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Brand Goals & Target Market

Getting organic certification for your business isn’t the easiest task on the face of the planet but it certainly pays off. Organic products have created a serious niche market. According to the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, agricultural land worldwide has reached 50.9 million hectares and the organic market grew to a volume of 80 billion US dollars in 2017.

Some analysts predict that the organic food and beverage market alone will generate sales of 320.5 billion US dollars in 2025. Jumping on the bandwagon right now and developing a powerful brand will pay off in the long run and help you enjoy a lot of business sustainability.

Organic brands are seen as pure, healthy and ethical. These are the characteristics to highlight in your branding efforts. The name you choose for your organic business should accomplish two tasks. It should tell potential buyers what you have to offer and it should also let them know that the product is certified organic.

Demographic Interests

In the past, organic was seen as more of a fad than a steady market development. The niche demographic was very specific, even somewhat ridiculed by mainstream producers. Today, the situation has changed. Organic is here to stay and the demographic profile of buyers has experienced a lot of diversification.

Demographic profiles suggest that most people who consume organic products live in cities and large urban areas. Families are the ones predominantly choosing organic in a wide range of product categories due to the benefits such products can have for kids and younger people. According to an American study, over 80 per cent of families report that they buy organic products.

Organic is also popular among young individuals, busy professionals and those having higher income levels. While organic foods and cosmetics are most prominent, they’re not the only items these individuals opt for. People who have tried organic in the past may be willing to try such supplements, household cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products and superfoods.

Competitor Name Analysis

Amy’s Kitchen

This family-run business started while Rachel Berliner was pregnant and on bed rest and her husband started looking for ready-made healthy meals. There were no organic or vegetarian options on the market, hence the idea was born. The company is named after the couple’s baby – Amy.

Eden Foods

The garden of Eden is a popular biblical reference. It stands for abundance, lushness and natural origins. Hence, the name of this organic company provokes an immediate positive association.

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty makes natural skincare products and as the name indicates, it utilises over 30 types of organic freshly prepared juice blends.


A really cool name for an organic cosmetic products line. The name is chosen to tell potential buyers that all of the products are vegan and cruelty-free, on top of being made from the finest natural ingredients.

Burt’s Bees

You’ve probably guessed without needing an explanation that the company was started by a beekeeper called Burt. He started out with honey but today, the company offers an array of cosmetic and personal care items that are certified organic and made from bee products.


The company makes organic wholegrain cereals. The name is a blended form of two words – kashtruth meaning kosher or pure and Kushi – the last name of Kashi founder Michio Kushi.

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Organic Business Name Inspiration

  1. Pure Roots: the first part of the name is a clear indication of the natural/organic origins of the products. One’s roots could speak of traditions or provide hints that the products are locally-sourced.
  2. Grandma’s Organic Veggie Garden: imagine a lovely granny, living in a small village and raising veggies in her garden. That’s a positive association, isn’t it?
  3. Colour Spectrum Organic: fruits and veggies come in all possible colours. The name provides great possibilities for creative branding.
  4. Floral Tears: capturing the essence of plants is in the heart and soul of developing organic cosmetic products.
  5. Green Healing: a good name for a supplement company or an organic business that focuses on superfoods and alternative medicinal treatments.
  6. Golden Sheath: there’s nothing more natural than the image of a golden wheat sheath. This company name is a good choice, especially when it comes to visual branding.
  7. Hip and Artisan Organics: another organic company name that will appeal to a younger crowd.
  8. Farm Fresh: apart from looking for natural, many consumers are also interested in fresh produce – a promise that this name makes.
  9. In Bloom: a more or less generic name that will be a good pick for a natural or an organic skincare company.
  10. Green Grass Dew: another positive visual people can imagine instantly – green morning grass with little droplets of dew on it. The visual is linked to something pure, clean and natural.

What Not to Name Your Organic Business

Avoid variations and exploration of the term organic as much as possible. OrgaFood, Organic for You and similar names are the easiest and the laziest choice. Just do a bit of research – you’ll come across dozens of other companies that have a name reminiscent of yours.

Just because you like the name of another organic company doesn’t mean you should opt for something similar. For a start, enforcing the brand will be difficult. In addition, you could potentially get yourself in some legal trouble.

Keep it short and simple. It’s obvious you can’t highlight all of your brand’s characteristics in the title. Pick one essential and the rest can be explained more thoroughly through your advertising campaigns and online presence.

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