Texas Business Name Search

One of the first and most important steps of any new business is finding the perfect name that suits you and your company. As you commence your Texas business name search, you may be unsure where to start. 

To help you navigate this intimidatingly large task, we have put together an easy to understand guide that explains how you can find available business names in Texas, how to register your business name and an overview of the policies and procedures you need to know.

Generate Business Name Ideas

Failing to prepare is a real obstacle many face, and we are here to remind you that preparing yourself before searching for your Texas business name will be incredibly useful down the line. Here are several things you can do to prepare yourself;

  • Consider what makes you and your business unique, and mindmap your strengths and Unique Selling Point. 
  • Research acronyms and interesting word choices, and use a thesaurus.
  • Conduct market research; how does your biggest competitor’s name make you feel? How can your name stand out from the crowd? 

Once you feel you have prepared to a substantial level, it is time to take words that you feel resonate with your business into our Business Name Generator. Using our generator will have instantaneous results ready for your Texas business to use. 

How To Search Available Names In Texas

Before adopting your Texas business name as your own, you must first check that it is available for your use. To determine the name’s availability, you can conduct a preliminary search on existing business entities using Texas’s secretary of state website, SOSDirect. You can also call (512) 463-5555 or email [email protected] with your name inquiry. 

Please note that this is just a preliminary search, and availability may change when you officially file to register your Texas business name. 

If your preliminary name search comes back available, you are now ready to register your business name! 

How to Register Your Business Name In Texas

As you commence your registration process, purchasing a domain in the same name as your business is essential. Having a domain in the same name as your business warrants that there is synergy amongst your assets, making your business easy for consumers to find.

Before purchasing, you must check that your domain is available for use, which you can do with the instant domain checker on our Domain Name Generator.

Once you have secured your domain, you must then register your business name. In Texas, you are able to register your business name through the Secretary Of State’s online business service, SOSDirect

Texas Business Name Registration Policies And Procedures

Familiarizing yourself with name registration policies and procedures will be of great use to you and ensure that you are doing everything right.

  • Firstly, your name must reflect the way in which your company operates by using one of the following terms; “Corporation,” “company,” “incorporated,” or “limited”, or an abbreviation of these words. This also applies to Limited Liability Corporations, Limited Partnerships and Limited liability Partnerships.
  • Secondly, the name you wish to register must be available in Texas and clearly distinguishable from any existing business entity on the Secretary Of State’s files. 
  • Lastly, your Texas business name must not imply that you are pursuing business operations which you are not authorized to follow. 

We advise you to visit texas’ Secretary of State’s website for more detail on the name registration policies and procedures before registering your business name. 

Texas Business Registration Office

Phone:(512) 463-5555
Email:[email protected]
Hours:8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday

How To Use An Online Portal To Register Business Names In Texas

You are able to register your Texas business name via SOSDirect, a 24/7 online business service courtesy of the Secretary of State. 

To get started, you are able to submit a request for a SOSDirect account that will allow you to submit relevant filings to register your business name. You can also reserve your desired business name for 120 days via SOSDirect, which you can withdraw from at any time. 

If using SOSDirect is not practical for you, you are also able to download the relevant registration forms that you can use for delivery or email.

How Costly Is It To Register Business Name In Texas

SOSDirect charges $5 for each document you file; however, the official form on the Secretary of State website informs us that there is a $40 filing fee when registering an entity name. Your registration will last for a year, and you will be able to renew your registration for $40 during the 90 days before the 12 month period is up.

Why Should I Register A Business Name In Texas

You may be wondering if there are any pros to registering your business name, and we are here to let you into those benefits; 

Registering your business in Texas comes with perks that will significantly support your business’ development, such as; opening a business account and legally having the right to be the only business operating under your chosen name. 

Aside from these factors, there are other reasons that will make you want to register your business in Texas.

Firstly, if you are transacting business in Texas, chances are you should register your business name. To determine if you are transacting business, you are able to use resources such as the BOC and Texas Nexus Questionnaire (PDF)

If you fail to register your business, you may be issued penalties such as an injunction from business transactions in Texas or civil penalty fees. 

Support When Registering A Business Name In Texas

Texas has a large number of resources available to help businesses ranging from handbooks and guides to hands-on services such as the Local Small Development center. 

The complete list of resources ready for you to use is available on the Secretary of State’s website


We hope that this article has benefited you and helped you devise the next steps to find your Texas business name and register it!

If this article has been of use, we also have articles regarding business name searches in the other US States which may help you out further. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can determine the availability of business names in Texas by using Texas's secretary of state website, SOSDirect. You can also call (512) 463-5555 or email [email protected] with your business name inquiry.

You are able to reserve a business name in Texas for 120 days through SOSDirect. The reservation filing cost is $40, with a $5 filing fee when using SOSDirect. In addition, you are able to cancel your reservation at any time within 120 days.

When registering a business name in Texas, your registration will last for 12 months. You can also renew your registration within the last 90 days of the 12 months at the cost of $40.


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