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How To Name Your Life Coach Business

All set to get your life coach business underway? Or maybe you have everything ready apart from that perfect name that will speak to your future clients. As a life coach, you want to be the best wellness professional you can be, allowing your clients to attain greater fulfillment.

We all know how difficult advertising and name choice can be. Why not make use of our dedicated Life Coach Business Name Generator to get the ball rolling. You never know your unique name might just be a click away!

If you’re still struggling to decide and have filtered through some life coaching business names, there’s no need to worry. We have compiled a breakdown of everything you need to know for the process, so keep reading to find all the ideas you need!

20 Life Coach Name Ideas

With a simple click, you can find a number of unique coaching business names using our Life Coach Business Name Generator. Here is a list of 20 names to get you started.

  1. CoachVio
  2. Coach Circulate
  3. Coach and Grow
  4. Lifeque
  5. Life Enhanced
  6. Lifeomatic
  7. Lifeopolis
  8. The Zen Zone
  9. Wellness and Coaching
  10. Coach Olympic
  11. Lifeify
  12. Zeus Coaching
  13. Gladiator Wellness
  14. Explosive Fulfillment
  15. Wellness Increase
  16. Coach Nurture
  17. Coach Dr.
  18. Life Achilles
  19. Helios Coaching
  20. Quest 4 Wellness

20 More Life Coach Name Ideas

  1. Gracious Guidance
  2. New You Nurturing
  3. Placid Tranquility
  4. Moving On
  5. Stillness & Serenity
  6. Hopeful Repose
  7. Cherish Coaching
  8. Elixir Of Nurturing
  9. Dulcet Development
  10. Halcyon Coaching
  11. Learning & Loving
  12. Harmony Healing
  13. Beacon Of Balance
  14. Coaching Coalition
  15. Decisive Development
  16. Diligent Directions
  17. Grounding Guidance
  18. Luminary Life Coaches
  19. Harmonious Helpers
  20. Lotus Coaching

Best Real-world Life Coaching Business Names

Life coaching is a very personal and rewarding industry, with the majority of companies using personality to market their skills and experience. If you’re still having trouble deciding on coaching names after using our Life Coach Business Name Generator, it’s useful to look at the most successful life coaches in the world.

Life coaching is a very personal and rewarding industry!

These life coaches have become the strongest pillars in the industry, providing wellness and fresh perspectives on their clients’ lives. As a job that allows people to attain life goals, it’s important to remember how each company uses personality to promote its services.

With that said, let’s take a look at the top life coaches in 2021:

  • Inner Strength Coaching
  • Blush
  • Boethius Life
  • Tony Robbins
  • Tracey Ward

As you can see from this list, life coaching business names can be very diverse. What also stands out is how these companies use the name of a single life coach.

If you want to keep it very personal then try using your full name! Let’s take a closer look at how each name promotes the services of a life coach.

Inner Strength Coaching

For 25 years, life coach, Raylee Mahony, has been helping individuals feel positive about their lives. As life coaching focuses on overcoming anxiety and stress, the use of “Inner Strength” is aimed at empowerment. Raylee provides reliable support for those looking to unlock their inner strength.


The all-female life coaching service, Blush, is committed to empowering women from all walks of life. Focused on the quarter-life crises, growing self-confidence, and bettering life relationships, this coaching company subverts the “blushes” from your life.

Boethius Life

Run by the Northern Irish actor, Michael Legge, his company aims to bring out the best in you. This is a great example of using a name that relates directly to finding happiness.

The term “Boethius” refers to the famous Italian philosopher of the same name. Taking inspiration from his works, such as ‘The Consolation of Philosophy’, the coaching company Boethius reworks ancient methods of life mastery through the intimate workings of the mind.

This name acknowledges the historical importance of life coaching and its roots in ancient philosophy, showcasing a knowledgeable mission statement.

Tony Robbins

As a life coach yourself, you may have noticed that a portion of companies in your industry heads up their firm with a single name. Regarded as the most famous life coach in the world (with his own Netflix film!), Tony Robbins has a powerful reputation as a motivational speaker.

