Our Fact-Checking Process

Here at Business Name Generator, we want to simplify things for people launching their first business or setting up future companies. And creating a business from scratch starts with having the right tools and information. So this is why fact-checking is so important to us. 

Fresh Content and Industry-Leading Data 

Our in-house editorial team regularly updates our generator pages and Learning Hub content to give you the latest information. And we have access to industry-leading data from Statista to help us make accurate, timely and informed data-led updates. 

Editorial Team 

Our editorial team has a wealth of editorial experience and are hands-on in fact-checking our content and maintaining high standards across our copy. Read our editorial principles to learn more. 

In-House Writer Support and Training 

Our writers and content creators are specialists in their areas of expertise. This allows them to be on the pulse of what is happening in the different business sectors. They are trained to fact-check every claim within their written work meticulously, so you don’t have to. 

Steps to Our Fact-Checking Process 

  1. The writer thoroughly researches the article
  2. They add a source to every claim they make in the document. 
  3. The line editor reviews the sources and confirms they are accurate. 
  4. If any claims are incorrect or we cannot substantiate them, the article goes back to the writer for revision. 
  5. This progress happens until we are happy that all claims are accurate
  6. The article is approved by the editor and ready to publish. 
  7. If there are any copy updates, we repeat the above steps. 

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Contact Our Editorial Team

Email our editorial team any feedback or questions, at [email protected].