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How To Name Your Car Rental Business

An effective business name can positively impact the success of your car rental company. To achieve this, you need to consider the message you want your company to provide.

Our helpful guide will walk you through how to make the most of our car rental business name generator to create eye-catching word combinations.

We’ll also reveal how to develop effective keywords that are unique to your business, along with several tips to bear in mind while forming your car rental names.

20 Car Rental Business Name Ideas

Get your thoughts flowing using our car rental business name generator. We entered keywords into the handy naming tool to assemble a full list of possible car rental names

We assembled the list below containing possible car rental names by entering relevant keywords.

  1. Wheelosity
  2. Auto Hire
  3. Roadway Rental
  4. Car Command
  5. Dashboard Driving
  6. Crunch Time Cars
  7. Rent Road Resolutions
  8. Trek Touchdown
  9. Rentomatic
  10. Automobile Rental
  11. Car Queen
  12. Auto Collect
  13. Nonstop Navigation
  14. TRUE Driver
  15. A1 Wheels
  16. Rapid Rentals
  17. Rediscover Wheels
  18. Road Raven
  19. Car Castle
  20. Renting Rovers

20 More Car Rental Name Ideas

  1. Wheel Steals
  2. Wandering Wheels
  3. Drive And Jive
  4. Get Far Cars
  5. Car Castle
  6. Rent And Run
  7. Rapid Rentals
  8. Rent-A-Ride
  9. Day Driver
  10. TempTravel
  11. Show On The Road
  12. Get Going
  13. Delta Driving
  14. Auto Away
  15. Awesome Auto
  16. Vigorous Vehicles
  17. VehiVille
  18. Trek Card
  19. Vacation Navigation
  20. Transit And Travel

Best Real-world Car Rental Business Names

It is essential to gain a more profound knowledge of the car rental sector if you wish to make an informed decision on which car rental business name to take.

Start by analyzing the names of successful companies to comprehend the types of words used and whether there are any overused terms.

As an example, we carried out a competitor analysis below, detailing who the company is and why its name is effective. We also derive any possible connotations or evoked emotions these names may cause.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is one of the chief car rental companies in the U.S. Many refer to the company using its first word, ‘Enterprise.’ This is an easy to remember and recognizable word that consumers may feel confidence in.

The hyphenated word conveys the company’s intentions clearly. The term is popularly used in this line of work.


Hertz is also the name for a unit of frequency in the sound or electromagnetic field. The name of this leading car rental company relates to the motion of a car.

Although the name is unique, it is easy to pronounce and widely understood.

National Car Rental

National Car Rental is a rental car agency located throughout America. The name implies that it is the nation’s top car rental company.

The name may also answer the critical question of where consumers can take the hired card. Although literal, the name is accessible to a vast audience.

Alamo Rent-A-Car

Alamo Rent-A-Car is named after a Spanish mission and fortress. The name is definitive of a strong fortified company.

The car rental company also the popular ‘Rent-A-Car’ term as it is catchy and conveys their specialization and area of expertise.


Europcar is a leading car hire service that predominantly targets holidaymakers. As you can tell by the name, the car rental company mainly operates in European regions and directly addresses European travelers.

Hybridization of the two words distinctively tells the consumer the type of service it offers.

Keywords for your Car Rental Business Name

A car rental business name should be more than just a label. Take the time to consider your mission statement and the company’s core values.

The following points will encourage you to dig deeper into the nature of your company and how to construct a car rental business name that reflects your ultimate message.

1. Consider your keywords

Keywords are significant terms that distinctively relate to your business and are recognized by the industry where your company operates – but how do you know which keywords will work best for you? The first thing to consider is what your business specializes in. Ask yourself:

  • Where will my car rental company operate? (e.g., city, mountain ranges, coastal, or anywhere)
  • Who is my target market? (Tourists, families, business/corporations, casual drivers, all of the above?)
  • What kind of vehicles will I work with? (High-spec, electric, or regular cars)

Do a keyword search

Once you have devised a list of keywords, you can conduct a keyword search to narrow down your options.

The process will show you how competitive each keyword is, which can help you determine which options are most unique to you. The results can also help you gauge how well each name may do in the search engine.

