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Complete Guide to Naming Your Football Business

Our football business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get football business name inspiration.

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Brand Goals & Target Market

Football is more than just a sport. For many it has turned into a life-defining passion. Whether you own a football club, you sell apparel or accessories, you have to do branding that’s in line with the beliefs and the passions of your target audience.

Football companies can focus on training the next generation of champions or providing them with the tools and the supplies needed to build a successful career in the field. Even when football is perceived only as a hobby, the emotions behind the game have to be acknowledged in a marketing campaign.

Think about what makes you unique and how you feel about football. Does it give you pride and joy to watch the national team in a large championship? Do you understand the intricacies, the strategy and the clever ways in which a team can work together to score that goal? If so, you know what it takes to craft a successful branding campaign that’s based on the right name for your business.

Demographic Interests

The vast majority of people buying football goods or joining clubs is male. Football appeals predominantly to younger people, though older gentlemen could be loyal fans of certain clubs who are committed to acquiring merchandise and official branded items.

The level of loyalty in this field is particularly high. Once football fans make up their mind about a team or a product, it will be very difficult to turn things around,

While football is predominantly popular in Europe and South America, other parts of the world are warming up to it. Depending on the niche specialisation of your business, chances are that the demand for products and services will grow in the near future beyond the border of a single country. If you have a strategic plan and the capacity to operate internationally, you will experience massive benefits from the market trend.

Competitor Name Analysis

Soccer Republic

The name makes it obvious right from the start that the company is based in the US where the prominent game is called soccer. Soccer Republic specializes in showing games from different leagues.

Football Magic Coaching

As the name implies, this is a football school and it is also tailored to addressing the needs of children and young individuals.


While this sport academy does not offer solely football classes, they are one of the main areas of specialisation. The name also makes it clear that Sport4Kids works mainly with young individuals.

Fit for Kids (FFK)

Another football academy that aims to encourage sports development and a love for the game among children.


A sports apparel manufacturer, Diadora is an Italian brand. The name is derived from the Greek phrase dia dora which stands for “by means of gift.”

Le Coq Sportif

One of the countries known for its strong football traditions, France is also the home of Le Coq Sportif – a sports accessories and apparel manufacturer. The name and the symbol are derived from the Gallic rooster, which is a symbol of France.


The particular field you specialise in and the types of operations will help you determine the name that’s most appropriate for your brand.

Do a brainstorming session and pinpoint the words and the phrases that describe your company, your values and beliefs in the best possible way. Once you complete the goal, test our Business Name Generator to come up with variations. Information about domain name availability will be provided, as well.

Some of the football-related words and phrases you can test out include:






Back pass


Direct free kick



Penalty shot

World cup

Football field






Champions League

Golden goal


Transfer window

Football Business Name Inspiration

  1. Young Hopes Academy: finding the next generation of spectacular football players requires a training starting at an early age. This is what the name of the football club implies.
  2. Goal Maker: a name that could refer to a football club or a company that manufactures apparel and sports accessories.
  3. Draft Season Academy: the draft is the process used to get new players for a certain team. The name of the club shows a serious approach towards training, eventually resulting in a professional football career.
  4. The Emerald Shoe: a reference to the golden shoe, the name is a good choice for a company that specialises in football footwear.
  5. The Footy Chronicles: a football magazine or a website dedicated to reviewing sport events could benefit from a name like this one.
  6. Bolting Kick: speed and power are tremendously important in football. The name provides a reference and it could be used by a wide array of companies in this sport field.
  7. Goals through Teamwork: a good name for a football academy or a club that puts more emphasis on the relationships between players than on accomplishments.
  8. Soccer Essence: the right gear is the essence of football, which is why the name may be a good choice for an apparel or an accessory company.
  9. Lighter, Faster, Harder: a general name that could be used by a football club or the manufacturer of superior equipment.
  10. Grand Stadium: every football fan wishes to make it to one of the big club stadiums. The reference is immediately recognisable and the name is suitable for a vast range of football companies.

What Not to Name Your Football Business

Don’t be a cliché. The Football Academy may sound like a good immediate choice but when you think about it, the name couldn’t get any more boring. Try to say the same thing in different words and you will probably accomplish a much higher level of recognition.

Do not use names, words and phrases associated with some of the big football clubs. While you could attract attention this way, the approach may also contribute to costly litigation.

Keep it simple and know who your target audience is. These people are familiar with football and the terminology. Don’t dumb things down to appeal to a general group of people. Such an approach could alienate the people you should be targeting – loyal football fans who see this sport as more than just a game.

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