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How To Name Your Solar Business

If you’re starting a solar business, you need solar names ideas that show your business’s dedication to providing sustainable energy. Your business name should show the promise of clean energy. How do you use the business name generator to develop the perfect solar names for your solar business? Read on to find out the best naming techniques to help your naming process.

20 Solar Business Name Ideas

I came up with these 20 solar names using the business name generator. I simply typed in some keywords associated with solar energy and picked the ones I liked best.

  1. Solar Smart
  2. Sun Stone
  3. EcoX
  4. Eco Achieve 
  5. Green Glow
  6. Solar Deck
  7. Chief Sun
  8. Suniva
  9. Vanguard Sun
  10. Surge Solus
  11. Optimal Solem
  12. Frame Solem
  13. Bolt Sun
  14. Elevate Solus
  15. Active Bright
  16. Champions UV
  17. Evolve Bright
  18. Gain Radiate
  19. Prodigy UV
  20. Target Bright

If I liked one of these solar names and wanted to use it for my solar business, I could simply type the name into the domain availability checker to see if it is available or already in use. If the name is available, I can use it for my business.

If you struggle to develop keywords to put into the generator, keep reading. The rest of this article will be covering the best real-world solar names, taking principles from their names that you can apply when coming up with your name.

20 More Solar Business Name Ideas

  1. Mater Tellus Energy
  2. Sun Drops
  3. Warm Love
  4. Sun Beat
  5. Solwave
  6. Greenlight Solar
  7. Influx Energy
  8. Solis Solar Systems
  9. Vitalis Systems
  10. Suntastic
  11. VitaLight
  12. Evergreen Energy
  13. Terra Light
  14. Radiant Star Solar Systems
  15. Emerald Ray Solutions
  16. Nexa Solar
  17. Luminus Systems
  18. Suntree Green Systems
  19. Golden Ray
  20. Unisolar

Best Real-world Solar Business Names

If you want to beat your competitors’ names, you will need to research the best real-world business names to ensure you are using the best naming techniques. This section will explain how these businesses chose their cool solar names, and why they work so well. I will also include some tips for naming your own business drawn from these names.


This solar business uses biblical imagery in its name. Seraphim are a type of angel from the old testament, and Seraphim uses this heavenly imagery to represent solar energy. This branding is a great technique to create the brand’s image as heavenly or superior subtly. Consider using divine imagery in your brand name to subtly imply your brand’s superiority with cool solar names.

Auxin Solar 

This brand gets its name from the element ‘auxin’ in plants which regulates plant growth. Along with ‘solar’, this word makes the name allusive to photosynthesis. This name suggests the company is eco-friendly, without using overused words like ‘green’ and ‘eco’. Try refining your brand as such without relying on commonly used words.

Lumos Solar 

This brand name uses two Latin-derived words, ‘sun’, and ‘light’. The brand creates a distinct name using Latin words and avoids using generic words. You might consider using Latin or foreign branding to make your name more exciting and avoid overused terminology that could stop your solar company names from standing out.

Canadian Solar 

This brand name is based on the company’s target customer. The name works well in specifying where the brand is established, it adds uniqueness to the name and avoids the name becoming overly generic. Consider using your specific location in your solar company names to let customers know where you are based (if you are a small business, I would recommend using your specific county in your business name, rather than your country or state, as there will be many ‘Florida Solar’ companies out there, but far fewer ‘Orange County Solar’ companies).

First Solar

This brand name is designed to imply that the company is the ‘first choice’ for solar power and solar panel installation. Try using a superlative like ‘best’ or ‘first’ in your business name, as this is an easy way to imply your superiority as a solar power provider.

How To Brand Your Solar Business

If you want to create a distinctive brand for your solar business that will act as the basis for your creative decisions regarding the logo and business name and educate the values pushed to the forefront in your brand literature. Some of the key areas you could choose for an overarching definition of your brand include:

  • Clean Energy – your brand can focus on creating clean energy by using images of purity to set the tone for your branding.
  • Your Values – if your business venture is driven by a particular value or goal, you should include this in your branding, name choice, and the artwork for your brand. This may be a message to save the planet or stop pollution.
  • Your affordability – if you are offering solar panels for the best prices to promote their use and encourage people to invest in the planet’s future, you should take a direction with your branding that stresses the affordability of your products.
  • Your area – as we mentioned earlier, where you are offering solar panel installation can be at the forefront of your branding and included in your name choice to let customers know that you can offer solar panel installation and maintenance in their area,

Hopefully, these aspects have given you some direction for your branding, which will inform your name choice to create a cohesive image for your brand.

5-Tips for creating unique Solar Business name ideas 

Now that you know which direction you would like to take with your branding, you should have a clearer image of where to start when coming up with a solar business name, This section will cover 5 tips to help you find inspiration for your name, avoid mistakes, and edit the names you come up with from the generator to make them more catchy.

Tip One: Avoid Generic Names

It will surely make your solar business name lose impact if it is too generic. There are many solar energy companies out there going by ‘Solar Power’ ‘Solar Energy’ etc. You will need to include words in your name outside the box and will hardly have been used in other solar business names, as there are so many companies with very similar names. If your name stands out from a list, particularly in a google search, consumers will be more prone to click on it, as it’s harder to decide between names that sound too similar.

Tip Two: Use Thematic Naming

We saw that Seraphim’s use of a heavenly theme for their branding was successful. Think about themes associated with the sun and solar energy. You may wish to use planetary imagery and keywords like ‘galaxy’ or ‘core’. Think outside the box and use exciting themes. Using exciting and fresh themes is a great way to ensure your name isn’t too similar to the other solar company names out there and will give it more impact.

Tip Three: Have A Voice

Your business name is a great way to send a message about finding and implementing sustainable energy sources. You can use words like ‘savior’, ‘protect’, and ‘revolution’ to get your message across. It is essential to let people know that they are becoming an impetus of change by switching to solar power. This method of naming your business will ensure that your branding reflects why solar power matters to you, and make your name feel more personal to you.

Tip Four: Use Your Name

If you are struggling with a name, try using your name. If you have a business partner, try using both your names or combining your initials. By using your name for your business, you make it your legacy. You could even use this as an opportunity to make your business a family-run one and bring in your siblings, spouse, or children.

Tip Five: Use Literary Devices

If you want your name to be impactful and catchy, you will need to use some poetic devices. Alliteration, rhythm, and combined words are the best poetic devices for naming your business. When naming your business, consider that lengthy names are often less impactful, so it’s best to keep your name short and sweet. You could use alliteration to improve how your name sounds and make two separate words more cohesive.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can make your business name more catchy by using poetic devices, like alliteration. For example, if the name of your solar business was ‘Sun Plan’, you might change this to ‘Sun Strategy’ to improve the sound of the name.

You should name your solar business by coming up with keywords associated with solar power and considering what kind of branding you want for your solar company. You may wish to brand your business based on affordability, clean energy, or your values.

Today’s most prominent solar companies include LONGi Solar, Jinko Solar, and JA Solar. These companies have the highest sales figures.


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