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Bassett Events

The company is named after its founder Jennifer Bassett.

Colin Cowie

This is another event company named after its founder. Colin Cowie is a well-known book author and a television personality. Based on the popularity of his name, he decided to choose this route when naming his event company.

Berkeley City Clubb

The event company was founded in 1927 in California’s Berkeley. Obviously, the name is based on the location.

Dreamsmith Events Team

The company is known for the creation of bespoke luxury celebrations and events. The creativity used for every single setting is reflected in the brand name.

Bubble Food

As the name suggests, this event company specializes in the field of catering.

David Beahm Esign

The company is named after its founder David Beahm. He’s well-known for creative and innovative work. He has organized weddings and other events for high-profile clients and celebrities.

Core Management Consultants

The core specialty of these professionals from the United Arab Emirates is to organize, manage and strategically plan corporate events.

Evolution LLC

The founders of this event management company wanted to shed some light on the fact that they offer innovative services to their clients. The company is one of the few to have an in-house technical team that provides the equipment required to plan all kinds of events.

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Marketing Strategy & Useful
Advertising Terminology

A marketing strategy will cater to the needs of the specific clientele that an event company will work with. An approach that appeals to B2B clients is going to be very different from what B2C customers need to choose an event planner.

B2B marketing should focus on comprehensive solutions, effective management and sophistication. Corporate events are typically difficult to organize because of a big number of attendees or a specialized theme within an industry.

As far as B2C marketing is concerned, the focus should be on uniqueness, high quality, personalization and the hiring of the right professionals for the job – caterers, DJs, entertainers, servers, etc.

The name of the company as a part of the marketing strategy should be reflective of the company’s biggest strength. A company that’s established by a popular event planner will typically carry the founder’s name. A company that specializes in a certain kind of event will need to put emphasis on this niche industry experience.

Some of the suitable advertising terminology includes exclusive, VIP, corporate, comprehensive, event management, event planning, sophistication, elegant, experience, creative, futuristic, intelligent and exquisite cuisine.

Clientele & Interests

Event management companies typically work with B2B companies, especially if they specialize in the field of corporate events and galas. Their clients are larger corporations, corporate teams and tech leaders. They’re looking for sophistication, creativity and a project that will stand out.

Some event companies may also work with B2C clients. These are individuals in need of wedding or anniversary planning, for example. They’re either busy or they are looking for perfection when it comes to organizing a perfect event. As a result, they’re eager to hire professionals who have experience and contacts in the industry.

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