It might not be helpful for someone starting out in the life coaching industry, but take note of how coaching company names speak personally to clients by using their own names. This will also depend on your personality and building the company around your style as a life coach.

Choose a Name that’s True to You

Life coaching business names can be either personal or creative. Maybe you’re stuck in two minds whether you want to use your own name or find that catchy phrase that suits your vision.

A vital tip when deciding is to always remember how intimate and life-changing the coaching industry is. After all, you’re going to be providing services that are going to speak to every part of your client’s life, including concerns, fears, and barriers.

As a life coach, you will be unlocking confidence in your clients, and pushing them to achieve what they never thought was possible. So, coaching business names go above and beyond the actual name itself. Think that it will forever belong to:

  • The first impression of your customers
  • Your identity
  • The type of customer you attract
  • Are you memorable?

Life coach business names like Blush and Inner Strength Coaching are true to their message. Just take another look at Blush. Their identity is specifically based on an empowering service for women of all ages, helping them to find happiness in their lives.

Stay true to what your life coaching angle may be and let that inform your desired name. Maybe you want to focus on a specific type of life coaching. Be it speech therapy, confidence building, or work-related stress, your name should translate how you’re going to help your clients succeed.

Maybe you’re wanting to offer a dedicated digital-orientated life coaching service. In this case, your name should reach out to those who need 1-2-1 support online. Think of names like “The Digital Coach”, “Wellness Online”, or “Online Coaching Mobility”

5-Tips for creating unique Life Coach Business name ideas

1. Consider Your Own Name

If you look at the most famous coaches, you can see how many carry the founder’s name as the trademark. If some of those examples have sparked an interest in you, then maybe you want to go down the personal route.

Keep in mind that many of these coaches advertise their services on reputation and experience. So at first, it may be daunting to use your name but it will be extremely rewarding to know your clients are coming to you based on your persona and personality.

Going in this direction with life coaching business names is a big commitment both for personal and marketing reasons. If you want to commit to this decision make sure your social media handles are professional and promote your services.

2. What’s your USP?

To stand out in a competitive industry, you’re going to need a Unique Selling Point that highlights “why you?” Many of the coaching business names that have appeared in this article focus on the specificity of their services.

Ask yourself this question about your life coach skills. What are you offering that is different from other life coaches?

3. Remember to Check Domain Availability

This may be a simple tip but it’s one of the most important. Let’s say you’ve found the perfect name that captures your personality and your USP. The only problem is that the domain has been taken. Others have been here before and we know it can be a frustrating process.

Whenever you’re looking at life coaching business names and one jumps out at you, check its domain availability. You will also want to ideally secure a .com domain.

Using the Life Coach Business Name Generator you can instantly see if the coaching business names have an available name.

4. Don’t Make it a Mouthful

Don’t Make it a Mouthful!

Having noticed that the most successful life coaches use short and concise names to advertise their services, you don’t want clients having difficulty remembering your name. Bear in mind, the shorter the name, the more memorable it will be.

Think about Blush. A single word that is easy to memorize and won’t have you tripping over your own words.

5. Use Positive Words

As a life coach or motivational speaker, you don’t want to come across as negative. You should be encouraging rewarding and enriching lifestyles that transcend stressful periods.

Think about using specific life coaching words like “wellness”, “robust”, “strength”, “confidence”, and “positivity”.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Think about names that instill a sense of tranquility and calm. Use names like: Elixir Nurturing, Calmness and Clarity, Restful Repose, Cherish Life, All in One Serenity

A life coach is also known as a mentor, career coach, or business coach. Other names can include, guru, confidant and rebbe.

Begin by listing all the different things that you do and who you aim to help. Phrases like “Business Leadership Coach” will help get you warmed up. Afterward, create a chart of all the desires and feelings that are important to you and your potential clients.

Life coaching can range from freelance to assisting business organizations with career development. The majority of life coaches are self-employed and tend to work out of private practices.


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