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How To Name Your Car Wash Business

How To Name Your Car Wash Business

Did you know that the car wash and auto detailing market size in the US for 2021 is worth a whopping $13.1 billion?! According to IBIS World, this is after a 9.1% increase in market size growth over the past year. That is a pretty impressive statistic, and you might be feeling inspired to set up your own car wash business. In this case, you will need a super unique name to stand out from your competitors.

I’m Molly, and I am here to guide you through the name-picking process. Whether you’re struggling to come up with your own car wash name or just want the chance to use our car wash name generator, this article has got you covered.

20 Car Wash Business Name Ideas

Down below are 20 of the best car wash names that I found with the help of our car wash name generator. To find these names, I simply came up with 3-4 words that I associated with car washes, popped them into the generator, and hand-picked the best suggestions. Take a look and see if any catch your eye!

  1. Big Motor Wash
  2. Car Wash Champion
  3. Car Wash Chief
  4. Car Wash Qualified
  5. Clean Choice
  6. Crafty Car Cleaners
  7. Custom Rinse
  8. Diesel Wash
  9. First-Choice Motors
  10. Park n’ Wash
  11. Premium Car Wash
  12. Rinse Well
  13. Squeaky Clean Cars
  14. Swill n’ Spin
  15. The Auto Fairy
  16. The Motor Maids
  17. The Motor Scrubbers
  18. Tow n’ Clean
  19. Wash n’ Zoom
  20. Wash Warehouse

20 More Car Wash Business Name Ideas

  1. Working Hands Car Wash
  2. The Car Cleans
  3. Car Wash and Detailing
  4. DIY Car Shower
  5. Fresh Mobile
  6. The Touchless Car Wash Experience
  7. Shine Like a Diamond
  8. Green Car Care Boutique
  9. Eco Car Wash
  10. Car Wash and Beyond
  11. On-Demand Car Wash
  12. Splash and Rinse
  13. Gentle Care Car Wash
  14. The Shine Experts
  15. Car Wash and Detailing
  16. Exclusive Hand Wash
  17. The Vehicle Bath
  18. Sparkle, Sparkle
  19. Crystal Clear Car Wash
  20. VIP Auto Shine

Best Real-world Car Wash Business Names

Best Real-world Car Wash Business Names

Before you get your hands on our car wash name generator, in order to gain inspiration for your own car wash name we think that it is important to take a look at some of the best real-world examples. Not only can you borrow some of their ideas, but it is interesting to see what makes them so successful.

Mr. Clean Wash

This car wash franchise was set up in 2008 and offers a range of wash packages that are unique to each customer.

This name gives your car cleaner a personality and makes customers form some sort of relationship with the business. The words ‘clean’ and ‘wash’ tell customers that they can expect their cars to be squeaky clean after paying a visit here.

Splash Car Wash

With over 20 locations in Connecticut and New York, this car wash company offers express exterior car washes as well as oil and lube services.

The name links to the cleaning world with the use of ‘splash, which is also a nice-sounding word to say out loud. ‘Car Wash’ is self-explanatory and customers know exactly what they are in for when reading this business name.


This ‘great car wash’ has been around since the 1960s! Not only have they built a reliable reputation for themselves, but if you have a new car then they offer 30 days of free carwashes!

The name is simple but uses a common catchphrase related to cleaning and washing to make it much more unique than other car wash names out there. Plus, it sounds nice to say. There isn’t much not to love about this car wash business!

Prime Shine Car Wash

At this car wash, you can opt for a quick 5 minute clean or get a full-service package for the most thorough cleaning.

This name uses rhyme to add a bit more creativity and sounds much more fun to say out loud. Plus, customers know that they are getting a great cleaning service due to the meaning of the words.

24Hr Car Wash

As the name suggests, this car wash is open and available 24/7 and has been operating for over 25 years.

The name has a unique selling point as there aren’t many 24hr car washes out there. Therefore, if it is late at night or maybe a weekend, customers know that they can grab this service whenever they fancy.

Unique Content for the Niche

When it comes to promoting your car wash business, you need a name that stands out and grabs your customers’ attention at their first glance. However, the name needs to relate back to cleaning and the services that you offer.

That is why you should consider using words that relate to cleaning and washing, as they will understand exactly what you have on offer.

Try using words that relate to this and put them into the car wash name generator. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Soapy
  • Bathe
  • Soap
  • Suds
  • Bubbles
  • Rinse

5-Tips for creating unique Car Wash Business name ideas

1. Be creative

As a car wash business, there are plenty of opportunities to showcase your creativity and create a really unique and wacky name! If you are a self setup business, then you can have complete control over what your name should be.

As long as your name reflects the work that you do in a positive way, there are endless possibilities to grab your customer’s attention.

Try to incorporate a pun or use a play on words. This will add a bit more humor to your name and will definitely make you stand out from other competitors.

Or, you can even take inspiration from a movie or book to create a name that is really wacky. Try thinking of some creative words and pop them into the car wash name generator for the best results.

2. Get brainstorming

Naming your car wash business has got to start somewhere! Although it can be quite daunting knowing that you have to name a business totally from scratch, you need to find that initial bit of motivation to get the ball rolling.

We suggest taking it old school and grabbing a piece of paper and a pen and noting down any and all ideas that come to mind.

Viewing your ideas physically will make you feel a lot more productive than just imagining them in your head. Plus, you can always come back to them at a later date and mix and match your ideas.

If there are certain words that you know you want to use, pop them into our car wash name generator for even more endless possibilities.

3. Ask for feedback

In my opinion, this is one of the most beneficial steps you can take. Asking for feedback means that you can really take on board other people’s opinions and build a business name that ticks all the right boxes. Gather a large group of people and ask them questions about your potential business names such as:

  • What do you first think of when reading our name?
  • How likely are you to use our business based on the name alone?
  • What other things would you associate with our business name?

You can even ask them to rate each name from 1-10, as this will instantly tell you which names are the most popular and which ones you should probably get rid of.

4. Check for domain availability

This is a really important step that you should carry out as soon as you feel drawn to any potential business name! You don’t want to think that you’ve found the perfect car wash name only to realize that you can’t actually use

it. All you need to do is a quick Business Name Search online to check that the name is available to use in your country/state.

Once you have found out you can use the name, the world is your oyster! This will mean that you can start to create websites and find social media handles.

5. Use our Car Wash Business Name Generator

Hopefully, these tips have been incredibly useful so far and you are feeling much more inspired. Can we remind you once more about our car wash name generator? It really is the perfect tool to use when it comes to naming any business.

Simply think of some words that you would like to use within your name, pop them into the generator, and sit back and relax as hundreds of ideas are suggested to you!

The great thing about our generator is that you can mix and match a whole bunch of different ideas until you find one that is unique to your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

According to CHRON, car wash businesses can generate a hefty profit. Small-scale and self-service car washes generate around $40,000 a year in profit, whereas bigger and more luxurious car washes can generate more than $500,000 a year. It might be worth looking into it if you feel passionate enough to start your own.

When describing your car wash business to customers, you may want to mention the services you plan to offer, and whether you focus on exterior cleaning, interior cleaning, or both. You should also make them aware that you aim to provide excellent customer service and other quirks of your business.


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