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Complete Guide to Naming Your Coconut Business

Our coconut business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get coconut business name inspiration.

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Brand Goals & Target Market

Coconuts have become a staple of healthy eating and the industry is booming. The demand for coconuts has been soaring over the past few years and producers have found it difficult to cope with the new reality of the market. Since 2013, demand has increased by 0ver 50 per cent. The niche offers some lucrative opportunities for establishing a business and witnessing sustainable growth in the years to come.

The success of your business will depend on several things.

For a start, what exactly do you plan to manufacture? Will you grow coconuts? Will you make a product like coconut oil or coconut water? Or maybe you’d like to develop a brand of specialised cosmetics based on the coconut? There are many options in the field, each one enabling opportunities for solid growth.

Once you know exactly what you’re going to focus on, it will be time to initiate those branding efforts. Selecting the right name will be one of the first steps towards success and distinguishing yourself from other coconut brands out there.

Demographic Interests

Coconut companies can work with an array of clients – from end consumers to B2B customers.

If you grow coconuts and you sell them in bulk, you will probably be pursuing development in the B2B niche. Such companies have large orders that they’ll need to fulfil within a specified time period. The growth potential is huge but the responsibility is also significant.

Coconut companies can also work with end consumers who are looking for healthy nutrition and natural products featuring the coconut. Coconut oil, toothpaste, sweets, coconut-based cosmetics and dozens of other options are being pursued by the consumers of today.

End clients are becoming increasingly knowledgeable when it comes to choosing the right ingredients and recognising their benefits. Open and honest communication with such clients will be one of the essentials as far as brand establishment is concerned.

Competitor Name Analysis

Harmless Harvest

The company makes organic coconut water and other beverages. The name refers to the fact that the company harvests organic coconuts and helps local communities/farmers along the way.


A name that instantly makes it clear the company specialises in the field of cosmetics. Cococare makes products that take care of the skin (and a lot of care is put in cosmetics manufacturing).

Coconut Country Living

A primary coconut oil manufacturer, the company implies several things through the name. Coconut Country refers to a place – Kerala, which is considered the coconut capital of the world. The makers of the product believe that the place does make a difference when it comes to product quality.

Skinny & Co

A company that makes raw organic coconut oil, Skinny & Co is all about the importance of things we put in our bodies. Healthy is beautiful and beauty inside out are two of the premises the company operated by.


The company makes an array of coconut-based products. The name is a variation of the Indian word kopparai, which means coconut.


A company that makes vegan, cruelty-free products based on coconut and other natural ingredients. Pacifica is about peacefulness, mindfulness and minimising our impact on nature.

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A good name for a coconut company is all about knowing what you do and what you have to offer. Put emphasis on your strengths, the things that make you unique.

Once you draft a list of potential words and phrases you may want to use in the title, try our Business Name Generator. It will give you numerous variations to explore and narrow down the idea even further. Information about domain name availability will also be provided.

Here are a few coconut-related terms and phrases to help you focus your creativity:


Coconut oil

Coconut water





Extra virgin coconut oil


Saturated fatty acids






Nutritional value

Medium-chain fatty acids

Lauric acid


Coconut milk



Coconut Business Name Inspiration

  1. Island Paradise: the name provokes an immediate association with a tropical paradise, fresh produce and delicious coconuts that have just been cracked open.
  2. InVigorate: a good name for a company that makes coconut water or drinks based on this ingredient.
  3. Crack It Open: a coconut doesn’t get any fresher than in the case of just being cracked open. The name is an ideal choice for coconut producers, as well as companies that make other products based on the ingredient.
  4. Fit for Coco: the specific types of fatty acids found in coconuts make them an ideal choice for weight loss – a fact that can be emphasised through name selection.
  5. Niu Niu: the word niu means coconut in Hawaiian. If you want a name that sounds a bit more exotic, go for a pick like this one.
  6. Cocos Nucifera Temptations: another way to say coconut without opting for the most obvious choice. Cocos Nucifera is the name of coconut in Latin.
  7. Hair Food: natural oils like the coconut one are a spectacular choice for nourishing the hair and making masks or conditioners.
  8. Curry Classics: if you’re making coconut oil for cooking purpose, you may want to highlight one of the primary dishes prepared using this ingredient.
  9. Yes Natura: saying yes to natural ingredients is something that so many consumers have been doing over the past few years.
  10. Virgin Delicate: a delicate is a word that carries a positive association to taste or scent. The name also suggests that the products are virgin (potentially cold-pressed or even organic).

What Not to Name Your Coconut Business

Don’t choose the most obvious or boring route to establishing your brand. The Coconut Company is an obvious choice and since it is obvious, the choice also happens to be a boring one.

While being somewhat indirect is a good idea, you also want potential clients to know almost immediately what you’re talking about. Being obscure for the sake of originality could actually interfere with the quality and the recognition of your brand.

Adding a location to the name of your business does make sense in this instance but only if the location is linked to superior coconut quality.

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