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Complete Guide to Naming Your Contractor Business

Our contractor business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get contractor business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Contractors offer their clients a range of services. While many rely on word of mouth promotion and referrals, a bit emphasis on branding will also pay off.

Just like in other areas, a winning bran should be based on specialization. The narrower you can go, the better. Are you a home building contractor that offers comprehensive services? Do you specialise in electrical work? Plumbing? Heating and ductwork? Even if you offer more general services, it’s crucial to put emphasis on your key area of experience in the branding efforts.

The same applies to special features that solely your clients will be entitled to. Is there a special warranty? Do you offer 24/7 emergency services? Such characteristics could be the basis of your company name, your slogan or the marketing campaigns you plan.

Focus on what you want to be known for. It could be reliability, timely repairs, extensive warranties or good value. Avoid focusing on the lowest prices in the field. Low prices will sometimes be linked to inferior quality – something you don’t want to be known for.

Demographic Interests

Contractors can work with a vast range of clients – from large construction companies and realtors to home owners.

The scope of the project will be dependent on the type of client. B2B customers tend to have larger projects that necessitate long-term involvement. Residential clients rely on contractor services on an as-needed basis.

Some of the major market segments in the construction and contractor fields include industrial, commercial, residential, infrastructure development and non-housing (public). Your area of specialisation will determine the market segment most applicable to you.

Competitor Name Analysis


The engineering and construction contractor company from the US is named after its founder – Warren A. Bechtel.

Oderbrecht Engenharia E Construcao

The biggest engineering and contraction company in Latin America is also named after its founder – Norberto Oderbrecht. The other words in the name are Portuguese for engineering and construction.


This company’s name is an example of why less is usually more. Originally, the company was known as Aktiebolaget Skånska Cementgjuteriet, which means Scanian cement casting. Eventually, the company became generally known as Skanska and the name stuck. The long title was dropped and only Skanska remained.


The name is an acronym for Società Anonima Italiana Perforazioni E Montaggi. The company is a prominent Italian gas and oil industry contractor.


The Spanish design, construction and financial operations contractors specializes in the transportation field. Its name is derived from the Spanish word for railroad.

Renaissance Construction

The Renaissance is a time period of enlightenment, science and engineering. Needless to say, such a name is ideal for a company that specialises in the field of construction contracting.


While most companies adopt a rather formulaic approach to the selection of the right name for their contractor business, a bit of originality will still be required. As already mentioned, take some time to think about your areas of specialisation and the things that you’re most known for. When you have a list, brainstorm about phrases and terms that are applicable.

When you determine the list of phrases, try our Business Name Generator. It will give you variations and you can fine-tune the name selection process even further. We also have information about domain name availability that will come in handy for branding.

If you need a bit of assistance to get started, try the following list of contactor-related words:





Building inspection



Certified firm



Environmental design

Fixed price contract

General contract

Independent contractor











Contractor Business Name Inspiration

  1. Beyond Excellence Contractors: excellence is one of the positive terms associated with the work of construction companies. If you can come up with a catchy phrase, this option is definitely worth exploring.
  2. Masonry Boss: this name is a bit more casual and it’s a great pick for contractors offering specialised B2C services to residential clients.
  3. Custom Construction Solutions: a personalised approach and a bit of personalisation is what most customers will be looking for from their contractor.
  4. Community Builders: the name could be interpreted in two ways. For a start, the company could refer to contractors that offer services within the local community. Community Builders could also be interpreted as a local business that plays a role in establishing the local community.
  5. Next Level Homes: repairs and improvements aim to take a home to the next level, hence the suitability of this construction contractor company name.
  6. Spruce it Up: the phrase sounds good and it also provides good indication about the types of services the company offers. Mainly suitable for residential contractors.
  7. Lay the Foundations: an excellent choice for the name of a construction contractor company.
  8. Conceptual Design Developments: a more formal name for a contraction company that works mainly in the B2B field.
  9. StoneWorx Contractor Group: this is yet another contractor company name that sheds some light on the primary area of expertise.
  10. Green City Construction: an emphasis on sustainable practices is quite beneficial for brand establishment in the contractor field right now. Don’t hesitate to adopt such an approach towards naming your company.

What Not to Name Your Contractor Business

Don’t be stiff and boring when naming your construction or contracting company. While a lot of creativity and humour aren’t exactly required to win over customers, putting a bit of personality in the brand will pay off. General Contractors Construction Company obviously doesn’t sound as good as City Home Makers. Both of the names say the same thing but the second one has a little bit of character.

Keep it short. Many contractors tend to go overboard with the descriptive phrases. A long name doesn’t really make sense because customers will have a hard time remembering it. If you want to provide additional information, you can come up with a catchy slogan to accompany your contractor company name.

Avoid words that have become a cliché in the industry. Nail it – this phrase may sound fun but just do a bit of research and see how many contractors utilise it in their marketing campaigns. The same applies to expert, renovation, home improvements, management and precision.

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