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Complete Guide to Naming Your Engineering Business

Our engineering business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get engineering business name inspiration.

How Engineering is often described

(“______ Engineering”)

Example Engineering company names using these related descriptive words ‘PROJECT URBAN Structural Engineering’ and ‘Mainlands Marine Engineering’.





















Brand Goals & Target Market

Professional engineering services are highly sought after because of their applicability to a wide array of fields.

When doing the branding for a business that offers professional services, you have to ask yourself two important questions – what are you mostly known for and what you want people to think/feel about your firm.

Obviously, the specific branding efforts themselves will depend on the types of engineering services you have to offer. There are so many engineering branches – from agricultural to automotive, aerospace, construction, electrical and computer to industrial, oil and naval engineering. The more niche your skills are, the easier it will be to establish your authority in the respective field.

Certain skills and characteristic are always attributed to good engineers, regardless of the field. These should also be a part of your marketing efforts. Critical thinking, STEM knowledge, computer modelling experience and an innovative view of the industry will also be required. If you possess these skills, you should definitely highlight them through your brand establishment efforts.

Demographic Interests

Engineers, depending on their skills and area of specialisation, can work with corporate, industrial and residential customers.

On occasions, entire industries will be dependent on the qualifications and the experience of an engineering team. The projects that these professionals are responsible for could be worth millions. In this instances, corporate and industrial clients will be highly demanding. They will have non-negotiable expectations in terms of communication, the modus operandi and the deadlines. In the case of a failure, the repercussions for the engineering team could be serious.

Engineering companies, especially those that work in the construction sector, could also partner up with residential clients. Very often, these customers do not have sufficient knowledge or experience in the field. They will depend heavily on the recommendations made by the engineering team. As a result, the effectiveness of communication will be of paramount importance for customer satisfaction.

Competitor Name Analysis


The multinational conglomerate from Japan specialises in information and telecommunications engineering. It was set up in 1918 and the name consists of two parts – Hi meaning sun and Tachi meaning rise.

Honeywell International

A diverse industrial conglomerate, Honeywell International specialises in aerospace, automation and control engineering. The company is named after its founder – Mark Honeywell.

ABB Group

ABB stands for ASEA Brown Boveri – a name that the company got after the merger of two entities. The first one was ASEA – Allmänna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget (General Swedish Electrical Limited Company) and the second one was Brown, Boveri & Cie.

Aker Solutions

The Norwegian oil and petroleum engineering giant is named after the Aker River where the first company workshop was located. The company carried the name Aker Kværner but since the second part was quite difficult to pronounce by non-Scandinavians, it was dropped.

Dar Al-Handasah

The international project management and engineering group based in Lebanon has a name in Arabic that translates to “house of engineering.”

Thales Group

A French multinational engineering company, Thales Group is named after the Greek philosopher by the same name. The pre-Socratic philosopher and mathematician was considered one of the Seven Sages of Greece.

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Engineering Business Name Inspiration

  1. Blueprint Innovate: a rather generic name that could apply to all kinds of engineering businesses. It’s suitable for those who aren’t targeting specialisation.
  2. Concept Design Group: a more corporate name, this one will be great for a construction engineering company but it could also be applicable in other areas.
  3. Centaur Engineering: the centaur is often seen as a powerful mythical creature. Thus, the word has positive connotations when it comes to the integrity and the reputation of an engineering company.
  4. Power & Energy Corp: oil and gas engineering are two prominent fields and the name is suitable for a business within the sphere.
  5. Forward Tech Concepts: innovation is definitely an attribute to put emphasis on and the name will be great for a wide array of engineering companies.
  6. Smart Solutions Engineering: what’s the purpose of engineering projects? To come up with innovative and intelligent solutions for the common problems that businesses and end consumers face today.
  7. Modular Worx: this is yet another slightly generic name that sounds good and that will be easy to remember.
  8. The CAD Masters: as already mentioned in the guide, it’s a good idea to put emphasis on your primary skills. This is precisely what the company can accomplish through the selection of such a name.
  9. Industrial Element Designs: industrial engineering is in high demand – let potential clients know this is your area of specialisation.
  10. ProBuild: the name refers to what the engineering company does rather than to its area of specialisation.

What Not to Name Your Engineering Business

Avoid the inclusion of your name or an abbreviation in the title of the engineering company. The market already features dozens of such businesses and it will be nearly impossible for you to stand out as a newcomer in the field.

Solutions is also far from the most innovative word you can feature in the name of your business. it’s usually a cop out when you cannot produce something a bit more creative. Don’t be afraid to try some odder ideas – chances are that at least one of them will stick.

It’s also not a good idea to include word “filler” in the name of your company. Some words and phrases don’t really add a lot to the value of your brand. Great, original, breakthrough, modern – these are things you will have to prove to potential clients rather than just feature then in the name of your company.

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