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Complete Guide to Naming Your Carpentry Business

Our carpentry business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get carpentry business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Carpentry is seen more of a profession rather than a business opportunity. This is one of the reasons why excellent carpenters will often struggle with their branding efforts.

If you plan to launch a successful carpentry business, you will need to put together a business plan and a strategic marketing document. Every single thing you do in the beginning will matter, including the selection of the right name.

Several factors will help you set yourself apart from the competition. The first is the human knowledge and experience. If you’re a classically trained carpenter who has been in the field for decades, you should definitely put emphasis on the fact. If you have professional and innovative tools – let your clients know, as well.

Do you prefer doing structural work or the more artistic aspects of carpentry? This is another question you can ask yourself in order to choose the right niche and the right name for your business. There are many possible specialisation areas in the carpentry field – from rough structural work for large construction to furniture making. Keep this fact in mind when looking for a way to present your business and attract the right customers through naming and branding efforts.

Demographic Interests

Carpentry companies usually work with a wide array of clients. There isn’t a strictly defined demographic, which is why niche specialisation in the field of service provision could prove to be beneficial.

Some carpenters work with B2B clients. Construction companies and realtors will often need the services of an experienced carpenter when building new residential/commercial properties or attempting to find customers for those.

Carpenters can also work with end clients – people shopping for furniture, those interested in home improvements or building a house from scratch.

In some of the instances, the client will have a very specific idea about what they want and how they want to get it done. In other situations, the client will trust the service provider 100 per cent. You can’t really know what types of customers your business is going to attract. This is why you should be prepared for all possible scenarios.

Competitor Name Analysis

The Real Cedar Shutter Company

A practical approach that differentiates a carpentry company can be much more valuable than opting for creativity. In this scenario, a potential customer will know exactly what the company has to offer right from the start.

Precision Architectural Woodwork

This is another company that has selected the practical approach towards choosing its name. The company employs woodworking mechanics and trained professionals who can address the client’s architectural needs.

Relentless Carpentry

A provider of comprehensive carpentry services, this company has chosen to be a bit more innovative and surprising in terms of name selection.

The Decksmith

If you haven’t guessed it already, this Australian carpentry company offers decking solutions to its customers.

Home Made Transformations

HMT offers customers personalised solutions based on their own home transformation ideas. As a result, the name is a perfect reflection of what the company does.

Vintage Millworks

This company is guided by project specifics when it comes to choosing the right approach. On occasions, traditional hand tools and vintage techniques will be utilised to give a client the best possible outcome.


When brainstorming for name ideas, go as narrow as possible. If there is one specific thing that you’re particularly good at, this one thing should be the focus of all your branding efforts.

Sit down and draft a list of words or phrases you consider suitable for inclusion in the name of your carpentry business. When the list is done, use our Business Name Generator to get variation and test out each idea. Domain name availability information will also be provided.

If you need a bit of assistance, try the following list of carpentry-related terms:













Rough carpentry











Carpentry Business Name Inspiration

  1. Hardwood Masterpieces: such a name is suitable for a more artistic carpentry business that does fine work and ornaments, as well as furniture.
  2. Urban Woodworks: the term “urban” is indicative of something hip, trendy and modern. As a result of the positive connotations, the name will definitely stand out among more traditional choices.
  3. Woodcraft Carpentry: a bit of wordplay, a bit of imagination and you have yourself a concise and memorable carpentry business name.
  4. Kitchen Cabinet Pros: if kitchen furniture is your primary specialisation, you should let your potential clients know.
  5. Hardwood Precision: precision is another term that has positive connotations, especially when it comes to the execution of bespoke carpentry projects.
  6. Two Hands Crafts: many carpenters are proud of the fact that they use their two hands to produce spectacular outcomes for clients.
  7. Wood Construction Pros: while the focus often falls on furniture and finishing touches, professionals who do heavier construction work should definitely let the world know.
  8. House of Fine Timber: this name doesn’t provide specific information about the services but it sounds good and there’s a level of sophistication to the name.
  9. Grandad’s Carpentry Woodshop: on occasions, a slightly more traditional and nostalgic name could provoke just the right emotional response from customers.
  10. Fab Woodworx: this is yet another name that has a slightly more modern and hip sound to it.

What Not to Name Your Carpentry Business

Your location and your name will not add an awful lot to the meaningfulness of your carpentry business name. instead, you should opt for something a bit more descriptive. A focus on skills, specialisation area or the positive things that clients say about you will produce much more memorable results.

Avoid using the names of instruments or industry jargon that most people aren’t familiar with. Such a choice for the name of your business is not going to build your reputation, it will potentially confuse your clients.

Research the competition and check how your name idea compares to their titles. A name that doesn’t sound unique and that’s reminiscent of dozens of other carpentry brands will make it exceptionally difficult for you to stand out and begin acquiring a loyal clientele.

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