Handyman Business Name Generator Guide & Ideas

Generate names for your handyman business below.

1. Choose Your Handyman Business Name Keywords

Insert some relevant keywords into the generator that describe your handyman services.

2. Get Handyman Business Name Ideas

The business name generator will make many handyman name ideas for you, based on the words you provided.

3. Select Handyman Business Names

Scroll through and find a favorite name that you can use for your business.

How To Name Your Handyman business

A simple guide on how to name your handyman business. Learn from the twenty handyman business name ideas listed below. You’ll also understand how to use a handyman business name generator. Interestingly, the guide will show you how to brainstorm and put your ideas together. Name your handyman business easily and swiftly.

Opening a business is not as simple as people think. And if you are a handyman, the thought of starting a handyman business may be even more tedious and daunting. However, the process can be fun, especially if it’s your passion. For a handyman business, it is best to plan the launch of the firm at the beginning of summer. This will allow for a busy grand opening, and it will help establish a good customer base to get you through the off-season months successfully. Now that you know that, let’s get to the hard part — naming your firm.

Choosing the perfect business name can be quite tricky. With tens of things to focus on, the process becomes even harder. It is important to have a name that is short and catchy. Moreover, the name has to communicate what your business is about. Again, from the name, your customers should know that you are honest and reliable, so hiring your services will be a great idea.

Overall, selecting a good business name is key. The name can affect the business’s success. It also makes you stand out from your competitors, that is if it’s catchy and creative. Since handyman businesses are all over the state, it is important to choose a creative, and memorable name. Wondering how to do all that? Read this article to the very end.

How to use the Handyman Business Name Generator

To use a handyman business name generator, the first thing you need to think about is what category of handyman services you intend to provide. There are different handyman services. You can do drywall installation, leaking plumbing, fresh coat painting, and many more. For this reason, you need to specify exactly what you’ll offer. And if you provide all/most of them, specify that as well. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to find name ideas or suggestions. And that’s where our handyman business name generator comes in.

With your handyman business name ideas in mind, the next thing is simply entering the ideas into our handyman business name generator. Put the keywords in the software’s search box and click the “Generate” link. In a split second, the system will come up with a variety of names matching the keywords provided.

Nevertheless, even with the intelligence, the handyman business name generator still relies on you. You have to choose a keyword that resonates well with your brand. The name should be in line with your vision, values and should go in the direction that you want your company to head in. Generally, branding is very important, and so your name has to be reflective of your brand. Brand your handyman business uniquely so that it stands out from the crowd. But most importantly, avoid entering many keywords. It will be easier for your customers to remember a short name than a long one that may not say much about the firm.

20 Handyman Business Name Ideas

The following names were developed using the handyman business name generator. They were also chosen because they are catchy and pretty simple. The names instantly let the customers know what type of service they will be using. Besides, they are a reflection of the quality and type of business customers will be buying into. The names include:

  1. Quickfire Handyman Services
  2. Greenside Handyman
  3. Sunshine Handyman
  4. Jack Trades
  5. Spark Star Services
  6. Painted Leaks Repairs
  7. Odds and Ends
  8. MaintainIt
  9. Fresh Spark Handyman
  10. Checkmate Handyman services
  11. Handy Renovations
  12. Details and Ends
  13. Real Handy
  14. Birdfeather Reno
  15. Handyman Dan
  16. Plush Plumber
  17. Trophy Handyman
  18. Clean-up Solutions
  19. Popular Renos
  20. Handy Hands

20 More Handyman Business Name Ideas

  1. Handy Habitat
  2. Plant Protector
  3. Bushes And Branches
  4. Bountiful Botany
  5. Flora Fanatic
  6. Flowers Are Friends
  7. Household Guardians
  8. Gadget Grove
  9. Horti-Help
  10. Jungle Jugglers
  11. Leaf Love
  12. Moss Management
  13. Styling Soil
  14. Seeds And Weeds
  15. Home Heroes
  16. Succulent Solutions
  17. Clever And Secure
  18. Jack Of All Blades
  19. Yard Guard
  20. Repair And Rebuild

Best Handyman Businesses

Handyman services are always in demand. Every day, homes and offices need repair or maintenance. This kind of demand has created fine opportunities for savvy business people like you, who want to fix things. In fact, that’s the reason you want to start a handyman business, right? Also, the success of some top handyman businesses is quite inspiring. But what if I told you that their success may be attributed to their brand name selection? If you are having doubts, let’s take a look at these top handyman businesses.

Ace Handyman Services

Ace Handyman is an executive level-leader in the handyman business, founded by Andy Bell. The company has been operational for more than two decades, expanding from coast to coast. Honestly, their pledge, “We will treat your home like it’s our home” is quite promising.

