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Complete Guide to Naming Your Holistic Business

Our holistic business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get holistic business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

What do you want the brand of your holistic business to communicate? The popular holistic industry generally focuses on wellness, nutrition, spiritual happiness and overall health. However, regardless of what your holistic business is focussed on, choosing a business name that reflects your brand is a key starting point.

For example, if your holistic business is focussed on the bigger picture of improving quality of life, then you should be looking to choose certain language that communicates this brand in your business name, such as ‘Live Well’, or ‘Happy Living’.

Similarly, if your business was more focussed on a natural, organic approach to improving your overall health, then you should look to include language that will promote this brand and resonate with your target audience, such as ‘primal’, ‘pure’, ‘natural’ or ‘green’.

Demographic Interests

Having a clear understanding of your target audience is a critical part of any business strategy, and can be particularly valuable when choosing a business name. If you have a thorough understanding of your ideal customer, than you may chose a business name that appeals to their specific demographic, interests or hobbies.

For example, a holistic business that focuses on improving your physical self through exercise may use language that will resonate with their specific audience, such as ‘Body Hack’ or ‘Fitness Lab’.

Whereas, a holistic business that is more focussed on spiritual or mental wellbeing could choose a business name that focuses less on the body and more on the mind, as this is the first piece of marketing that will attract their target clients by promoting their brand. These business names may include related words such as ‘Zen’, ‘spiritual’ or ‘mind’.

Competitor Name Analysis

Primal Fitness

Short and effective, this health business name uses the word primal to promote their brand of physical body fitness coaching, focussing on natural, fundamental techniques.

Caveman Doctor

This business name uses a memorable word like ‘caveman’ to relate to the increasingly poplar trend in primal, ‘paleo’ lifestyles. It perfectly sums up their brand of “applying simple logic to complex health issues”.

Green Health Global

This business name serves well to identify their brand of ‘green’ or natural healthcare solutions, whilst also indefinites themselves as a large, international company.

Best Self Co.

This catchy business name sums up their objective of their holistic personal development company in a descriptive yet memorable business name.

DIY Woman

This female wellbeing consultancy clearly identifies their target audience in their business name, and suggests a brand focussed on self-improvement and personal development.

Fitness First

As well as clearly identifying their focus (fitness), this global gym company uses the common tool of alliteration to create a memorable business name that has that ‘roll off the tongue’ effect.

Brainstorm Holistic Business Name Ideas

When brainstorming for holistic business name ideas, as well a trying to capture your brand image and appeal to your target audience, consider how people pronounce your business name, and how it may look visually when written on a business card, social media post or logo.

For help brainstorming, check out our Company Name Generator to help generate thousands of business name ideas from a single word, and check domain availability whilst you’re at it.

To help you get started we’ve put together a list of holistic business related words:





















Holistic Business Name Inspiration

  1. Equinox: relating to the two days a year when day and night is of equal length, this world could be used to promote a feeling of oneness, perfection or holistic balance.
  2. Totus: this is the Latin word that means whole, entire, complete or total… making it a perfect name of a holistic business.
  3. Tony’s Touch: if your businesses unique selling point is the specific skill or personality of an individual, then don’t be afraid to make this clear in the business name.
  4. ZenLab: using the word Zen is generally related to spiritual or intuitional health, and lab provokes the feeling of a scientific workshop. Bring them both together for a catchy holistic business name
  5. Holistify: putting a clever suffix such as ‘-tify’, (which generally means ‘to become’) on the end of another word is a common way to create a catchy and descriptive business name..

What Not to Name Your Holistic Business

It’s always advised to avoid long-winded or hard to spell business names, as these are not only hard to remember, but can make it difficult to search for online, which is a critical marketing avenue for any modern business.

For example: “holisticfinancialconsultancy.com” is a mouthful, not overly memorable and generally hard to spell if searching. A much more catchy business name that promote the same brand might be “Talking Money” or “Finance Friend”.

It is also recommended to avoid basic descriptive words such as ‘good’, ‘best’, ‘amazing’, ‘stunning’, etc., as this won’t convince your target audience nearly as much as letting your products/services build your reputation for you.

Of course, it is always recommended to avoid business names that may be deemed as offensive or marginalising. Even if you are quite sure your ideal client is a male, unless you genuinely can’t/don’t want to service the female market, you may wish to avoid names that only attract men (and visa-versa).