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How To Name Your Organic Business

5.7% of all food sold in the United States is organic. In fact, in 2016, the US reached a total of $39.7 billion in organic food retail sales. You might be looking into setting up your own organic food business, in which case you’ll need a catchy name to stand out from your competition. 

I’m Molly, and I am here to give you some tips and inspiration when it comes to choosing your own organic business name. The initial thought of it can be quite daunting, but this article will give you the motivation you need to create a totally unique business name. 

Firstly, try using our Organic Business Name Generator. Simply type in words that you associate with ‘organic’ and take a pick from our array of suggestions. 

We will also take a look at current organic business names with explanations as to why they are so appealing.

20 Organic Business Name Ideas

I have taken a pick of 20 totally unique names from our Organic Business Name Generator. Take a look at them down below and see if any catch your eye! 

  1. Clear Passion 
  2. Detox Basics 
  3. Detox Dream 
  4. Element Insight 
  5. Element Life 
  6. Living Green 
  7. Living Tree 
  8. Natural Boost 
  9. Natural Living 
  10. Original Restore
  11. Original Stream 
  12. Organic Choice 
  13. Organic Element 
  14. Organic Harmony 
  15. Raw Living 
  16. Structural Basics 
  17. Structural Stone 
  18. Vital Clinic 
  19. Vital Sanctuary
  20. Vital Quest 

20 More Organic Business Name Ideas

  1. Rural Edibles
  2. Mother-earth’s
  3. Native Organics
  4. Raw Herbs
  5. Bush Secrets
  6. Earth’s herbs
  7. Wildly Prime
  8. Jungle Ingredients
  9. Bush Grocery
  10. Outback Pickings
  11. Primitive Herbs
  12. Backwood Aroma
  13. Organo Extracts
  14. Natural Bites
  15. Organic Magic
  16. Caveman Delicacies
  17. Wildly pure
  18. Savor Nature
  19. The Wild Gatherer
  20. Bare-land Flavor

Best Real-world Organic Business Names

Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to use our Organic Business Name Generator. If so, you might already have found some business names that stand out to you. 

In the meantime, there are a lot of organic businesses already out there. Let’s take a look at some of the most successful ones, and see what makes their names so unique and different. 


This company’s goal is to help the world eat less meat by providing a wide variety of products from meatless beef to meatless chicken strips. 

The name represents the purities of their ingredients through its link to the word ‘garden’. You know that their fresh ingredients will be found ‘in’ the ‘garden’, therefore they are guaranteed to be organic and appealing as the name suggests. 

Organic Valley

Organic Valley is a corporation of organic farmers based in the US, selling all kinds of organic foods from vegetables to meat.

Using the word ‘organic’ in its name helps the customers to understand what type of business it is. With many business names, including the word of the theme of the company will make customers immediately aware of the services they can expect. 


FreshDirect is an online organic food delivery store that provides fresh foods to homes and offices. 

The combination of the words ‘fresh’ and ‘direct’ shows that it is an organic food company that aims to deliver food as quickly as possible. Customers are aware of the fast service on offer just from looking at the name. 


Organix is a baby food company that has been cooking organic nutritious baby food since 1992. 

This name is successful because of its mash-up of words. The use of the word ‘organic’ has had a fun twist, making it sound much more fun and quirky. It definitely stands out from the rest.

Beyond Meat

This is one of the leading plant-based meat products companies which sold alongside traditional meat counters when it launched in 2016. 

The name is appealing because of its directness; customers know that there are other meat options beyond eating the real thing. It sounds more captivating and will make people consider meat alternatives. 

Unique Content for the Niche

When it comes to naming your Organic Business, you want your customers to be aware of the fresh and natural products that you have on offer. Selling organic products means that they are of great quality, and extremely beneficial. Therefore, your name needs to sound appealing and likable in order for people to want to buy your products.

Try using words that symbolize something clean and purifying. Sit down for half an hour and come up with as many words as you can that link to the word ‘organic’. Make sure they sound pure and simple and represent the naturalness of your products. 

Once you have done this, you can pop these words into our Organic Business Name Generator for some more inspiration. 

5-Tips for creating unique Organic Business name ideas

1. Keep It Simple

When you think of the word ‘organic’, the word simple always comes to mind. Sometimes with a business name, it is best to keep it to minimal words to make it straightforward sounding. As seen above when looking at current organic business names, very rarely do they use more than two words. If you can keep your words to a minimum, it will really make it easier for your customers to understand the theme of your brand.

Keeping your name simple will not only make it sound much more appealing and snappy, but it will be easier for customers to search you up or recommend you to their friends. 

2. Avoid Hard To Spell Names

Picking a business name is a great chance for you to be creative. There are many different word combinations out there, and many businesses make up their own words to make it work well in a business name. However, if you are creating new words or are wanting to use a mash-up of words, make sure that they make sense and are easy to read.

You want to choose a name that is easy for customers to spell, as this will be beneficial when it comes to them searching for your company. If you are using social media sites then you also want an easy username so that you can be found by customers. Hard to spell names that are much more complicated to say and recommend to other people, so keeping it short and sweet will benefit you in the long run. 

3. Ask For Feedback

Even if you think you’ve found the perfect name for your organic business, you want to make sure that it sounds appealing to your customers as they are the ones who will be buying your products! It is important to ask for feedback as you can see what parts of your name need improving. 

Try to avoid asking family and friends for feedback as they may be trying to please you and not give an honest opinion. Ask your customers questions such as:

  • What do you first think of when reading our name?
  • What sort of products would you expect us to sell?
  • What words would you associate with our company?

You can even ask them to rate a few name options from 1 to 10. This will give you an indication as to which names are the most popular and you can work your way from there. 

4. Check For Domain Availability

Once you think you have found the perfect name for your organic business, the last thing you want to happen is that you can’t even use it. Many companies make the same mistake and realize that the name they love can’t actually be used.

You can check for a business name’s domain availability online quite easily. Do this in the early stages of choosing your name; if there is one you particularly like, check for the domain availability straight away. This can then make it easier to drop names that you can’t use and keep brainstorming for others.

It is important to think about social media handles too. You want to make sure that there is an appropriate username available, even better if your company name is available in its correct spelling. This will make your social media sites easier to find to customers and will be much more appealing and reliable. 

5. Use Our Organic Business Name Generator

Hopefully, these tips have been useful so far! We want to remind you once more about our easy-to-use Organic Business Name Generator. Simply pop in what words you want to use in your business name, and at the click of a button see what suggestions are curated.

There are pages and pages of different name options on offer, so there are definitely some that will give you a bit more inspiration! It really does offer the best variety of names if you’re feeling unmotivated or stuck. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Use acronyms, Create mash-ups, Get inspiration from mythology and literature, Use foreign words, & Use your own name

Brand or company names that contain the word ‘organic’ may appear anywhere on the labelling for these products , in compliance with applicable labelling requirements. Brand or company names containing the word ‘organic’ should not be used on the principal display panel of these products.

Aesthetic business names should appeal to a sense of artistic freedom and beauty. Here are some suggestions: Defiant Ocean, Unchecked Beauty, Daring Shine, Bush Glamor, Baroque Blue, & Beautifully Berserk


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