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Use our brand name generator to find the perfect Brand Names. In one second, you will get over 1,000+ brand name ideas.

1. Choose Your Brand Name Keywords

Think of keywords that are relevant to your brand to add to our naming generator.

2. Get Brand Name Ideas

The generator will give you an almost endless list of name ideas. Look through and use filters to narrow it down.

3. Select Brand Names

Choose a fantastic name that matches your brand’s values and approach.

What Is A Brand Name Generator

Brand name generator is an easy-to-use tool that helps create amazing brand names. All you have to do is insert a list of relevant keywords and press the “get started” button. 

We created the generator with modern brands in mind. The generator is set to create brand name ideas that work in the modern world.

We implemented modern AI technology that enables us to create original and creative brand name ideas. 

The brand name generator is the perfect tool for anyone looking to name their brand. 

Create UNLIMITED brand name ideas.Completely FREE to use with no limitation. INSTANT domain search to find available domains. Powerful FILTERS to fine-tune the selection. 

To show you what’s possible with our brand name generator, here are twenty name ideas we created with a single click of a button. We used the following keywords to create these names: tech, fashion, gaming, sports, fit, well.

SportsifyFitioWelljetSin Tech
Cycle FashionFashnRover SportsGamium

Try our makeup and beauty name generator and jewelry business name generator to create brand names for that niche.

What Makes A Good Brand Name – Expert Tips

Your brand name is the first thing potential customers see. Your name helps you create a lasting first impression. It helps position your brand. 

Our naming experts created a list of characteristics a good brand name should have. 

The first thing a good brand name should do is identify with the business’s overarching message, and it needs to be easily remembered. When people see the brand, it should be quickly recognized and trigger a positive emotional response.

Essential things a brand name should do:

tick Easy to spell and pronounce

You don’t want to explain to potential customers how to spell and pronounce your brand name. 

tick Relevant

It should be related to your brand. That doesn’t mean it has to be descriptive. It simply means it should go well with the brand. 

tick Memorable

People are more likely to refer your brand to their friends if they can easily remember your brand name. 

tick Fresh and Unique

Unique names stand out from the crowd. People will notice you, and they will remember you. 

Visit our Instagram Name Generator to generate a unique and memorable username for your Instagram profile.

How To Use Our Brand Name Generator: Video Tutorial

The Difference Between Brand Names and Business Names 

People often think that brand names and business names are the same. But they are not. It’s important to know the difference between a brand and a business when creating your brand name.

A business name is also called a company name (also referred to as a trade name). This is the official name of the organization that does business activities. We always add the suffix that explains the structure of the company. The most common business name suffixes are LLC, Corp, Private Limited Company, etc. 

A brand name is a name that businesses use to promote their products or services. We don’t use any legal suffixed for brand names. Brand names are usually what you see written on the products. 

Let’s look at a couple of examples to better understand the difference between business and brand names

The Procter & Gamble Company is one of the largest consumer goods corporations in the world. Their business name is “The Procter & Gamble Company”. They sell different brands. Some of them include “Pampers”, “Tide”, “Gillete”, “Old Spice”, etc. 

Another example would be The Coca-Cola Company, which is the business name. They sell their products under different brands. Some of them include “Fanta”, “Fuzetea”, Powerade”, etc. They also sell Coca-Cola as a product. In that case, the company and the brand name are almost the same. 

To put it simply:

tick A business name is the name of the organization that produces the goods,

tick A brand name is the image of the goods as seen by consumers. 

tick new DefinitionThe name of the organization.The image of the goods as seen by consumers. 
tick new SuffixIncludes a business suffix like LLC, Corp., Private Limited Company, etc.Doesn’t include a business suffix. 
tick new Example 1The Procter & Gamble Company
Pampers, Tide, Gillete, Old Spice
tick new Example 2The Coca-Cola CompanyFanta, Fuzetea, Powerade, Coca-Cola

Note: Head to our business name generator to create 1000+ name ideas. Our generator is completely free.

Brand Name Examples

Here are 20 more brand name ideas we created with our brand name generator. These examples show what’s possible with our generator. You can use these names as inspiration for your brainstorming sessions. 

Remember, our generator is completely free to use and can generate an unlimited number of brand name ideas.

Here are the ideas we created. We used the following keywords: zen, art, style, go, more, ride

Point MoreMorepadGoliaZenvio
Style SpinRide BunnyGo MatteArt Cutter
ZenableStyle PopArtyaZenado

You may also use our specialized name generators to generate distinctive names, especially restaurant business name generator and cafe business name generator.

Generate Business Name Ideas

Can Your Business And Brand Name Be The Same?

We already mentioned Coca-Cola, which uses the same name for both the business and the brand. But that’s an exception, and we usually recommend you pick different names for your business and your brand. 

This enables you to have the same business for different brands. You will be able to pivot more easily, and you will be able to push new products into the market without having to open a new business. 

The Power Of Brands

Power Of Brands

People love brands. We connect with the brands we love, and we want to be seen as their loyal customers. We’re happy to recommend our favorite brands to our friends and family. 

Let’s first define what a brand is. A brand is a feeling we have about a certain range of products or services

Brands are more relatable than businesses. They address us on a deeper level. 

It’s easier to tell a story with a brand. That’s why we’re so drawn to them. That’s why the biggest organizations in the world focus on building brands, not businesses. 

People are willing to pay more for their favorite brands. This is where the power of brands lies. You can get more money for them compared to unbranded products or services. 

Examples Of Good Brand Names

The current trends in the naming world revolve around short and memorable names.

