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How To Name Your Builder Business

For new companies and experienced businesses alike, a good name can be key to winning contracts in the building industry. Our experts’ guide below gives you everything you need to come up with a great name and give your building company every chance of success!

Around $10 trillion is spent globally on construction every year. As one of the most lucrative industries in the world, construction can be very appealing for budding entrepreneurs. But with so many contractors out there, getting your business name right is crucial.

Our Builders Business Name Generator is your companion through the naming process. Try it out and see what names you can come up with! Once you’ve put a few ideas together, continue reading for advice on how to perfect your construction company name.

Below, you’ll find real-world examples to use as reference points as well as tips for crafting a builders business name that will help you stand out in the field.

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20 Builders Business Name Ideas

To get you started, we’ve put together a list of 20 names created using our Construction Company Name Generator. Take a look at our choices and then try the generator yourself to find a name that resonates with you!

  1. Community Jumpstart
  2. Empire Makers
  3. City Hammer
  4. Comfort Constructors
  5. Terraform Toolkit
  6. Trusty Foundations
  7. Broadway Builds
  8. Spartan Structures
  9. itadel Housing
  10. Clarity Constructs
  1. Handcraft Homes
  2. Bric-a-brac Housing
  3. Tools of the Trade
  4. Trusted Toolman
  5. Belief Builders
  6. AceHouses
  7. The Concrete Crew
  8. Magnolia Designs
  9. Urban Splendor
  10. Finesse Housing

20 More Builders Business Name Ideas

  1. Hammer Time
  2. We Built This House
  3. Urban Builders
  4. Solid Builders
  5. A House to a Home
  6. Commercial Build
  7. Sustainable Construction
  8. Custom Structures
  9. Urban Utopia
  10. Floor by Floor
  1. House Makers
  2. ProConstruct
  3. Future Builders
  4. Agile Building
  5. Build Guys
  6. Muscle Construction Team
  7. Fresh Concept Construction
  8. Innovate & Build
  9. Solid Foundations
  10. Concrete Masterpieces

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Best Real-world Building Business Names

If you’re struggling with ideas, taking a look at some established building businesses can help to get the ball rolling. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five great real-world construction company names and explained what makes them effective.

In the list, you’ll find some of the biggest building companies around. Many of these incorporate family names into the business title, which can be a good option if you already have a reputation in the field.

However, that may not be the case if you’re just starting out, or you may simply want to keep your own name out of the business.

As such, we’ve also included some impersonal construction company names. Neither type is necessarily better than the other; what’s important is sticking to the key tips which we explore later on!

Bechtel Logo


Founded by Warren A. Bechtel in 1906, Bechtel is now recognised as the largest construction company in the United States. The company, which has always stayed in the Bech

Larson & Toubro Logo

Larson & Toubro

Larson & Toubro, or just L&T, is another construction company with its founders’ names etched into its identity. It was founded by Henning Holck-Larsen and Søren Kristian Toubro in 1983 and now ranks as one of the world’s top 30 contractors. The use of family names helps to give the business a more personal touch, which is useful in an industry where trust between client and contractor is vital.

PowerChina Logo


PowerChina is a heavy engineering construction company owned by the Chinese state. It sits at 107th on the Fortune Global 500 rankings for 2021. As the first non-eponymous company on the list, we’ve included this name because of its simplicity and relevance. The company specialises in infrastructure and energy projects, so its ‘Power’ prefix helps to indicate the services provided to clients.

ProBuild Logo


ProBuild is one of Australia’s biggest construction companies. We like it because it’s so concise. With just two syllables, it rolls off the tongue with ease. Even though it’s short, though, the name still tells you everything you need to know about the business: they build things and they’re professionals you can trust.

Century Communities Logo

Century Communities

Century Communities is a construction company based in Colorado with a very sizeable market cap. As the name suggests, it specialises in building houses. To dig a little deeper, the name also implies that the company knows how to deliver residential projects that bring people together and foster a sense of community.

How to Name Different Types of Construction Companies

As we’ve already seen, businesses within the building industry can vary significantly based on the projects that they typically take on. We can divide the most common types of construction companies into four areas: residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure.

You may decide to name your construction business based on its specialist area. This can help to demonstrate your expertise within that field and lend credence to any contract bids you make.

Residential Builders Business

As a residential construction company, your success will be contingent on providing high-quality, smartly designed homes. Therefore, opt for a name that suggests that you can deliver on this task. Century Communities is a good example.

We can break down the residential construction industry further into different types of housing. If your key area is the construction of expensive apartments, for example, you may choose a name that evokes a sense of luxury to reflect this.

Commercial Builders Business

Commercial building encompasses but is not limited to the construction of offices, warehouses and retail spaces. Companies working in this field need to build a reputation as reliable, knowledgeable and capable of delivering large-scale projects. This starts with your choice of name.

Many commercial construction companies use a surname in the business name. This is a viable choice if you already have some status in the field. If not, you could indicate in the business name that commercial building is your specialist area. This could be as simple as incorporating the word ‘Commercial’ into the name.

Industrial Builders Business

Industrial building is another branch of construction that arguably requires more planning, manpower and design skills than others. It consists of erecting huge structures such as power plants, factories and skyscrapers.

Whilst most of the top industrial building businesses draw on family names, some choose words that are semantically linked to industrial works. For example, Power Construction and Engineered Structures Inc communicate their expertise with industrial buildings. This is a good technique if you do not want to attach a family name to the business.

Infrastructure Builders Business

Infrastructure construction companies will usually be bidding for governments contracts to build heavy civil engineering projects such as roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, airports, dams and other large structures. Since each infrastructure project requires a unique skillset, construction companies may specialise in just one type.

In this case, selecting a name that is relevant to that particular type of infrastructure can help to demonstrate your skill in that field. For instance, Transurban is a company that, presumably, works with roads and highways. We can also tell that TC Energy specialises in energy infrastructure.

5 Tips for Creating Unique Building Business Name Ideas

We’ve poured all our knowledge into five key tips to follow when creating your building business name.

Start off by selecting a few options from our Construction Name Generator. Then, apply these tricks to find the name that works for you!

Consider Incorporating a Family Name

If you are comfortable using your surname in your business and feel that you have a reputation to build on, using a family name can be a good idea in the building industry.

It can help to add a more personal side to your business. This is particularly desirable in the construction business where contracts can be won or lost on the basis of how much a client trusts you to do the job well.

Don’t go Overboard

As a contractor whose job is to deliver on large, complex projects, your company needs to exude professionalism and proficiency at at all times. For this reason, don’t try to be too clever when creating the name for your business.

An unprofessional name could be a swaying factor for clients when deciding which company should be awarded a contract.

Make it Memorable

Short but sweet is the golden ticket here. Opting for a concise name will make it easier for people to remember you and spread the company name to others.

If you choose to use a family name in your business name, remember that longer surnames can be abbreviated, as in the case of L&T from earlier.

Research your Competitors

There are many registered buildings companies already out there that you will be competing against. It’s important that you take stock of competitors for two reasons.

Firstly, it may help you to crystalise your own name ideas. Secondly, so you can avoid choosing the same name as a pre-existing business.

Check the Domain Availability

Once you’ve decided on a suitable name, check that you are able to buy the relevant web domain.

Having a website that is under your exact name will make you easier to find for customers and therefore help to build your presence as a company.

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