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How To Name Your Sportswear Business

Whether you are getting your sweat on during a game of soccer, taking a long hike, or hitting the weights at the gym, it’s important to wear the right clothes to make the experience as comfortable and productive as possible. Jeans and a t-shirt have their place, just not in the world of athletic exertion.

And that’s where sportswear apparel and creating your own company comes in. Naming your business can be a daunting task, so let us take the stress out of the process with our activewear brand and sports business name generator!

20 Sportswear Name Ideas

To get you started with our sportswear business name generator and its ease of use in coming up with a wide variety of names on your own, I put together a list of 20 unique and eye-catching activewear company names. 

These can use keywords that refer to vigorous activity, heroic exertion, or the feel-good of great sports games or gym sessions, depending on your preferred company image. Plus, with some simple keyword tweaks, you can even narrow down fitness clothing brand name ideas just as easily!

  1. Sportswear Hero
  2. Vigor Sports Apparel
  3. Hardcore Sportswear
  4. Champion Fit
  5. Exercise Champion
  6. Achilles’ Best Sportswear
  7. Sportswear Odyssey
  8. Sweat Apparel
  9. Warrior Sports
  10. Physique Sports Apparel
  11. Goliath Sports
  12. Herculean Effort Activewear
  13. Gladiator Athletic Gear
  14. Juggernaut Athletic Wear
  15. The Thirteenth Labor Athletica
  16. Paragon Activewear
  17. Citadel Sportswear
  18. Aries Athletics
  19. Homeric Apparel 
  20. Fit For The Fight

To expand on the process, it’s important to start not only with the main category of sportswear, athletic gear, or activewear in mind and keep this quite central in the business name, but also any keywords related to your company image. 

For example, use our activewear brand name generator in conjunction with a variety of heroic phrases, including “Herculean”, “champion”, “gladiator”, and “Aries”, to summon mental images of valor and daring. Combine these keywords with “sportswear” or other synonyms, and our sportswear business name generator will produce a range of ideal business names just for you.

The key is to narrow down your keyword selection based on the image and brand projection that you want to put forward to the public— something that we will discuss later on.

20 More Sportswear Name Ideas

  1. Champion Sports
  2. Sportcloth
  3. Sportivity
  4. Acorn Sportswear
  5. Sportswear Premier
  6. First Place Active Wear
  7. Championwear
  8. Conquestivity
  9. Sportenvy
  10. Contemposports
  11. Vitasports
  12. Sportswear Industries
  13. Kinesosports
  14. Sportswear Studio
  15. Tiger Sportswear
  16. Ace Sportswear
  17. Envie
  18. Select Sportswear
  19. The Active Company
  20. Classic Sports

Best Real-World Sportswear Business Names

Before delving into some of the specifics of creating your own sportswear company title, it’s important to take a look at some of the most popular activewear outlets that exist today and the aspects of their branding that have helped make them so successful.

Then, taking what we uncover here, using our sportswear business name generator to come up with a unique company name will be easier than ever! Let’s check out 5 of the most influential companies in the industry.

Columbia Sportswear

Sporting a wide range of outdoor and athletic apparel, this company leans into its link with a certain geographical location in South America. In particular, Columbia is known for its diverse landscape and many opportunities for outdoor adventures, so it’s a great choice for letting customers know they can find a variety of athletic gear in-store.


While at first glance, Nike might seem like an odd choice for a company name. However, the word “Nike” actually traces back to ancient Greek origins, where the goddess Nike was the symbol of victory, and her image and name can be found in many statues, such as the Winged Victory of Samothrace in the Louvres. 

This simple but effective connection with the ancient term synonymous with victory is clever, well-researched, and an excellent way to pull from an ancient heroic tradition that continues to fascinate people today.


Wildcats are known for their athletic abilities and hunting prowess, so opting for this animal to emblazon across your sportswear company is a great choice. 

Pumas, or cougars, are some of the most successful and impressive predators, so channeling the animalistic might of these big cats through your apparel choice is a great way to motivate yourself during a grueling workout or long outdoor adventure.

Under Armour

Once again using the terminology of a bygone time and what we would commonly associate with heroes and knights, this company essentially turns athletes into modern-day warriors with this company name and branding— something that is incredibly successful.

Those who shop at Under Armour can daydream about strapping their plate armor, chain mail, or leather bracers on top of this athletic wear, and channel the fire and determination of such warriors and gladiators during their gym sessions or rock climbing feats!

