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A name that is clear in its meaning. The company produces Solar panels and wants to one-day power the cities we inhabit with solar energy.


‘Gold’ is laced with a positive, valuable and important meaning. The use of it in front of the term wind, tells consumers a) the company produces wind power, b) they are the best company doing so.


A direct translation of solar energy. The name clearly communicates the company’s purpose.


The name combines sun with longevity making it unique, but also easy to remember. The name also conveys the message that solar power is the future.

United Power

The term ‘United’ instils patriotic feelings in consumers, while also demonstrating inclusiveness and togetherness. The name is therefore very positive, which is very proficient.


Two words combined that both mean sun. The double meaning and uniqueness make this one of the best names in the industry.


A repetitive name that rolls off the tongue. The name also clearly communicates the company’s offering.


‘Rush’/’Hydro’. The use of only one ‘h’ when there should be two, results in potential spelling errors when searching for the company on the web. The name, however, is still highly effective at communication.


The name is just a description of what the company does. This simplicity is genius.

Choose Energy

A marketplace for cleantech, they couldn’t have chosen a better name to convey their services to the public.

Foresight Wind Energy

The use of ‘foresight’ in the name elevates the company to the status of a thought-leader/market innovator. This is ideal for public perception.

Harvest Power

a company that produces energy from organic waste. The use of ‘harvest’ has a double meaning: the harvest of agriculture and the harvesting of power from this agricultural waste.

Marketing Strategy & Useful
Advertising Terminology

With the growing public consensus on the reality of climate change, which has long lagged behind that of the scientific community, more and more consumers are demanding green energy options. This is a compelling case for corporations to change their ways or lose customers. To appeal to their clients, these companies need to emphasise the good/green they are doing/have implemented into their enterprises.

Carbon-neutral, net zero, stable production, peak demand capacity, low price, energy security, zero pollution, clean energy, green-collar jobs, energy diversification

Clientele & Interests

With the evolution of energy companies, the landscape of power production has changed from large energy enterprises and parastatals vying for government contracts to smarter, leaner innovators.  These companies offer electricity security and monetary savings, appealing very strongly towards consumers desires. Larger corporations, on the other hand, cite their ability to meet peak demand at low costs to gain state and federal contracts.

Energy security, money savings, environmentalism, global warming, health, species diversity, conservation, green economy, attractive business climate, natural disasters caused by C02 production

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Industry Related Words


air pollution

alternative energy

alternative fuels


carbon dioxide

carbon footprint

carbon neutral

carbon offsetting

carbon tax

carbon sink

climate change

global warming



emissions cap

energy efficiency

energy saving grant


fossil fuel

fuel cells

geothermal energy

green design

green fatigue

green technology initiative


greenhouse effect



Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change



non-renewable resources






photovoltaic panels

solar heating

wind power



clean energy economy

clean energy act

clean energy jobs

green collar jobs

climate bill

clean technology

clean tech


shale gas

clean coal

tar sands



life cycle assessment

solar panel

solar thermal

triple bottom line

Kyoto protocol

Paris climate agreement


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