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How to Come Up with a random business name

Your business name is what catches the eye of the customer. In fact, it often needs to be distinctive, strong, and memorable to engage with potential clients. In other words, a strong trademark name is a necessity in creating an enduring brand reputation. Have you been searching for that perfect business name, but not 100% what direction you would like to go with your brand identity? Don’t worry. This guide is for you. 

Firstly, we’ve compiled an overall picture of names using our Random Business Generator. Secondly, we’ve found the most creative names out there that are unique and unforgettable, so keep reading. Most importantly, this article is dedicated to finding what makes your business tick. 

At BNG, we cater to all types of business owners. For instance, why not try the Random Business Name Generator. With this tool, you can find hundreds of names with a single click!

20 Random Business Name Ideas

By using the Random Business Name Generator, you will find inspiration in every corner. Take a look at the 20 names we found using the generator:

  1. Refresh Random
  2. Random Repairs
  3. The Helping Hands
  4. Sanguine Services
  5. Admire Artists
  6. 221A Random Street
  7. Hook, Line, and Sinker
  8. Snared Services 
  9. Apples and Oranges
  10. Scoot Over Services
  11. Don’t Break a Bill
  12. Mystery Meats Co.
  13. Table Your Needs
  14. The Green Thumb Guys
  15. Tell Me About It
  16. Spilling The Beans Inc.
  17. EtchSketch
  18. Maxxx Energy
  19. WeHeartShoes
  20. Pop-Culture Partners

20 More Random Business Name Ideas

  1. Eco Focus
  2. Innovation Arch
  3. Strat Security
  4. Inspire Fitness Co
  5. Candor Corp
  6. Cogent Data
  7. Epic Adventure Inc
  8. Sanguine Skincare
  9. Vortex Solar
  10. Admire Arts
  11. Bravura Inc
  12. Bonefete Fun
  13. Moxie Marketing
  14. Zeal Wheels
  15. Obelus Concepts
  16. Quad Goals
  17. Erudite Learning
  18. Cipher Publishing
  19. Flux Water Gear
  20. Lambent Illumination

Random business name inspiration – How these 5 top companies got their name

By now you’ll be well adept with the Random Company Name Generator. Above all, when you’re not sure exactly what your business is yet, it’s good to keep trying different combinations. 

If you’re stuck, let’s see if we can get a creative spark going. Below, we’ve handpicked 5 of the most unique business names from all over the world. More importantly, we want to familiarize you with their process. 

We know choosing the right business name is an art. Therefore, Being descriptive and unique at the same time may seem daunting. However, these backstories may provide you with some encouragement. 


Interestingly, perhaps the most known company in the world, Google, started as a joke. Founders Larry Page and Sergey often joked about how much information a search engine could actually search for.

Subsequently, this was known as a “googol” of information. That is to say, a googol represents the number 1 followed by a hundred 0s. As the story goes, an angel investor made a check out to “Google” and the company never looked back.

Do you have any jokes you share in the office? Why not try that quirky word in the Random Business Name Generator.


The giant in web services, Yahoo, actually has very strange origins. Founders David Filo and Jerry Yang lifted the term “yahoo” straight from Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels. That is to say, Yahoos refer to rude, coarse, and unpleasant beings, which Yang and Filo thought suited the venture.

In addition, they also came up with an acronym for yahoo: “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”.

Thus, it’s always a good idea to find inspiration from literature. In addition, once you find a cool or quirky name, put in the Random Company Name Generator and see what mash-ups you get!


Their name is actually a random number of letters that create an acronym. To clarify, the founder, Ingvar Kamprad, used the first letters of his name and the first letters of the village he grew up in, Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. Hence, Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd (IKEA).

Try using your own initials or name in our Random Business Generator, and you might find that perfect acronym today!


Founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, “LEGO” is an abbreviation of two Danish words, “leg godt”. Consequently, when translated these words mean “play well”.

Are there any foreign names you could try with our Random Company Name Generator?


When founders Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia wanted their e-mail to be checked via a web interface, they looked for a name that ended in “mail”. In the same vein, they came up with “hotmail” as it contained “HTML”. In other words, HTML was the programming language that produced their product.

This is a great example of how creative business names can be. Likewise, is there a way you could use language that correlates to your business? Try those words in the Random Business Generator.

