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Use our clothing & fashion brand name generator now. It will help you get started with the name ideas you need!

1. Choose Your Clothing & Fashion Brand Name Keywords

Think of some stylish or fashionable phrases to insert in the generator.

2. Get Clothing & Fashion Brand Name Ideas

Our AI-based generator will give you lots of elegant and original fashion brand name ideas to look through.

3. Select Clothing & Fashion Brand Names

Check to see which name ideas are available and claim the right one for your brand.

How to Use The Clothing & Fashion Brand Name Generator

The clothing brand name generator is easy to use. It can generate an unlimited number of great fashion brand name ideas for you to use for your own fashion brand or clothing company.  

The first step is to select keywords relevant to your brand to type into our fashion brand name generator. 

The next step is to use words related to your business’ products, theme, or story, and enter them into the clothing store name generator. Then click “Get Started”. 

Our generator will use your words to generate thousands of fashion brand names ideas. You can read through the list and use filters to narrow it down.

clothing or fashion brand

Once you’ve found your favorite clothing brand names, you can quickly confirm domain availability for each one. 

When you find a name you love that is available to claim, you can officially make it your own and start your new company.

Tutorial for Creating Clothing Brand Name

10 Fashion Brand Name Ideas

Our fashion brand name generator is the perfect tool for making great fashion name ideas for fashion brands. Here are 10 examples of unique, original fashion brand names made with the generator, using keywords like style, vibe, trend, fit, belle, admire, and elegance.

  • Avid Style  
  • Knockout Trends 
  • Scarlet Fit   
  • Diva Elegance
  • Elegancehut    
  • Viral Vibe
  • Belleworks
  • Elegancex
  • Kiss Fit  
  • Belle Bunny   

10 Clothing Line Brand Name Ideas

The clothing brand name generator is also a terrific tool for making fun, creative, and eye-catching fashion and clothing line brand name ideas. Here are 10 more clothing line name ideas using the following keywords: shirts, lingerie, attire, urban, street, threads, and outfit.

  • Insignia Shirts 
  • Street Gear
  • Lingerie Princess   
  • Urban Elegance  
  • Outfitporium   
  • Anchor Shirts
  • Ritual Street   
  • Daisy Lingerie
  • Shirtsorama
  • Street Slick

10 Urban Clothing Line Name Ideas

Blending two or more words together can create a unique and memorable name. Here are 10 urban clothing line name ideas for tweaking your inspiration:

  • Cheeky City
  • Dapper Urban
  • Inspire City
  • Town Trap
  • Boho Clothes
  • Urban Stylish
  • Urban Axe
  • Town Shred
  • Downtown Dynasty
  • Wear Duke

10 Cool Clothing Brand Name Ideas

A cool brand name is memorable and easy to recall. It also helps to increase brand awareness. Check out the following 10 cool clothing brand names created by our clothing brand name generator.

  • Rebel Threads
  • Fashnest
  • Pasha Chic
  • Looker Jeans
  • Ineffable Chic
  • Fetching Fashion
  • Omni Shirts
  • Capital Clothing
  • Antidote Wear
  • Ritual Attire

Benefits of Our Clothing and Fashion Brand Name Generator

  • Completely free: Our clothing brand name generator is 100% free to use for all, with no hidden fees or subscription charges for you to worry about.
  • Create custom names: The clothing brand name generator can make customized names to suit your specific kind of business, based on any words you choose.
  • Thousands of results: Get more than 1,000 different fashion business name ideas every time you use this tool, with lots of styles and variations to choose from.
  • Useful filters: Apply filters to narrow down your search and hone in on the best fashion brand names for your new company.
  • Highly-rated: Countless users around the globe have trusted our clothing line name generator to create names for them, awarding it a five-star rating.
  • No limitations: Unlike certain other tools out there, our clothing store name generator has no limits or restrictions. Use it as often as you like!

