords that describe your business and services and enter them into our event company name generator.

2. Get Event Name Ideas

The generator will give you thousands of unique name ideas. Curate the list with industry and style filters.

3. Set Up Your Business With Ease

We’ll help you secure a domain name, register your LLC, and protect the brand with a trademark – all within the same results page.

Getting the Best Out of Event Company Name Generator

Our event company name generator is a free, AI-powered tool that produces 1,000+ unique names for event companies based on industry filters and the keywords you enter. You can use the generator to name your event company or individual events and parties as well.

Aside from name suggestions, our all-in-one tool also offers:

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Domain availability checker
We’ll automatically check domain name availability for any name you like. Click on an available domain to register it or a taken one to buy it with ease.

Logo maker
As an event business, you need a memorable logo to develop your brand. We’ll suggest several professionally made logos for you to choose from.

Registration helper
With the help of our trusted partners, you can protect your brand with a trademark and register your LLC effortlessly.

Top Tips

How to Name Your Events Company

The idea of coming up with your events business name can be really daunting, but the process is easy if you follow our tips:


Find Your Niche

It’s important to establish your niche. Your events company name needs to convey what type of services you’ll offer.


Define Customer Profile

Will you plan personal parties, networking events, conference, or corporate events? Knowing your target audience will help you use the right keywords.


Be Unique

Like your events, your events business name needs to stand out and be memorable. Use alliteration, rhymes, or wordplay to be memorable and recognizable.


Visualize It

Imagine a banner with your name and logo at an event. Does it work? Use a name that will be visually appealing.


Futureproof It

Don’t pick a name that’s tied to a specific service or location. As you grow, such a name will hamper your scalability.

Get Feedback

Get Feedback

Before you settle on a name, it’s wise to get a second opinion. Conduct a survey among friends or online to see how others feel about your name ideas.

Get Inspired

Catchy Event Company Name Ideas

We’ve played around with our event name generator and created a list of 20 catchy event or networking business name ideas for event businesses. Check out what our tool can deliver:

  • Celebrations Ltd
  • Host Haven
  • Guest Guru
  • FunFrolic
  • Ultimate Events
  • Vibrant Venues
  • Festivity Finesse
  • Soiree Squad
  • Party Pals
  • Vivid Vibe
  • Blissful Bashes
  • Excite and Delight
  • Guest Gala
  • Fun Fiesta
  • Host Happenings
  • Dream Events
  • Dynamic Planners
  • Joyful Jamboree
  • Party Paradise
  • Enchant and Entertain 

Video Guides

Starting Your Event Company: Video Tutorial

Check out our video guides on how to use the event name generator and register a domain name with ease:

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Exhibition and Event Market Analysis: Finding Your USPs

Similarly to the majority of other markets, the event industry is competitive, and it’s hard to break into it. While the global pandemic massively affected the exhibition industry, it’s recovered, and experts believe that its global size will reach $36.3 billion in 2026.

Such numbers attract competition, and you need to find a market gap and your brand’s unique selling points (USPs). You may be able to do so by looking at the future of event planning.

The number of online and hybrid events is increasing, but people are still finding them not as effective, especially in the corporate world.

According to Statista, the major obstacle to hybrid events is managing the logistics and making both experiences equally good. If you can position yourself as the brand that flawlessly organizes hybrid events, this can become a profitable business model for you.

a graph of the Leading barriers to hybrid event success worldwide 2021

More Name Ideas for Inspiration

Conference Room Name Ideas

Your conference room name ideas can reflect your company’s values, pay homage to influential figures, or evoke creativity. Here are some examples of conference room name ideas.

1. Idea Haven
2. Brainstorm Bunker
3. Creative Corner
4. Visionary Lounge
5. Strategy Summit
6. Innovation Oasis
7. Idea Pavilion
8. Brainstorm Beacon
9. Creative Commons
10. Visionary Venue

Hospitality Company Name Ideas

Whether you specialize in luxury resorts, boutique hotels, or cozy bed and breakfasts, the right name can capture your business values. Below are 10 hospitality company name ideas for inspiration:

1. CozyCottage Hospitality
2. BoutiqueBliss Hotels
3. SeasideSerenade Resorts
4. RusticRetreat Inns
5. LakesideLuxury Hospitality
6. SkylineSerenity Resorts
7. ValleyView Inns
8. HiddenHaven Lodges
9. UrbanUtopia Hospitality
10. MountainMajesty Resorts


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