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Complete Guide to Naming Your Random Business

Our random business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get random business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

A random business name can work on occasions. This is particularly true for business fields in which a bit of creativity can pay off – highly competitive niches and those that can benefit from a more artistic branding representation.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Something random can be transformed into a potent brand, if you have the right backstory and you’ve already developed the right advertising and promotion plan.

Random names are suitable for boutiques, jewellery stores, artistic businesses, fashion labels, food and cosmetics manufacturer, as well as many other businesses. Such an approach doesn’t make a lot of sense for those who provide business to business services. In such instances, a more straightforward approach towards name selection should be chosen.

Even if you go the random path, you should still know what the story behind the name is. If you can explain the concept, you will also get to create effective campaigns that will appeal to the right crowd. Thus, you may start with something completely nonsensical or random but by the end of the process, it should be filled with meaning.

Demographic Interests

A name that has a random or odd name will find it much easier to appeal to a younger crowd. Millennials are open to new ideas and interesting interpretations of otherwise clichéd concepts. This is why many companies that target the respective demographic have quirky or completely bizarre names.

Companies that have a random name don’t really have a unified demographic profile to base their decisions upon. Rather, they should focus on the particular field and the types of people who seem to become loyal customers to the competition.

When looking for demographic data, always see what the competition is doing and how their campaigns are performing. There is a ton of free data out there and you can begin fine-tuning your campaigns this way. Once you start interacting with prospects, you will get a much better idea about what they’re looking for and how their behaviours affect service or product providers in the niche.

Competitor Name Analysis

One Kings Lane

This may sound like an address but the name of the company is completely random and made up. One Kings Lane is a home décor ecommerce website and the address-like name was chosen to present how old-school businesses are changing.


While there are some stories to explain the name Ikea, other accounts suggest this is simply a random collection of letters. The brand is a great example of how meaning and value can be created through great branding, even if you start out with something completely meaningless.


Originally, hosting provider was called Jonax Technologies but the name wasn’t perceived as original enough. The company sought something a bit more interesting and Big Daddy came up as an idea. Unfortunately, the domain was taken and this is how GoDaddy came into existence.


Meebo is a company name that doesn’t stand for anything. There’s no hidden meaning, the founder has said – it simply sounds good.


The massive social media giant is yet another example of complete name randomness. Originally, it was to be called Status and then – Twitch. The focus group, however, didn’t understand the concept immediately. Going through the dictionary, the founders came across Twitter and they liked it.


What do apples have to do with technology, right? Steve Jobs apparently came up with the name while working on a community farm – it doesn’t get any more random than that.

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You can get really wild with the selection of a random name for your company. The only thing to remember is that you have to keep it catchy and memorable.

Do a brainstorming session and write down all ideas that pop up, no matter how ridiculous. When you’re done, try out our Business Name Generator. Not only will dozens of ideas be created instantly, you’ll also get information about domain name availability.

If you’re struggling to get those creative juices flowing, trying the following words and phrases:

























Random Business Name Inspiration

  1. Phonetica: this name sounds good and it may be a good choice for a tech company or a business that handles certain linguistic processes.
  2. Black Code: colours are a good choice when it comes to random company names and they are also a nice pick in terms of defining the visual aspect of branding.
  3. Via Flex: just like the other random names in the list, this one could apply to a wide range of businesses. Just come up with a backstory to add some meaning to the phrase!
  4. Plain Graphix: a suitable choice for a graphic design company that doesn’t really have to carry a deeper meaning than that.
  5. Plexar: just a random combination of letters that sounds good. You can go in so many different directions by choosing the approach.
  6. CommuniX: communications? Community? It really depends on what you’re trying to do and where you’d like to establish your reputation.
  7. Switch Force: opt for words that are active, that carry power and dynamic appeal. A dictionary or a thesaurus can be particularly beneficial.
  8. Phoenix Tech: phrases or words that carry a meaning on their own are also a good choice. The phoenix is perceived as the symbol of new beginnings and rebirth.
  9. Meta Oxygen: while the name itself doesn’t really mean anything, it would be a suitable choice for a tech company or a startup.
  10. Hyperion: the backstory and branding opportunities are limitless.

What Not to Name Your Random Business

When you come up with something completely random, make sure that nobody else has done it before you. We’re often influenced (even subconsciously) by things that we have seen and liked in the past.

The way the random name sounds is very important. It should be catchy, fun, reminiscent of the particular industry and simple. If the phrase is too complex and you have to repeat it multiple times for people to remember it, chances are that you’ll be better off by switching to something else.

Random and weird is good but don’t get too bizarre – such an approach may hurt your reputation.

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