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How To Name Your Juice Business

Starting a juice company is a great option for entrepreneurs who want to break into the food industry but have little experience. With few start-up costs and minimal preparation needed, your juice business could be all the rage. 

72% of Americans spend money on coffee each week; how many of them can you convince to switch to a healthy juice drink on their way to work? Brands like Tropicana and Capri Sun are household names. With my help, it won’t be long before your juice bar name is similarly taking over the industry. 

If you want your juice business to be in it for the long haul, you need to get your name out on social media. Clever juice names tend to stick best in people’s heads—don’t worry, I’ll help you decide on which juice company names are going to guarantee your success.

20 Juice Business Name Ideas

To come up with my clever juice names, I started by inputting words around the ideas of health, fruit, and lifestyle. Many people picking up a drink from a juice bar want to know that what they are putting in their bodies is fresh and healthy. Juice bar names should suggest good well-being as well as its delicious taste.

  1. Fresh Glow
  2. Mother Apple
  3. Raw Juice
  4. Nature Health
  5. Beyond Juice
  6. Altitude Pear
  7. World Orange
  8. Tropic Works
  9. Smiling Juice
  10. Infinite Life
  11. Simply Well
  12. Hello Juice
  13. Blend Tropical
  14. Pearverse
  15. Orangetastic
  16. Naturally Melon
  17. Naked Extract
  18. Detox Life
  19. Spark Organic
  20. Think Juice

20 More Juice Business Name Ideas

  1. Fruitify
  2. Jackfruit Corner
  3. juice.me
  4. Colorful Magic
  5. Naturalis
  6. Fresh Squeeze
  7. Orgablend
  8. Organic Bomb
  9. Fruitose
  10. Juilicious
  11. Agranic
  12. Vitanic Juice
  13. Detox Sip
  14. Blended Magic
  15. Natural Squeeze
  16. Vitalis Drop
  17. Squeeze.it
  18. Freshly Picked
  19. Nature Touch
  20. Blendify

Best Real-world Juice Business Names

Now that we’ve shared what clever juice names our generator can come up with, let’s see what the competitors are doing. Knowing what others do is always a smart idea—what works and what doesn’t? You can get plenty of inspiration from your competitor’s juice business names.  

Beverly Hills Juice Club

The Beverly Hills Juice Club is a Los Angeles juice bar serving an array of vegetable and fruit juices. Thriving since 1975, their name strikes dominance and inclusion. There is a sense of status, they are the club. Yet, we also feel welcomed into this exclusive club.

There is also a personal aspect to it. Try thinking of juice bar names after the location or using your own name to give it a homely, welcoming feel.

Pressed Juicery

Another Californian juice bar, the Pressed Juicery tells you exactly what it does: pressed juice. The play with the word ‘juicery’ makes it sound a little more interesting than if it had just named itself ‘pressed juice’.

Try taking something simple and tweaking it for a more engaging edge. Try to keep it simple, still. You don’t want to create a word that is impossible to pronounce.

Simply Orange

Again, another simple, humble, and to-the-point name. A little more specific, this juice bar name suggests they are doing only orange juice. Plus, the word ‘simply’ might inspire thoughts of organic, fresh, and natural ingredients. They are not claiming to have processed the fresh fruit.


A well-known juice brand, this brand name focuses us on the tropical, exotic nature of their juice. Again, they are playing with the word, making it more exciting and memorable.

It is also a one-word name—the shorter and snappier you can make your clever juice names, the more successful you are likely to be.


A health juice company, Lemonkind is another play on words. Both amusing and wholesome, the name reminds us of community and togetherness. Perhaps think of a pun for your juice company names.

However, don’t create too complex a name. It still needs to be memorable and roll off the tongue. Make sure that it is readable, pronounceable, and understandable.

Unique Content for the Niche

Before creating your clever juice names, think about where your juice bar is going to be located. Many juice companies start off as traveling trucks before settling in a permanent place. Moving your juice bar around to popular locations will save you initial overheads and get your brand well-known to a wide range of people.

Perhaps you should think of three or four popular places to take your juice bar to at peak times. The more people see your name out and about, the better they will remember it. Plus, make sure to share your juice bar journeys on social media.

Many of your customers will be excited to follow where your juice business travels—give hints as to where you will pop up next to attract your loyal customers. A strong, unique juice bar name and brand image should translate well to your social media page.

5-Tips for creating unique Juice Business name ideas

So, I’ve shared the clever juice names our generator has to offer and what some real-world juice companies are doing. Now, let’s have a look at what further steps you can take to ensure your juice bar name is perfect.

1. Brainstorm your ideas

Start by listing all the possible clever juice names you can come up with. Use our juice business name generator for inspiration. It doesn’t matter how rubbish some of them might be—often we get better ideas once we have released the bad ones from our minds.

If you’re stuck, use our earlier suggestions. Think about specific fruits, location, your name, health and lifestyle words, etc., and soon the ideas will start to flow.

2. Get creative

Another way to come up with unique and memorable juice names is to get creative. Can you create a pun out of your names? Or using the same letter or sound repetition? You want a name that rolls off the tongue easily but that also sticks in the mind.

3. Shortlist your juice bar names

Now that you have your long list of names, you need to begin narrowing them down. Go through each and carefully consider how they sound, look, and whether you can envision it in big letters above your juice bar.

Get rid of any names that might be hard to pronounce, read or remember. You don’t want your juice bar to trip over at the first hurdle. Also, consider whether any names are too similar to competitors. Anything that might be mistaken for another, already-established juice bar would be a disadvantage.

4. Ask others for feedback

Take your shortlist to friends and family. Would they buy juice from a bar with those names? Which do they think is the most memorable? Remember that it doesn’t matter so much which name you like best, but the one your customers like. So, try to be open-minded when listening to suggestions.

5. Look at what others are doing

At this point, you need to check that no one else has the same name. Aside from trademark issues, your juice business needs to stand on its own.

You can also use your competitors for inspiration. What are the successful juice businesses doing differently? What names should you avoid?

Once you have settled on your name, you need to get it trademarked and create a logo that suits your branding. Then, perfect your juice recipe and you are ready to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A good name for a juice business makes it clear what the company does, attracts consumers with ideas of fresh fruit and health benefits, and sticks in people’s minds. Use our juice business name generator to find exciting, original and memorable juice bar names for your new venture.

Juice bars and companies tend to either go for the overall juice label—suggesting they offer a range of flavours. Some juice bars are a little more specific, naming their juice as tropical. Other juice companies tell us exactly what juice flavour they offer, such as Simply Orange. Other names of juices are: Minute Maid, Capri sun, & Del Valle

Make a plan. Work out what your goals are and how you will achieve them. What kind of products will you sell? Are you going to sell them from a truck or a permanent location? How will you brand them? What is your juice business name? Next, formulate your recipes. This is a chance to get creative and make some delicious, mouth-watering drinks. Then you need to organize your suppliers and choose your equipment. Luckily, start up costs are relatively low for juice bars. This is also a good time to sort out your licenses. Then, you are ready to go!


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