What Do All Great Company Names Have in Common?

What exactly is it that these well-known business names have in common? The answer is actually quite simple, but it requires a few steps to get there. 

Original and specific business names are what ultimately impress your customers. Thus, if you lack creativity, customers will not show any enthusiasm towards your business.

However, all you need to think is that it’s never too late and there’s plenty of help out there. Many renowned business media outlets provide analysis into what these successful business names have in common. 

With that said, let’s take a look! 

The Great Company Names Are “Sticky”

Imagine you’re walking down the high street and you come across a word that you can’t seem to shake. We’ve all been there before. For example, it’s just like that random musical jingle that gets stuck in your head.

The Great Company Names Are “Sticky”!

When you’re beginning to brainstorm ideas, take this “stickiness” into perspective. Importantly, which of those words or names are still stuck in your head when going to bed. More than likely, this will be a memorable name!

Once you have that perfect “sticky” name, put it into the Random Business Name Generator for different variations.

Shorter is Always Better

This might seem self-evident with the list above but all the most “sticky” and catchy names are a single word. For instance, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Ikea, and Lego are all one word. In addition, they’re all two or three syllables, and simply roll off the tongue. 

Furthermore, research has always shown the correlation between word length and memory, so try to think how you can abbreviate your name to something punchy and direct.  

What’s the Story Behind It?

We’ve already seen how a creative name has a story behind it. For instance, it might be a favorite novel that perks your interest. In the same vein, you may not have thought that the name “yahoo” originated from Gulliver’s Travels

Everyone has a story to tell, so try and involve the process in your name. In other words, as The New York Times bestseller puts it when getting creative “Show Your Work!” 

Subsequently, this might lead to that perfect “sticky” word that captures your business perfectly. Try putting those words in our Random Company Name Generator for creative solutions today!

5-Tips for creating unique Random Business name ideas

1. Memorable Business Names Invent Their Own Language

Making up a word shouldn’t put you off. Likewise, the founders of Facebook and Snapchat didn’t locate their names in literature or geographical locations. They never existed, so they got creative and did it themselves. 

This will require a lot of thinking outside the box. However, clients recognize creativity and know when independent thinking has occurred. Try to think whether you could:

  • Spell a certain word incorrectly.
  • Remove a single letter from a word like Tindr or Flickr.
  • Combine two words together to create something unique. 

Then, take these newly created words and put them in the Random Business Name Generator. It will mash up your newly created word.

2. Always Be Forward-Thinking

When choosing a name think about how it’s going to inform your brand identity. More specifically, this will include your logo, assets, and marketing strategies.

Always Be Forward-Thinking!

In other words, try not to pick a name that will keep you rooted. You want the name to match your ambitions as a company. More accurately, bear in mind where your organization will be in 10 years or what your name needs to include to create a fantastic logo.

3. Names Should be a Collaborative Effort

Certainly, a business is not an individual venture. It requires a diverse number of employees taking part in a variety of tasks to achieve your goals.

With this in mind, your employees are always going to know what defines your company. Get in touch with them, start brainstorming, and create some fun word association. Find the words that trigger a conversation and try putting them in the Random Business Generator.

Furthermore, this can be a great time to discuss associations between company names and brand visuals. Ask your colleagues about logo designs. What do they like? What do they dislike?

4. Understand Your Mission Statement

Your name will be part of your product or services. If you’re delivering goods to customers, it will be on every package!

Take some time to understand your vision, the values you hold most dear to your company, and how this will represent you against competitors. To clarify, always plan in advance where your name will appear, and how you want to be perceived by clients.

Understand Your Mission Statement!

For more help, you can look into dedicated brand identity coaches, who can use experience with past companies to push you in the right direction.

5. Use the Random Business Name Generator

Finally, before you go have one last go with the Random Business Name Generator. Try compiling all the research you have gathered from colleagues and successful companies into a set of keywords.

Then all you have to do is type these into the Random Business Generator, and scroll through the unique results!

For your consideration, here are some of the most frequently asked questions from others in your position.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some tips for coming up with a random business name: Try acronyms., Use a mash-up of words., Take a letter out of a word., Try a misspelling, Use the Random Business Generator

You can find a number of free and unique business names in this article. Here are a few: Refresh Random, Random Repairs, The Helping Hands, Sanguine Services, Admire Artists


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