Short names are usually more striking and easier to remember. Having a name that’s easy to spell and pronounce will never go out of style.

We can see that even brands in niches commonly seen as boring or traditional use modern and interesting names that fit the modern checkmarks.

Here are five brands that picked the right name for themselves. You can use the brand name generator on our site to find your perfect name:

pointing Canva

Canva is a popular design software targeted at beginner designers. Their goal is to help anyone create great-looking designs.

The name is derived from the word “canvas”. This implies that the software gives you an option to create anything. You start with a blank canvas and watch it turn into something interesting and appealing.

The name sounds very smooth and elegant. It helps position the brand as an easy-to-use tool for anyone.

pointing Cazoo

A smooth-sounding name with a catchy flow and memorable pronunciation.

The inspiration probably comes from the word “kazoo”, which denotes a buzzing musical instrument.

This name evokes positive emotions and shows what the brand delivers – fun, simple, and exciting adventure when buying a car.

The name stands out in the market because it’s hip and modern. It accurately positions the brand in its quest of transforming the car buying experience across the UK and Europe.

pointing Lyft

The original name of this ride-sharing brand was Zimride. They changed the name because they wanted something shorter and snappier that people would use daily.

The meaning of the name isn’t officially known, but there’s no doubt it’s inspired by the word “lift”. This implies what you get from the brand – a fast and easy ride-share experience.

The unusual spelling makes the name unique and interesting.

pointing Atoms

An innovative shoe brand selling thoughtfully designed shows for everyday lifestyle. The name Atoms is short and sweet.

It metaphorically represents how something as small as shoes can dramatically affect the quality of your life.

Just like atoms, the shoes on your feet carry an immense amount of energy.

Atoms also imply something lightweight and minimalistic. It shows that every little detail is taken care of. The power of the metaphor fuels this name.

pointing Lunya

This comfortable sleepwear brand for modern women draws inspiration from the word “luna”. Luna means “moon” in Latin.

This can easily be tied to a sleepwear brand since it describes the part of the day when we’re sleeping.

They went with a smooth and elegant suffix that accurately represents the comfort and style that Lunya delivers.

This is a smooth-sounding name that captures the essence of the brand.

Things to avoid in brand names

cross Don’t confuse your clients

They should understand what the name is saying. You don’t want them to think too much about the meaning and the story behind the name. 

cross Hard to spell or pronounce

Make it easy for them to remember your brand. This starts with easy spelling and pronunciation. Never use misspelled words, no matter how much you like them. 

cross Not clean and minimalistic

Less is often more when it comes to brand naming. Try to stick to real words and simple meanings. 

Things to avoid in brand names

Short Vs. Long Brand Names

Both short and long brand names can either be good or bad. Just because a name is short, it doesn’t mean that it’s good. 

Short names are the recent trend

Startup founders and business owners like them because they are punchy and easy to remember. 

Long names can also be interesting. They help you stand out in markets where most brands use short names. Long brand names can also help you paint a nicer picture since you have more room to share your ideas. 

At the end of the day, you have to pick the one that’s best for you. We recommend you go with short names if most brands in your niche use long names. And we recommend you go with long names if most brands in your niche use short names. 

The Difference Between Brand Name Generator And Business Name Generator

We established that brand names and business names aren’t the same. That’s why we created different name generators for both. We want to give you the best chance of finding the perfect brand name. That’s why we created a special name generator that only does brand names. 

Our purpose-built brand name generator helps you create amazing brand names. These are often shorter and more playful compared to business names.

Brand names have to get noticed in the shops and e-commerce websites. They are often more friendly and relatable than business names. 

Our brand name generator creates names consumers love. We also included easy-to-use filters that will help you eliminate all unwanted names. 

Difference Between Brand Name Generator And Business Name Generator

Brand Names In Different Industries

The market you’re targeting is an important factor you need to consider when selecting your brand name. Different target audiences prefer different names. 

We understand that a uniform name generator might not be enough. That’s why we created over 200 different naming generators to help you create perfect names that are designed to do well in your industry. 

You can find the complete list of available name generators on our website. 

The most popular generators we have are:

Find the one that works best for your niche if you want to be sure you’re creating names that resonate with your target audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You insert relevant keywords that can be tied to your brand and you press “generate”. Our generator will do the magic and give you a long list of meaningful brand name ideas you can use. You can even play with our filters to eliminate all the names that don’t fit your requirements.

The brand name is completely FREE to use. It has no limitations. You can use it as much as you want to. We encourage you to play with the brand name generator until you find the perfect brand name.

Yes, the brand name generator is completely FREE to use. We guarantee that the generator will remain free to use for all users.

You have to think of the words that describe your brand. Insert them in the search bar of our brand name generator and press the “generate” button. Our generator will return interesting brand name ideas you can use. Pick rhymes, alliterations, and smooth-sounding names to ensure you have a catchy brand name.

Our brand name generator shows you which names have available domains. This way, you can quickly determine which names are unique and haven’t been used before by other brands. We also recommend you contact a trademarking attorney before launching your brand.

You can create your own professional-looking logos with online logo makers. These tools are simple to use and help you create amazing designs for your brand. We have an entire section of the website dedicated to the best logo makers online.

Your generator enables you to create popular brand name ideas for your brand. You can look at the most popular brand names in the world for inspiration. Some of the popular brand names include Apple, Google, Amazon, Geicko, GoDaddy, Wix, etc.

Start by inserting meaningful keywords into our brand name generator. You will receive hundreds of name ideas from a single click of a button. Go through the list and mark the names you like most. Ask your friends and potential customers for feedback. This way, you ensure you pick the name that works with your target audience.


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