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Complete Guide to Naming Your Handyman Business

Our handyman business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get handyman business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Handymen will very often operate solo and find clients under their own name. Registering a company and coming up with a branding strategy, however, can prove to be quite beneficial.

Such an approach creates the perfect opportunity to stand out. Even if they do register a company, most handymen will rely on a formulaic name. Thinking outside the box and putting some creativity in the process can pay off in the long run, especially when it comes to customer acquisition and retention.

Focus your branding efforts on what you do best, your strengths and specialisation. The term handyman is pretty generic. Chances are that you’ve excelled in a specific type of project. Do you prefer plumbing, electrical, masonry or furniture assembly work? Can your clients rely on emergency 24/7 assistance? These are important questions to answer because they’ll provide focus to branding efforts.

Handymen can also offer AC repairs, carpentry, remodelling, exterior maintenance, moving, painting an array of additional services. While you can’t highlight all of them in the title of the company, you can certainly give clients a good idea about what they could expect from an interaction with you.

Demographic Interests

Handymen will typically work with residential clients. There are no specifics when it comes to gender, marital status or income level. Everyone will need assistance with a house improvement project sooner or later.

Depending on the size of the company and the areas of specialisation, some handymen could work with commercial clients.

There are two situations in which a person will call for a handyman – when they don’t know how to handle the task themselves and when they believe it’s best to pay a professional and get a high quality outcome. The expectations and the understanding of these two groups of clients is going to be different. Thus, the approach of a handyman will have to depend on the customer characteristics and the scope of the service.

Competitor Name Analysis

Ideal Home Solutions

A general rule of thumb is to avoid the term “handyman” in the name of your company. Ideal Home Solutions has accomplished the goal while also telling potential clients what services are included in the company portfolio.

Mister Sparky

This name is somewhat humorous but it tells customers what the main area of specialisation is – this is a handyman who can handle electrical and wiring projects.

Jack of All Trades – Handyman Service

Jack of All Trades – a person who can deal with almost anything. The name is a creative attempt at telling clients that the company handles a wide array of home repair projects.

Property Maintenance Guys

Property maintenance is generic but this team has also managed to avoid the use of “handyman” in the title. The name of the company is casual and approachable – a good thing as far as client attraction goes.

Mr Fixer

Do you need to have something in your home fixed? If this is the case, you’ll certainly be looking for a Mr Fixer, wouldn’t you?

Twins Painting

The name accomplishes two things. For a start, it tells you these handymen specialise in painting. In addition, you know immediately that it’s a family business – a characteristic that may be of importance to some clients.


You have a lot of freedom and flexibility when it comes to choosing a handyman business name. As seen from the examples above, you can adopt a more frivolous approach and get a name that sounds original, yet professional.

Our Business Name Generator is the right tool for the selection of the right title. It will give you multiple variations of a phrase that you like. Try it out until you pinpoint the title that sticks. Domain name availability is also provided for added convenience.

You can base a handyman service provider’s name on various terms and phrases, some of which include:


















Home Solutions




Handyman Business Name Inspiration

  1. Super Home Fixes: superlatives may sometimes sound exaggerated but when they’re being used in a humorous way, they can be a great choice.
  2. All Hands on Deck: once again, a bit more humorous and interpretative name. Such a company title should be accompanied by a concrete tagline to avoid conclusion.
  3. The Bountiful Toolbox: a company that offer a wide array of home improvement and repair services will benefit from the name.
  4. Home Heroes: when an emergency occurs, a handyman who can offer quick and reliable services will be perceived as a hero.
  5. We Get It Done: people in need of handymen services will typically necessitate speed and efficiency. The name promises both of these features as a part of project execution.
  6. Colours of the Rainbow Handyman: you’ve guessed already that the name tells client this handyman offers specialised services in the field of painting.
  7. No More Lights Out: when the focus is on electrical work, a name like this one would be an appropriate pick.
  8. Smart Home Solutions: this name sounds a bit more serious and corporate. If you don’t believe a humorous approach is the right one for your business, a choice like this one will lay the foundations of more corporate branding efforts.
  9. House Maestro: the word “maestro” refers to a distinguished conductor and performer. While it applies to the musical field, most people will know exactly what you mean by this name.
  10. Leaky Sinks Exterminators: a handyman company name that puts emphasis on plumbing work.

What Not to Name Your Handyman Business

Avoid the use of the word “handyman” in the name of your company. This is the least imaginative and fun possibility that you can opt for. Just do a quick Google search and you’ll come across thousands of companies that feature the word in their title.

Don’t be broad if you offer specific services. Don’t promise clients you can fix everything if this isn’t the case.

Being humorous is a good idea but don’t take it too far. You still want to appear serious and respectable. A company name like Strain the Drain isn’t going to do your company any justice.

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