Interesting Facts

point png The global size of the fashion industry is US$871.2 billion in 2023. It is expected to grow further at 11.5% per year.

point png The largest fashion brand in the world is Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, which is valued at around 122 billion dollars. The largest US-based fashion brand is Nike. Nike is valued at around 105 billion dollars. is the world’s largest online retailer specializing in Fashion products.

point png The fashion industry’s e-commerce market is predicted to be worth over US$1,501.3 billion by the end of 2027.

point png There are more than 150 million registered .com domains, and finding one that’s still available is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The Difference Between Clothing And Fashion Brands

Even though the terms “fashion” and “clothing” are closely related, there are some key differences between them. It’s important to understand what each term means when naming your own business or trying to find the best suggestions for clothing and fashion brand names.

In general, fashion is quite a broad term, and fashion brands tend to focus on the latest styles and trends. Fashion companies lead the way in terms of defining the hottest styles and most sought-after items, and fashion professionals are often skilled in areas like design and creativity.

Clothing brands or companies, meanwhile, are simply businesses that make and sell clothes. They can be focused on fashion and might produce fashionable or trendy clothes, but they may also simply make clothes that are affordable, functional, or fit in with a particular style, like sporty or casual.

Another difference between the two is that fashion brands may produce or sell a range of items related to fashion, like makeup, accessories, and so on. In general, clothing companies only focus on things that people can wear, like T-shirts, skirts, and dresses.

tick png Fashion BrandFocus on producing trendy clothes and adhering to the latest fashions and styles. It can also produce accessories and other style items, like bags and shoes.
tick png Clothing CompanyFocus on producing clothing, which can include fashionable clothing as well as functional clothing. Exclusively focus on clothing items, like shirts and dresses.

10 Popular Real Fashion And Clothing Brand Names

Next, let’s take a look at 10 real-world clothing and fashion brand names to see what makes them work so well.

Brand NamesType of NameFashion StyleTarget AudienceName LengthWhy it Works
tick png Asos AcronymGeneral fashionOnline shoppers1 word, 4 charactersVery short and easy to remember
tick png Forever 21 MetaphoricalHigh-end fashionYoung and youthful shoppers2 words, 10 charactersTargets shoppers who want to look young and modern
tick png Louis Vuitton Founder NameHigh-end fashionLuxury-oriented shoppers2 words, 13 charactersSounds elegant and exotic 
tick png Hermes GreekHigh-end fashionLuxury-oriented shoppers1 word, 6 charactersShort, easy to remember, and intriguing
tick png Gucci Founder NameHigh-end fashionLuxury-oriented shoppers
1 word, 5 charactersVery easy to remember for shoppers worldwide
tick png H&M InventedGeneral fashionCasual shoppers1 word, 3 charactersVery short, with global appeal 
tick png Uniqlo ContractionGeneral fashionCasual shoppers1 word, 6 charactersFun blend of “unique” and “clothing”
tick png Net-A-Porter WordplayGeneral fashionOnline shoppers1 word, 12 charactersClever wordplay combining “internet” and “pret-a-porter”
tick png Nike GreekSportswear and accessoriesSporty shoppers1 word, 4 charactersEasy to remember and say for people worldwide
tick png The North FaceDescriptiveSportswear and activewearOutdoor enthusiasts3 words, 14 charactersAppeals to those who like spending time outside

Top 10 Tips For Naming Clothing & Fashion Brands

Existing Competitors
  1. Analyze the competition: Check out what kinds of names your rivals are using. Then, use those names as inspiration to help when coming up with your own fashion company name ideas.
  2. Position your brand: If you want to fit in, use a name that sounds similar to others on the market. If you want to stand out, choose unique words and unusual conventions that defy expectations.
  3. Find inspiration everywhere: Looking at clothing brands can be helpful, but you can also find inspiration in many other industries. Consider industries such as luxury products, cosmetics, and jewelry.
  4. Research name types: There are all kinds of name types, like evocative names that evoke feelings and descriptive names that tell people about the company. Find a type of name that matches your business’ vibe and style.
  5. Avoid literal names: Descriptive or literal names can be a bit boring in the fashion world, and they don’t show much creativity. Try to avoid these kinds of names and use more unique, creative, and interesting words and metaphors to draw people to your brand.
  6. Create a mind map: When you first start making name ideas for fashion brands, try to have a planning session. Write down as many words as you can think of to summarize your business’ unique theme and story. This should give you a solid start.
  7. Make a shortlist: Once you’ve used our clothing brand name generator or made your own fashion brand name ideas, prepare a shortlist of your favorites. Only choose the names you love the most that meet your criteria in terms of length, interest, and relevance.
  8. Ask for feedback: You might think that your clothing line brand name ideas are great, but it’s important to get some other opinions. Ask for feedback from people you know, those in the industry, or even prospective customers online. This can be invaluable.
  9. Verify availability: Unfortunately, some of your favorite clothing line brand name ideas might already be taken. You need to check online to see which names are still available and only claim a name if it hasn’t already been claimed by some other business.
  10. Build up your brand: A name is a great start, but it’s not the end of your branding journey. Once you’ve found a name, try to build on it with a logo, a slogan, some colors to represent your brand, and other visual elements that people will associate with your company.