How to develop your own keywords

Once you have determined these points, you can begin to extract keywords that come to mind when considering the answer.

For example, you may use keywords such as deluxe (or luxe for short), executive, high-performance, or dynamic for a car rental company that specializes in city driving using high-spec cars.

We entered these words individually into the car rental business name generator to see how we could use them. Here is what we found:

  • Dynamic Driving
  • High-performance Hire
  • Executive Ride
  • Luxeomatic
  • Directory Deluxe

5-Tips for Creating unique Car Rental Business name ideas

1. Use rhythmic or alliterated words

The key to creating a memorable name is forming a word combination that rolls off the tongue melodically. Whether you’re struggling to find poetic terms or seeking inspiration, free car rental business name generator to help you out.

Roadway Rental, Dashboard Driving, and Nonstop Navigation are excellent examples of alliterative car rental business names. These names are easy to say and, therefore, easy to remember.

Meanwhile, Car Queen and A1 Wheels are good examples of rhythmic names.

2. Conduct market research

Remember, your business name should be something that speaks directly to your target audience.

It’s essential to learn whether your name is memorable to your target market, as over 70% of consumers are likely to use a service with a recognizable name.

Approach people that have a strong knowledge of the car rental or automobile sector for their feedback.

You can also reach out to potential clients to see whether the name appeals to them. After all, they’re the ones that can lift your business off the ground!

Consider the following questions when collecting feedback about possible car rental names:

  • What comes to mind when you hear this name?
  • How would you say this name?
  • Would you feel confident using a service from a business with this name?

3. Use meaningful word combinations

Word combinations containing two to three words can help you to define your independent business. Meaningful word combinations may include the following:

  • Alliteration helps clients remember the name
  • Descriptive words convey the service you are offering
  • Adjectives that suggest your business’ values through connotations
  • Hybridized expressions that combine two keywords to make one

Now you know the basics of word combinations, let’s take a look at some examples:

Renting Rovers: Alliterated word combination is brandable. Rovers also suggest the type of vehicles they work with.

Auto Hire: In literal terms, the name communicates its service. It is simple yet effective.

Car Castle: Castles typically cover vast amounts of ground and connote superiority. The name suggests a large selection of high-quality vehicles ready for hire.

Rentomatic: Auto Hire: Cleverly blends ‘rent’ with automatic. The name is spoken as it is spelled, meaning it is easily translated and brandable. It is also unique and catchy.

Avoid poor word combinations

Many business owners change the spelling or join mismatched words when their intended name is already taken. Our top tip to you is not to compromise the value of a good car rental name just to create a unique name.

For some perspective, let’s take a look at an example of a business owner that wishes to name their car rental company ‘Car Command,’ but it is already taken. They may play around with spelling to create:

  • Carmmand: When spoken aloud, the name makes little sense, meaning consumers may have difficulty remembering it.
  • CarCommmand: The additional ‘M’ adds little value to the name when spoken aloud. Visually it seems misspelled.

4. Check availability

It is crucial to check the availability of car rental names before your plans are finalized. You can start by completing a domain check on your shortlisted ideas. Use our domain name checker on our car rental business name generator.

Next, you will need to check whether you have incidentally used any Trademarked words or phrases. You will need to eliminate any terms that are protected by trademark rights.

We highly recommend heading back to the drawing board to recreate your final options if your current ideas are unavailable.

5. Be authentic

Striking a balance between a unique name and a relevant name can seem like a challenge. Luckily, the car rental business name generator can unite your best keywords with applicable terms.

Consider unique ideas that come to mind when you think about what your business represents to achieve originality. For example, if your target market is budding city-goers, you may wish to choose an innovative name.

Avoid following current trends as the effect of the name may only last for a temporary period.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Car rental companies are usually called after terms related to the automobile industry, driving, or hiring.

A good name for a rental company is easy to remember through rhythmic or alliterated word combinations or strategic word hybridizations. These names should be memorable and easy to say or spell.

A good name for a car business such as Wheelosity or Car Castle can be developed on the car rental business name generator. These names feature keywords that relate to vehicles.

Car rental businesses located in optimal locations can generate large revenue figures. The names of these companies are easy to remember by a large demographic.


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