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How To Name Your Etsy Store

Etsy is an online marketplace that offers independent sellers a great way to sell their art, clothing, and home supplies, among many other kinds of homemade crafts. But with over 4.3 million active sellers on the platform, competition for customer attention is fierce!

If you’re looking to open an Etsy store, your branding is crucial—and this starts with your choice of name. Using the Etsy Store Name Generator, you’ll be able to create a name that does your products justice! We recommend trying out the Etsy Shop Name Generator now, before continuing with the rest of the naming tutorial.

Below, you’ll also find a wealth of resources to help you with up with a winning name. These include an analysis of other successful Etsy stores, tips from our marketing experts on how to formulate unique branding ideas, and a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect Etsy store name.

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Updated Oct 29, 2021

20 Etsy Store Name Ideas

To help you gather some initial ideas, we’ve compiled a list of 20 of our favorite names from the Etsy Name Generator. Take a look below and consider which names stand out to you. Also, remember to try the Etsy Shop Names Generator to see if you can do better!

  1. Memento Designs
  2. Beadology
  3. Uncommon Crafts
  4. Canvas Allure
  5. Magnolia Trinkets
  6. The Party People
  7. Mecha Jewelry
  8. Enchanted Beads
  9. Artadora
  10. Aurora Festivities
  1. Finesse Fabrics
  2. A1 Photography
  3. Platinum Decor Co.
  4. Artisanal Fashion
  5. Aloha Treasures
  6. The Printworks
  7. Evergreen Furnishings
  8. Omega Design
  9. Antique Emporium
  10. All-star Crafts

20 More Etsy Store Name Ideas

  1. Dandyliving
  2. Dangling & Dazzling
  3. Lustrous Linens
  4. Precious Pet Products
  5. Pine & Dandy
  6. Crafty Cooks
  7. Arts & Cats
  8. Cate Creates
  9. Kitchen Haven
  10. Scents & Scrubs
  1. Penchant For Plushes
  2. TodayCrochet
  3. Knits & Bits
  4. Starlight & Sandalwood
  5. Body Of Beauty
  6. BotaniBliss
  7. Ocean Of Arts
  8. Smise And Shine
  9. Magicart
  10. Watercolor Wonder

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Best Real-world Etsy Store Names

If you’re struggling for ideas, it’s never a bad idea to take a look at what your competitors are doing. That’s why we’ve put together five of the best real-world Etsy store names and explained what makes each one so effective.

All the businesses in the list below are taken from the top 100 Etsy stores in terms of average 30-day sales, so you know that they’re doing something right! Study the names and try to take forward some ideas of your own that you can use with the Etsy Store Name Generator.

Bead Boat Logo

Bead Boat

Bead Boat is a Texan gemstone and jewelry vendor that ranks as one of the most successful stores on Etsy. The name gets straight to the point for potential buyers and the use of monosyllabic words adds to this punchy quality. Alliteration with the repeated “B” sound also contributes to the name’s rhythmic effect.

Hooray Days Logo

Hooray Days

Hooray Days is a popular Etsy store from London that is a one-stop shop for party decorations and supplies. The exclamation “Hooray” evokes a celebration, which is exactly the occasion that the store is made for. When paired with the word “Days”, the name gains a rhyming quality that helps to make it more memorable.

Beautivity Logo


Beautivity is a Missouri-based Etsy store and major seller of face masks. Its products are stylish or ‘beautiful’ alternatives to traditional face masks. This is a unique name that uses a new word in a creative way to catch the eye. Nevertheless, it still clearly communicates the USP of the store.

Fabric Utopia Logo

Fabric Utopia

Fabric Utopia is an Etsy store based in Indiana that sells fabric prints in hundreds of different styles. The first half of the name helps to demarcate the product for customers. The second word adds more personality to the brand. “Utopia” evokes dream-like qualities and suggests that the items can make their buyers’ lives more idyllic.

