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How to Name a Clothing Brand Name

As you prepare to launch your clothing business, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing a befitting brand name. The right name leaves an unforgettable impression, embodies your brand identity, and will set you on the right path to building a strong reputation in the fashion industry. Let’s explore a list of creative name ideas for your fashion company’s launch.


Make it Memorable

A short, catchy name that’s easy to remember will stick with potential customers. You ideally want a short word and clear font that is easily printed or stitched into fabric. 


Consider Target Audience

Think about the style of clothing and the audience you want to reach. A name that evokes a certain feel or image can resonate with your target customers.


Make it Timeless

While trendy terms may seem appealing now, a more classic name may endure for years to come.


Check Availability

Make sure the name you want is not already trademarked or in use by another company. Our clothing brand name generator can help you make this search.

Trademark - Think Branding

Think Branding

A name that lends itself well to a logo, tagline, or other brand elements will make marketing your clothing line easier. Think of visually impactful names.


Get Feedback

Run some of your name ideas by family, friends, or focus groups to get input on which names resonate most. Incorporate their notes to choose a winner.

Get Inspired

Clothing Brand Name Ideas

If you’re selling specific types of clothing, such as t-shirts or leather, you want your name to represent the personality and style of the clothing line. Here are some name ideas for different clothing brands to give you a headstart.

  • Avid Style
  • Groomed Gents
  • Macho Moda
  • Glam Galore
  • Lady Luxe
  • Haute Couture
  • Baby Blossoms
  • Snuggle Suits
  • KiddieCouture
  • Cozy Cuties
  • Trendy Threads 
  • Cheeky City
  • Dapper Urban
  • Urban Vogue
  • SportyStrides
  • SwiftFitWear
  • SportSprints
  • ItalioLuxo 
  • SeoulSensation
  • NewYorknStyle

More Name Ideas for Inspiration

Fast Fashion Brand Name Ideas

The perfect fast fashion brand name should be trendy and catchy. It should also have a global appeal and be versatile enough to accommodate different clothing styles and categories. Below are some examples of fast fashion name ideas via our clothing brand name generator:

1. Chic Move
2. Dash Diva 
3. Whiz Wardrobe 
4. Hype Hem
5. Tailora
6. Trendova
7. Boho Vibe 
8. Quick Tee
9. Trendlet
10. Fashiery

Luxury Brand Name Ideas

A luxury fashion brand should have a striking name that exudes uniqueness, exclusivity, and elegance. The name should trigger emotions and spark curiosity. Check out these luxury clothing brand names to get inspired: 

1. Elegora
2. Couturi
3. Vougel
4. Deluva
5. Luxe Label
6. Regal Cloth
7. Haute Haven
8. Velure
9. Plusha
10. Cresta

Sportswear Name Ideas

An excellent athletic wear brand name evokes a sense of energy and quality and reflects an active lifestyle. Here’s a list of creative sportswear business name ideas from our free clothing name generator.

1. Blaze Bolt
2. Move Max
3. Turbo Trend 
4. Kinetic 
5. Stryka
6. Force X
7. Flex Max
8. Sprint Pro
9. Zenix
10. Turbov

Streetwear Fashion Brand Name Ideas

When considering a name for a streetwear clothing brand, allow your creativity to run wild. Don’t be scared to play with words. Choose a name that is distinct, appealing, and has the potential to remain relevant over time. If you’re starting a streetwear brand, take a look at some of these names:

1. Funky Chic Hipster 
2. Power Curve
3. Swag Beast
4. Glow Lane
5. Sleek Shade
6. Rebeluxe
7. Street Zen
8. Chromx Costume
9. Chic Storm
10. Fashion Blaze

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