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As far as naming for solar companies is concerned, you’ll see a common trend being established. The word “solar” is frequently included in the brand to give potential clients a good idea about the area of specialization. SolarCity is no exception from the rule.

Direct Energy Solar

Another typical name in this industry, Direct Energy Solar puts emphasis on the direct source being used for the purpose of green electricity production.

Complete Solar

Most of these company names do not require an explanation as the intention behind the naming of the brand is pretty clear.

NRG Home Solar

The three letters NRG in the name of this company are a reference to energy. The rest doesn’t really need an explanation.

GreenMind Energy

The emphasis here isn’t on solar technologies, rather the company puts emphasis on environment-friendly processes.

Go Solar

A pretty simple name that somewhat incorporates a call to action into the brand.

Tesla Solar Energy

This is a sub-division of the world-famous Tesla. The term Tesla is a nod to Nikola Tesla – a Serbian-American inventor and engineer who is mostly known for his contribution to the modern AC current electricity supply system.

Sun Power

This brand doesn’t require an interpretation either because the name is pretty straightforward.

Branding Strategy & Naming Terminology

Solar companies are currently working on showing their customers that the technology is affordable and that it will pay itself off in a relatively short time period. Thus, the main purpose of marketing is to tell potential clients that solar energy production is a good idea for the mass consumer.

As far as naming a solar company goes, there are a few clichés to avoid. If possible, the term “solar” shouldn’t be used in the name of the business. It is so common in the field that a brand new company will find it very difficult to distinguish itself from the competition.

Coming up with an alternative will take time but putting some creativity in the process will eventually pay off. A name like A Ray of Energy sounds much better than Solar Lux (not that the second name is bad but it’s simply indistinguishable from all of the other brands out there). Another word for sun can also be incorporated in the name – helios, solis, sonne and sol are all good ideas.

Affordable energy, clean energy, green, sustainable, efficient, bright, clean, safe, renewable, the power of the sun, high ROI, maximum capacity

Demographic & Interests

Solar technology companies work with a wide array of customers. Some of their clients are larger establishments like hotels, for example. They want to build a green image for the brand, which is why they’re looking into energy production from the sun.

The residential sector is also becoming increasingly interested in alternative energy sources. These people may want a solar installation for several reasons. Some of them are concerned about the environment and their home’s carbon footprint. Others want affordable energy production. Still others want independence from electricity companies.

These clients do not have many common interests but they’re forward thinking and they have a pretty good idea about what solar energy production entails.

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