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How To Name Your Personal Trainer Business

Your personal trainer business will help people shape up and improve their health. To kick off your business and help reach more people and improve their lifestyle, you need a killer business name. This guide will show you where you can draw inspiration from for your personal fitness business name, and find keywords to help you use the fitness name generator.

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Updated Dec 13, 2021

20 Personal Trainer Name Ideas

I came up with these 20 personal trainer business names using the personal trainer business name generator. I did this by typing in some keywords associated with health and fitness and choosing the names I liked best from the fitness name generator.

  1. Rawfit Adonis
  2. Trim Ranger
  3. Health Bulk
  4. Trim Iron
  5. Fit Bear
  6. TrimX
  7. Hot Zone 
  8. Fit Gain
  9. Rawfit Armor
  10. Focus Training
  1. Sweatistic
  2. Slimscape
  3. Paragon Sweat
  4. Aerobic Train
  5. Sweatzilla
  6. Boulder Sweat
  7. Ignite Abs
  8. Balanced Abs
  9. Heroic Hard
  10. Odin Sculpt

These names can be used directly from the fitness name generator by checking domain availability to ensure that nobody else using the name.

If you need further inspiration to find a unique personal training business name, keep reading, because this guide will cover the best personal trainer names, and the techniques you can draw from them and apply to your name creation process and find keywords for the fitness name generator.

20 More Personal Trainer Business Name Ideas

  1. Fit for the Future
  2. Personal Power
  3. Your Strength Service
  4. Get Me Healthy
  5. No More Shoddy Body
  6. My Gymspiration
  7. No Body Better
  8. The Fitness Folk
  9. Shape My Life
  10. Physique Freaks
  1. Coaching n’ Coaxing
  2. The Encouragement Expert
  3. The Extra Mile Together
  4. More Muscle
  5. Build Me Up Buddy
  6. Your Gym Trimmer
  7. Fitness Friends
  8. Time to Train
  9. Your Body Made Better
  10. Personal Physiques

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Best Real-world Personal Trainer Business Names

When you are coming up with your business name with the fitness name generator, you can find inspiration by looking at some of the best names that personal trainers have chosen for themselves. I have prepared a list of the best names with information on how they were created and why they work so well. Pay attention to the techniques used to develop these names to ensure you apply them in your naming process.

Recharged Personal Training

Recharged Personal Training

Recharged Personal Training gets its name from its focus on taking worn-out people like new mothers and injured office workers and recharging their bodies for a renewed youth and vigor. The name works well as it targets those who are in need of a fitness renewal and may feel drained. These are the people that the fitness program is designed to help.

Team Body Project

Team Body Project

Team body project is an online personal trainer business, named to reflect the small company’s personal approach to fitness. The name is designed to promote the accessibility of the fitness program and reflect that you are all in this together when using their personal training service.

This name works well as it is inclusive, and removes the intimidating aspect of a lot of personal trainers that may make people feel shy if they don’t have rippling abs and pecs. 

Leading Edge NY

Leading Edge NY

Leading Edge NY gets its name from the company’s desire to provide the leading fitness regime – one that is tailored to you. This name works well as it triggers the desire to be the best that motivates people to work out and work harder.

When thinking of your personal fitness business name try to come up with keywords for the fitness name generator that will put a vision into customers’ heads that they can work hard and be the best.

Girls Gone Strong

Girls Gone Strong

This personal fitness business gets its name from the fact that it is designed to cater specifically to women’s fitness needs. The name is drawn from the phrase ‘girls gone wild’ and repurposes the name to emulate feminine power. 

This name works well to drive the business’ main selling point and let people know exactly what kind of service they are offering. Does your business have a unique selling point you would like your name to convey?

Crafted Coaching

Crafted Coaching

Crafted Coaching is named for its carefully constructed individual training regimes and nutrition plans. This is an elite personal fitness program with coaches that have trained elite athletes. The program is aptly named to reflect the detail and wealth of knowledge that define it. The name is unique and includes alliteration to create a smoother sound.

How Do You Brand Your Trainer Business?

A difficult part of establishing your personal trainer business can be coming up with a branding style. This section will cover some of the different styles you can use to brand your personal trainer business, which will make it easier to decide on a name. Some of the different styles of personal trainer branding include:

  • Accessibility – this kind of personal trainer business is designed to cater to everyone and offer fitness to people in various health states. This branding style will appeal to older clients, overweight clients, and those with injuries, allowing them to access personal training without fear of embarrassment.
  • Gender-specific training – as we saw earlier with ‘Girls Gone Strong’, you can focus your personal trainer business on a specific gender. Male-oriented training programs use ‘caveman’ branding to get men in touch with their bulky inner neanderthal.
  • Athletic – you can focus your personal training business on providing people with the tools to reach athlete-level fitness. This appeals to people with higher fitness goals.
  • Fun – many people don’t like to work out, so creating a fun personal training program will help people get physical without feeling like they are working out.

Hopefully, these branding styles have given you some direction for which area of focus is a priority for your personal training business. Branding should outline your business’s strengths.

5-Tips for creating unique Personal Trainer Business name ideas

To get the most successful business name that reflects your personal training business’s style, methods, and philosophy, there are some tips you can follow. I have provided 5 tips to help your name creation process focus on the critical things your name can express and make it more memorable.

Tip One: Express Your Style

If there is a particular style or theme to your training, such as accessibility or gender, like we mentioned earlier, this should feature in your name. 

Suppose you create a personal training business that focuses on accessibility and being a non-intimidating all-inclusive service. You could try using words like ‘everyone’, ‘team’, or collective pronouns like ‘we’ to hone in on this focus in your name. 

Tip Two: Think About Your Methods

What type of methods are you using to train people? Are you designing a program that teaches people using the principles of ballet, military boot camp, or Crossfit? If you are using a specific and unique method, you should communicate this in your personal trainer’s business name.

For example, if you are using Crossfit methods, you may want to use the letter X in your name to represent the ‘cross’ in ‘Crossfit’.

Tip Three: What’s Your Philosophy?

Every personal trainer has an underlying belief about the value of physical fitness. What’s your philosophy on the importance of fitness? You could hold the view that physical fitness improves confidence or mental health. If a core value and key philosophy motivate you to strive for physical fitness and promote it in others, you should include this in your personal training business name.

For example, you might try using a phrase like ‘better you’ or ‘WellMind’ to reflect your philosophy about fitness improving your mental health.

Tip Four: Use Your Name

If you aren’t using a team of trainers in your personal trainer business, you can always name the company after yourself. Just your first and last name. This way, your clients will feel more connected to you, and this personal relationship will keep them coming and make them feel accountable when they let you down.

This way, you are the face of your brand, and it will be your personality and ability to guide people in their fitness journey that defines your company.

Tip Five: Make It Catchy

Whichever route you take to draw inspiration for your personal trainer business name, you should always make your name catchy. You can do this by using literary devices like alliteration, and keeping the name short, as longer names tend to be less impactful because of short attention spans.

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