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1. Choose Your Restaurant Name Keywords

Enter keywords relating to your restaurant's theme and cuisine into the generator.

2. Get Restaurant Name Ideas

The generator will provide you with a long list of your ideal restaurant name ideas, and you can look through to find the ones you like most.

3. Select Restaurant Names

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How our Generator Helps You

The perfect restaurant name goes beyond finding a name that sounds cool. It entails finding a restaurant name that reflects your brand and restaurant cuisine and resonates with your target customers. 

We built a generator tool to help spark your creativity. The benefits of using this generator include: 

Free, unlimited generations

We have no hidden fees or premium subscriptions. You can generate as many restaurant names as you like for free.


Choose between different generation styles, languages, or industries to further customize your results.

Domain checker & registration

Our generator lets you check if your favorite names can be registered as web domains. If they are, you can register them right away.

Supporting logo

You can also get logos along with your domain name to help you start branding your restaurant without delay.

Top Tips

How to Help Name Your Restaurant

Here are six tips that can help make naming your restaurant a breeze. 


Limit your restaurant name to a maximum of 3 words. A short, memorable name is best. Stay away from words that could confuse customers.

Get Some Help

Generator tools are the best thing that ever happened to business owners seeking inspiration for naming their restaurants. A fancy restaurant name generator removes the creative block and helps you discover even more fantastic names than you have imagined.

Check Availability

Standing out in the industry begins with your restaurant name. Our restaurant name generator helps you check if your preferred names are free to register as web domains.


Focus on Style

If you have a distinct menu, experience or vibe, highlight that. Names like ‘The Burger Joint’ or ‘Whiskey & Rye’ convey the concept immediately. You can even combine a core theme of your restaurant with one of the suggestions that pops up.


Consider Location

If there’s something distinctive about your location or building, consider drawing inspiration from there. But only if it’s meaningful. Forced attempts come across as tacky.


Test It Out

Now you’ve selected a handful of names you’ll love to use, say them out loud to make sure they sound professional and roll off the tongue easily. Get feedback from friends and family too. Run a competition or poll via social media to select the best one. 

Get Inspired

20 Restaurant Names Ideas to Inspire You

Here are 20 unique restaurant name ideas generated via our restaurant name generator. 

  • Deli Feast 
  • Feast Lounge 
  • Feast Palace
  • Island Grill
  • Flavoroso
  • Green Curry
  • El Pirata Porch
  • Sweet Escape
  • Salty Squid
  • Bangalore Spices
  • Pancake World
  • Veganic Corner
  • Masala
  • Grub Chef
  • Grub lord 
  • Kitchen Sensation 
  • Kitchen Takeout
  • Menu Gusto 
  • Munchies 
  • Munchtastic 

5 Good Restaurant Names and Why They Work

  1. The Cheesecake Factory:  Evokes feelings of indulgence and decadence. 
  2. Chili’s:  Short, memorable, and conveys what they offer (chili and casual fare)
  3. Olive Garden: Makes you think of fresh ingredients, homemade Italian food, and a welcoming, rustic setting.
  4. Red Lobster: Instantly tells you about their seafood specialty. The name is creative and sticks in your mind.
  5. Chipotle: A memorable name that gives a sense of fresh, healthy Mexican cuisine. The name comes from a type of chili pepper, reinforcing their brand.

5 Restaurant Name Mistakes and Why They Don’t Work

  1. Trying too hard to be clever: Puns, wordplay, and obscure cultural references may fall flat.
  2. Copying competitors: Mimicking other restaurant names in your area won’t make you stand out. Come up with something original.
  3. Using generic terms: Words like ‘bistro,’ ‘cafe’ or ‘grill’ are overused and forgettable. Choose a name that reflects your unique concept and cuisine.
  4. Including numbers or symbols: Don’t use digits, dashes, or other non-letter characters in your name. They can be hard to remember and look unprofessional. 
  5. Forgetting about searchability: Pick a name that ranks well in search engines and is easy to find on review sites. Keep it relatively short and keyword-rich.

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Restaurant Market Opportunity

The restaurant industry offers many opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. The market is huge, and according to Statista employs about 12.5 million people and total sales reach around $975.9 billion. People will always need to eat, so the demand will always be there.

You only need a little money to get started. You can launch a food truck or casual dinner on a tight budget. All you need is a great concept, delicious food, and the motivation to realize your vision. With time, you can expand to multiple locations, start a franchise, launch a catering service, and more.


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Take the First Step in Creating Your Business Name

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can name your restaurant after yourself, location, or main dish. Make sure the name is memorable and catchy, easy to pronounce and spell, and available as a web domain and on social media.

To create a new restaurant name, brainstorm words and phrases related to your location or neighborhood, menu, or cuisine style. Combine, re-arrange, and re-imagine these words and phrases to find options you love. Our restaurant name generator can also provide lots of inspiration to get you started.

No, copying another restaurant's name is unethical and can open you up to potential legal issues. Come up with an original name that reflects your restaurant's unique concept.



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