Anyway, back to its name. Ace Handyman Services was a name idea by the company’s founder, Andy Bell. Undoubtedly, this name is easy and fun. Besides, it conveys a very important message to the customer. Come to think of it. Informally, ace means very good. Therefore, anyone would expect “very good” services from this company. That’s one of the reasons why Ace Handyman Services is doing well in business.

Task Rabbit

Operating in over 50 U.S. cities, TaskRabbit is one of the most reliable task-based handyman businesses. Funny enough, its name is quirky, but customers can easily identify it. From the branding, anyone can tell that tasks will be done quickly. After all, rabbits are well-known for their speed. Such symbolism may also work, and you’ll find some great handyman business name ideas for your start-up.

Mr Handyman

Mr Handyman prides itself as North America’s premier professional handyman company. Their name suggests family or closeness that makes customers feel at ease. More to that, their services range from office repair to kitchen maintenance and everything in between. In other words, they offer nearly all handyman services. This explains the generic name ‘Mr Handyman’, which works pretty fine, by the way. But now that it’s already taken, you’ll need to find another one. Fortunately, we have lots of handyman business name ideas for you.

Handyman Connection

Handyman Connection is a popular handyman firm in the United States and Canada. It offers a variety of services. Flooring, drywall, electrical, fences, or carpentry, you name it. They have them all. The company links a wide selection of skilled and verified handymen, hence the name ‘Handyman Connection’. Interestingly, the company does more than just connect handymen. It links customers to a handyman nearest to them. Besides their name, this is another one of their strengths.

The Flying Locksmiths

This is one of the oldest handyman companies with over 70 years. But since age isn’t our consideration, at least not for now, let’s observe its brand name selection. When starting, The Flying Locksmiths had two main objectives: to be reliable and adaptable. That’s what the name ‘flying’ means. In addition, the name ‘locksmith’ tells you that these guys are really experts in what they do. That’s what a business name should do – tell more about the firm.

4 Important things to note when branding a handyman business

Before you fall for any handyman business name ideas, you ought to understand the following things.

Market research is vital

Make sure to find out what other handyman businesses are in your area and their names too. Keeping tabs on your competition is crucial if you want to boost your handyman business. This is a great strategy to help boost your business. Moreover, do your research in great detail and take some notes from there. You could learn a thing or two from your competitors. But don’t take it wrong, I never said you can copy strategies. Just learn.

Abbreviations aren’t always good

Avoid using abbreviations or numbers in your handyman business name. It will make it difficult for your customers to find you online. Remember, the name you choose should be relatable and give customers a sense of what the business is about. Abbreviations will hardly do that.

Widen your services and skills inventory

If you are handy in many areas and have the expertise for a wide range of handyman jobs, you’re in a great position to take off on a high note. So, let your business name portray exactly this.

Show that you’re trustworthy

The best business name ideas to use should portray you as a trustworthy firm. Being a handyman means that you can be trusted with someone’s home and appliances. Obviously, nobody would hire someone they don’t trust. To get such naming ideas, consider adding the word “trustworthy” in your keyword list when using the handyman business name generator.

5-Tips for creating unique Handyman Business name ideas

With a handyman business name generator, creating a unique brand name should be easy. However, this is just an AI tool. To get unique handyman business name ideas, you’ll need to enter creative keywords. The following five tips should make the process easier.

  • Use as few keywords as possible. You should choose a simple name over a complicated one at all times. When using our handyman business name generator, a few keywords will give you simple naming ideas.
  • Avoid hard-to-spell names. A handy business isn’t like any other enterprise. You need a name that’s easy to spell if you want to increase your clientele base.
  • Choose words that tell more about your services. Let your name say something about your business. Simply put, use words that educate the customer on what to expect. A name like ‘Cleanup Solutions’ tells your client that you guys will leave no trace of dirt. Consider using such handyman business ideas.
  • Create memories for your customers. When choosing handyman business name ideas, use alliteration, humor, and rhythm. Alliteration helps in creating a memorable name as it uses repeat sounds by using a name where both words start with the same letter. Also, a humorous name can work its magic and lift your handyman business.
  • Avoid negativity. When choosing handyman business ideas, keep away from words that may have a negative connotation to the business. This can affect people’s perception of your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A good brand name is creative, clear, and concise. Our list of 20 handyman business name ideas should give you an idea of what a good brand name is.

Of course, yes. Our handyman business name generator creates several unique naming ideas based on your keywords.

As long as a slogan positively identifies your handyman business, it can be great. Moreover, you can make it funny and quirky. Many people like it that way.

Yes, handymen need to be registered and licensed. Most property owners will not allow unlicensed handymen to work on their premises.


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