Zyia Active

While you might not immediately associate anything in particular with this company’s name, the manufacturer chose Zyia business names very carefully. It’s actually the Arabic word for light, among other meanings, and once a customer is intrigued enough by the odd phrase, that is an interesting discovery.

Plus, using the “active” keyword within the company name itself is the best choice to balance out the foreign word that it opens with, making sure that customers still understand the company’s purpose.

Sportswear Business Names, Image, And Meaning

As we can see just from our previous company examples, there are plenty of sportswear businesses out there in the clothing industry. So, one of the key aspects to launching a successful athletic wear business of your own is in the uniqueness of your brand and company name. 

But how can you achieve that? Read on for some ideas on how to make a business name that intrigues customers and keeps your company busy, thanks to the help of our sportswear business name generator or in coming up with fitness clothing brand name ideas.

What Do You Want Your Customers To Think Of When They Hear Your Sportswear Business Name?

Some of the most important considerations are the image and meaning that your business name summons in customers’ minds. And sportswear is often equated with heroic achievement or the toughness of warriors, so leaning into these connotations can be a great way to intrigue people with your business name alone. 

As previously mentioned, keywords from our activewear brand name generator like “champion”, “juggernaut”, “odyssey”, or “paragon” are all great options to bring these ideas to mind, and will give you a wider range of options within our swimwear business name generator.

For instance, if you christen your sportswear business “Herculean Sportswear”, not only do you let people know right away that you provide athletic apparel, but you also bring in the long literary tradition of the character of Hercules.

Connecting your business name directly with a tradition of strength and heroism will appeal to a wide customer base. Consider terms like “Sparta” to connect to the 300 warriors of Thermopylae, “Achilles” to summon images of the siege of Troy, or “Aries” to invoke the Greek god of warfare and battle strength!

What Meaning Do You Want Your Sportswear Business Name To Espouse?

On top of the subliminal image that customers should be greeted with when they hear your business name, it’s important to also consider what kind of deeper meaning you want your sportswear company to embrace. 

Taking a previous example, Zyia Active has a very specific meaning behind the name, as it comes from the Arabic word “zyia” for light, activity, and community. 

Similarly, if you don’t want to embrace an obvious image for your company’s title, you can take a cue from Zyia business names and opt for a name that holds important meaning for yourself or that encapsulates your company’s goals.

5-Tips For Creating Unique Sportswear Business Name Ideas

Now that we have uncovered some real-world examples of athletic gear and clothing business names, as well as some ways to make your own company entirely unique, here are 5 top tips for coming up with your own company name.

1. Consider The Competition

The activewear industry is not a small one, so figuring out where you will stand among the juggernauts that are already established is essential to starting and naming your own business. Consider naming conventions, typical tropes in titles, and be ready to apply this knowledge to your company.

2. Figure Out An Image And Meaning

Do you want to lean into the idea of the gladiators of old, or a more modern translation for what your company encapsulates? This is key to not only narrowing down possible company names but also to establishing brand identity among the other sportswear businesses out there.

3. Define Keywords And Synonyms

From your company’s image and meaning, extrapolate the keywords and related synonyms that perfectly describe your business, your goods, and where you want the company to go. Then, start compiling your company name by combining these terms with our sportswear business name generator!

4. Get Some Feedback

Companies are all about customers, and it’s no different for sportswear businesses. Make sure you run your potential business names past a panel of potential consumers or even a group of your friends and colleagues to make sure they make sense, are memorable, and make someone want to shop there.

5. Check Availability

Once you have settled on a great company name or even a shortlist, it’s time to check availability. Use our sportswear business name generator to research your ideas and determine which domains are still ready to be claimed by you!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are a myriad of options for naming your sportswear business, but it’s generally best to stick to names that evoke ideas of strength, passion, and the determination to not give up.

Words like “indomitable”, “arena”, “tough”, “exert”, and even “samurai” are all great places to start coming up with the perfect business name that lets customers know exactly how great your activewear is.

It should always start with the consumer— make sure you know exactly what the current market needs in terms of new sportswear goods and innovations, and continue to keep your finger on that pulse to stay ahead of trends.

Once you have an idea of what your customer base might need, start brainstorming with a team of other dedicated and excited individuals to come up with some great ideas. Consider specific activity types, body shapes, or even catering your sportswear to people with disabilities to offer something new.

Your company name is a big part of the game, so letting yourself get inspired and coming up with a range of possible business names is essential to the process.

Plus, figuring out the keywords and meaning of your company’s title can help shed light on where you want your company to focus in terms of niche markets and particular clientele.


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