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Complete Guide to Naming Your Electrical Business

Our electrical business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get electrical business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Electrical contracting businesses can be very successful if they offer reliable services in the local community or city. Newcomers to the field, however, could find it quite challenging to establish their reputation.

Do you have a company name, a slogan or a logo? Even if you are a solo contractor, you can still benefit from a bit of branding for your electrical business.

Ask yourself one simple question when doing branding – what are the qualities of the best electrical contractors? Licenses and certification matter. The same applies to having sufficient experience, offering emergency services, technical knowledge, safe practices and reliance on the right equipment to get the job done.

You should be seen as a reliable electrician. You should also put emphasis on the range of services that you specialise in. Think about troubleshooting, circuit tracing, installation, repairs and maintenance, the creation of emergency generator systems, preventative maintenance programmes an electrical power testing. If you are known as an expert in any of these fields, highlight the fact through your branding efforts.

Demographic Interests

Electrical companies work with residential, commercial and industrial customers.

The needs of these clients are obviously different. Industrial and commercial projects tend to be much larger, especially when it comes to the wiring and the electrical maintenance of production facilities like factories.

Residential clients often look for electricians when upgrading a property or building a brand new house. Occasionally, they will also require emergency assistance.

Both residential and commercial clients will be highly loyal to the electrical company that does a good job once. Not only that, they’ll also be willing to provide referrals. Electrical companies, just like contractors benefit a lot from word of mouth promotion. Thus, the quality of service, communication and effectiveness will be of paramount importance.

Competitor Name Analysis

All in One Electric

The name is a good pick for an electrical company that offers its customers comprehensive services.

Choice Electric and Plumbing

As already mentioned, it’s very important to highlight the range of services you’re capable of offering to your clients. This is precisely what the company does through the selection of its name.

Eco Electric

A company that works with both residential and commercial customers. As the name suggests, this brand offers sustainable and environmentally-conscious solutions to its customers.

Zeus Power Electrical Services

In the Greek mythology, Zeus is the god of thunder and lighting. The company adopts a pretty interesting approach towards its name selection. For a start, Zeus is a god. Adding “power” to the title is also linked to positive connotations.

Lights Out

While most companies opt for a pretty formulaic approach towards name selection, these electrical contractors have chosen to be different and to stand out. The name certainly accomplishes the goal.

Tesla Electric Company

This business pays homage to Nikola Tesla – a scientist who is sometimes being called the patron of modern electricity. Tesla was the first to uncover the power of the alternating current and he almost made it possible to transfer energy through the air itself.


You can choose a standard and formulaic approach towards the selection of your electrical contractor company. Still, take some time to think about it. You may be capable of conceptualising a name that sounds unique, that’s catchy and memorable.

Our Business Name Generator can help you accomplish the task. Don’t hesitate to explore different relevant phrases and see if you like them enough to name your business after them. You will also be provided with thorough information about domain name availability.

To test out the generator, you should play around with the following words and phrases related to electrical service provision:








Parallel circuit

Short circuit






Green energy









High voltage

Electrical Business Name Inspiration

  1. High Voltage: while this is an obvious choice, it sounds just about right. Everybody will know what services the company offers.
  2. Power Surge: the concept here is a similar one as in the case of the previous example. Electricity and power are used interchangeably. Hence, if you want to avoid the first word in the name of your company, this one will be an obvious choice.
  3. Reliable Current Providers: one thing that people want when it comes to their electrical supply is reliability. Proper maintenance of the wiring will be essential to accomplish the goal.
  4. Solar and Beyond Electrical Company: alternative sources of energy are becoming more mainstream. Companies that have experience in those should make the fact known.
  5. The Current Expertz: an electrical contractor company name can be a bit more frivolous for the purpose of increasing recognition and making the brand sound quirkier.
  6. Helios Electric: Helios was he personification of the sun in the Geek mythology. Thus, the name provides an indirect reference to alternative sources of electricity.
  7. Corporate Grid Masters: electrical companies that specialise in the commercial sector should put emphasis on the fact.
  8. The Wire Guy: this name is a bit more casual and it may be highly suitable for an electrical contractor that operates solo.
  9. New Generation Electric: electrical grids and networks evolve all the time. Experts in the field should let potential clients know that they’re experienced with innovative technologies and power generation methods.
  10. No More Blackout: people who need electrical services are familiar with the scenario. A promise to prevent it does a good thing for the establishment of the brand reputation.

What Not to Name Your Electrical Business

Avoid the words Electrical and Contractor in the name of your company as much as possible. There are more creative ways in which you can accomplish the goal of relevance. While looking for an alternative is going to be more challenging, it will help you stand out in the long run.

It’s typically not a good idea to include your name in the title of the company. Joe’s Electrical Services isn’t really distinctive (there are probably at least 20 other companies with a similar name). The only exception is for experts who have already established their reputation in the respective community.

Abbreviations don’t make a lot of sense, as well, unless they are general knowledge or there’s an engaging back story.