Stardust Design Logo

Stardust Design

Stardust Design is an American clothing Etsy store that specializes in print T-shirts. The word “Stardust” implies that the products are something special, while “Design” suggests that they are made with thought and care by the seller. Overall, customers can expect unique, high-quality items from this vendor.

Step-by-step Guide to Naming your Etsy Store

You’ve seen plenty of examples of great Etsy stores names, now it’s time to come up with your own!

Don’t worry—we’ve broken the entire process into six easy-to-follow steps. With a little help from the Etsy Store Name Generator, you’ll have the perfect name in no time!

1. Establish the product

Firstly, decide what types of products you are going to sell on your Etsy store. The main sections on are as follows:

  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Clothing & Shoes
  • Home & Living
  • Wedding & Party
  • Toys & Entertainment
  • Arts & Collectibles
  • Craft Supplies

Choose a product area that you have expertise in.

2. Define the USP

To distinguish your store from all the other Etsy sellers, you need to implement a USP (unique selling point). This will help you to stand out and receive more customer traffic.

Some examples of USPs for Etsy stores include:

  • Selling innovative products
  • Using sustainably sourced materials
  • Offering competitive prices

Look for gaps in the market that you can fill with your new store.

3. Shortlist keywords

Based on your business model and USP, brainstorm 5-10 keywords. Keywords are particular words that reflect your store and its vision.

Think carefully about your keywords; they are fundamental to branding and should explain to customers what they can expect from your shop.

As an example, here are some keywords that could be used for an Etsy store that sells clothing made from recycled materials:

  • Green
  • Eco
  • Organic
  • Earthly
  • Conscious

4. Use the Etsy Shop Name Generator

You can now use your keywords with the Etsy Name Generator to find the perfect name for your new store. Insert each keyword individually in the search bar at the top of this page and hit enter to view dozens of results.

Look for names that are fun, catchy, and concise. The Etsy Shop Names Generator has several handy filter options that allow you to view results based on keyword position, name length, and even rhythmic features.

Shortlist your five favorite names from the Esty Store Name Generator and move on to the next stage.

5. Test names

Devise a name testing survey and distribute it to clients and colleagues. Include open-ended questions in the survey; these provide deep insight into the individual merits of each name.

Some questions you might include in the name testing survey include:

  • How does this name make you feel?
  • What products do you associate with this name?
  • Would you browse this store based on the name?

Assess the results of the questionnaire and select the best name.

6. Check availability

Check that your favored name is available to register with Etsy. Search the platform to verify that there are no other businesses with the same or a similar name.

We also recommend that you open accounts on relevant social media sites that can be used to market your Etsy store, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

If your selected name satisfies these checks, you can open your new Etsy store.

Four Tips for Creating Unique Etsy Store Name Ideas

We gathered our branding experts and came up with four tips to consider when naming your new Etsy store. Most of these tips can be implemented using the Etsy Shop Name Generator.

1. Be creative with wording

Experimenting with wording can help to make your brand more distinctive. This can be achieved by using non-standard spelling or combining two words together to create something new and eye-catching.

While using the Etsy Name Generator, tick the “One Word” box on the left to view names that use unorthodox wording.

2. Make sure it’s easy to pronounce

As a follow-up to the first tip, make sure that your name is always easy for customers to read and pronounce. Be creative with the wording by all means, but never compromise readability.

If your name is a mouthful to say aloud, it will be difficult for customers to remember. This reduces word-of-mouth referrals to your store, which are an important element of Etsy business models.

3. Use rhythmic elements

If you want to ensure that your name is memorable, consider incorporating rhythmic patterns and repeated sounds into your name. These can make your name more catchy.

The Etsy Shop Names Generator has a feature that allows you to filter results to view names that use rhyme or alliteration.

4. Keep it short

Make sure that your name is concise. As a general rule, try to keep below twenty characters and avoid using words that are more than three syllables long.

You can apply a character limit in the filter options on the Etsy Store Name Generator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you’ll find some of the most common questions about opening a new store on Etsy. Check out our answers to deepen your insight into the topic.

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