More Popular Name Generators At BNG

The clothing brand names generator is a great choice for creating clothing line name ideas. But there are many more great business name generators you can use at BNG. Here are some of the most popular business name generators you might be interested in:


We recommend using our creative name generator to generate creative business names.

How Expensive Fashion Brands Create Their Names

There are already so many great fashion brands out there, and some super clothing brand names are already in use. So, how did companies like Louis Vuitton, Versace, Hermes, Asos, and others come up with their unique names in the first place?

Founder Names

One of the things that you might notice when you look at a lot of fashion brands is that the names actually come from the people who founded them. Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Balenciaga, for example, are all named after their founders.

This shows that sometimes, using your own name, surname, or even nickname to name your fashion brand might not be a bad idea. Founder names can convey a sense of authority and professionalism, but it can take time for them to catch on.

Wordplay and Acronyms

There are also plenty of fashion brand names and clothing line names that use wordplay or acronyms in some way. Asos, for example, stands for “As seen on screen”, referring to the fact that Asos is an online-retailer where shoppers buy what they see on the screen.

Some other examples of this include Net-a-Porter, which is a clever combination of “Net” (short for internet) and “Pret-a-porter”, which is French for “Ready to wear”, as well as Uniqlo, which was created by fusing the words Unique and Clothing.

Mythology and History

Another interesting naming technique that has been used by some of the biggest and best brands in the fashion and clothing industry is to take inspiration from history and even mythology.

Nike, for example, is one of the biggest sportswear brands in the world. It was named after the Greek goddess of victory, and the Nike “swoosh” logo was inspired by the goddess’ wing. 

Hermes comes from Greek mythology, as Hermes was the messenger of the gods. Using Greek, Latin, or other historical words can be a way to draw attention to your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A good way to start is to use our clothing brand name generator. You can simply enter some words that are connected to your clothing company and let the generator make hundreds of clothing brand name ideas for you.

You can use any name as long as it represents your clothing line, and you can legally use it. The best clothing brands have cohesive brand elements where everything works together. Make sure your clothing line name ideas match your positioning and visual identity.

Good clothing brand names are the ones that are memorable and catchy. They help your clothing brand stand out from other brands in the fashion market. They are also very playful and unique. Good clothing brand names talk to the target audience.

We listed several steps you have to take to find good ideas for your clothing business names. However ,you can speed up the whole process if you use our clothing and fashion brand name generator. The generator will help you create countless ideas. All you have to do is check if you can use them.

LVMH is the largest clothing company in the world. Its market capitalization is $181.13 billion. Also known as Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, LVMH is a French luxury brand whose portfolio includes brands across alcohol products, high-end fashion, perfumes, and accessories. Well-known fashion houses like Fendi, Givenchy, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co, and Marc Jacobs fall under their control.

Yes, our clothing and fashion brand name generator is completely free to use. You can spend as much time as you want researching different name ideas for your clothing business. We encourage you to dig deep and do a lot of research with the clothing and fashion name generator before picking your name.

There are several ways to create catchy fashion brand name ideas. Keeping the names short and simple is a good way to make them catchy. It also helps to use words that are easy to say and pronounce, as well as words that rhyme or sound similar.


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