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How To Name Your Car Garage Business

Your garage business needs a name that lets people know they can trust you with their vehicle repair needs. This guide will help you to come up with a garage business name to draw in customers and let people know they can count on you.

Read on to find out about the methods you can use to come up with a name, and the best techniques you can use to find a great name.

20 Garage Business Name Ideas

Using the garage names generator, I have come up with some ideas to make a great starting point for your name. I simply typed in some keywords associated with car repairs to create the following garage names:

  1. Apex Autorepair
  2. Wheel Circuit
  3. Carjack Connect
  4. Auto Empower
  5. Wheelsio
  6. Wheel Titan
  7. Fixpad
  8. Fix Depot
  9. Wheelboss
  10. Axel Autorepair
  11. Oilvio
  12. Epic Oil
  13. Formula Oil
  14. TRUE Carfix
  15. Cruise Carfix
  16. Engine Master
  17. Sprint Tyres
  18. Honest Engine
  19. Exhaust Assist
  20. Harley CarHelp

Now I have generated some garage names to start with, I am going to introduce you to some ways you can edit the names or come up with more keywords using other garage names and naming techniques to guide you.

You can use the garage names from the mechanic shop name generator as they are, or you can edit them and use the domain availability checker to see if your name is available.

20 More Garage Business Name Ideas

  1. Brand New Auto
  2. The Car Home
  3. Safe and Pampered Garage
  4. Master Mechanic
  5. Under the Hood
  6. Windshield to Tail
  7. Beyond Garage
  8. Collision Erasers
  9. In and Out Auto Garage
  10. Cars, Trucks and Vans
  11. Chromed
  12. The Wrench Virtuoso
  13. The Car Doctor
  14. Grand Repair Auto
  15. Quick Fix Garage
  16. Guys Place Auto Garage
  17. Fix My Car Garage
  18. The Happy Auto Shop
  19. Luxe Cars
  20. The VIP Garage Treatment

Best Real-world Car Garage Business Names

In order to know how you should come up with your car garage name, you should take a look at these real-world garage names and how they were created. This section will also analyze some of the techniques other garages have used in their names, and how you can apply these techniques to your naming process.


JiffyLube is a popular auto repair garage across the United States and Canada that prides itself on offering quick service for simple repair jobs. JiffyLube’s name is based on the fact that they provide customers with ‘lube’ for their car (oil, fluid, etc.) and they can do so in a ‘jiffy’ (quickly).
This name describes precisely what to expect from the garage in a short one-word phrase. It is short, snappy, and memorable.

Tuffy Tires

Tuffy Tire and Automotive centers were started as a muffler shop in 1970 in Ohio. The name Tuffy undoubtedly comes from the ‘uff’ in the muffler, to create alliteration in the name Tuffy Mufflers.

Now the name still has alliteration in the phrase ‘Tuffy Tires’ which makes the brand more memorable. Since Tuffy is an unusual word, it sticks in the mind of customers.

Honest-1 Auto Care

Honesty is one of the most valued attributes in a mechanic, with so many people feeling ripped off and cheated after a trip to the car garage. Honest-1 Auto Care is named to harness this desire for honest car servicing. The use of the word ‘auto care’ instead of ‘auto repair’ is a great choice to enhance the brand’s message – that they care.

Midas International

Midas International gets its name from the Greek myth of Midas, who would turn anything he touched into gold. The garage’s use of the name Midas and its associations suggests that the garage will turn everything they touch into gold, i.e. they will turn your car into gold. This means that customers get the impression that Midas will return their vehicle to them in a condition much finer than when they sent it in for repair with Midas.

Christian Brothers Automotive

Starting in 1982, Christian Brothers Automotive has promoted the honesty of their upstanding car repair service by using their religious beliefs. The brand is defined by its devotion to Christian values, and this will put customers at ease knowing they can trust their car repair service providers.

What Values Should You Promote In Your Car Garage Business Name?

It is essential to acknowledge the values that people look for when choosing an auto repair garage. This way, you can appeal to your customer and offer them exactly what they want with your garage names. So, what are some of the values people look for when choosing a car garage for their repairs?

  • Honesty – unfortunately, repair services have been known to inflate prices and rip off customers, sometimes telling them to get repairs that aren’t even necessary. This is why honesty is a valued trait in repair services
  • Fast Service – when their car is unavailable as they have sent it to the garage for repair, people cannot perform everyday tasks like going shopping and picking their children up from school. This is why it is crucial to customers that their auto repair garage be able to offer them speedy service and get their vehicle up and running again in no time.
  • Low Costs – when disaster strikes and people need to make necessary repairs to their vehicle, they don’t want to pay exorbitant prices; this is why garages must offer low costs and fair prices.
  • Vehicle Health – once the garage services the vehicle, people need to trust that they have performed the repairs correctly and no corners have been cut that will land them in the same place in a few months.

These characteristics are what make up a perfect garage that satisfies its customers. Your car garage names should include a reference to one or a few of these qualities to help you communicate to customers that your garage will meet their needs.

For more information on some attractive values and qualities to include in your car garage name, research the qualities of a good auto repair shop.

5-Tips For Creating Unique Car Garage Business Name Ideas

If you need help finding keywords to put into the business generator or help to edit the names you came up with using the business name generator, this list of tips will help. If you follow these guidelines, you will have an original name for your garage that will draw in customers.

Tip One: Communicate Your Values

People want to send their car to a garage with values. So, you need to find a way to communicate your values to your customers and potential customers. Christian Brothers Autocentres managed to do this by drawing attention to their Christian values to show their trustworthiness.

Honest-1 Auto Care used the words ‘honest’ and ‘care’ in their name to show directly to customers how reliable they are as a car garage service.

You may want to use a direct method of communicating your values like Honest-1, or you may want to use a less direct method like Christian Brothers and find a word or concept associated with high moral character to add to your name.

Tip Two: Use Interesting Images

Imagery will help to make your garage’s name more interesting so that when people have something wrong with their car, yours is the first garage name that pops into their mind.

Think of the Midas image we looked at earlier and how this paints a picture of the garage’s services and operates a popular myth.

Think of some powerful images you can use to describe your garage’s service. Perhaps you could use the image of a nurse to suggest the garage healing cars like a nurse heals a patient. Think of an image you like, and type it into the keyword section of the garage name generator.

Tip Three: Make It Punchy

If your car garage name is too long, it will lose its effect, and it will be too hard to remember when people come to need car garage services. The more punchy your business name is, the better.

So, instead of naming your business something like ‘Honest and Upstanding Car Garage’, you may want to choose something like ‘Virtue Garages’ to keep it simple, short, and sweet.

Tip Four: Use Your First Name

When deciding on a car garage name, you may want to choose your name. Instead of using your last name, you may want to try using your first name. This will make your garage service feel more personal and friendly.

You can also add an adjective to your first name to make it more original and communicate your values. For example, ‘Sturdy Joe’s’ might make a good name that suggests your reliability.

Tip Five: Advertise Your Selling Point

If there is an area of car repair that your garage will specialize in, such as replacing lights or tires, you must include this in your business name. This will let customers know that your garage is the best place for them to visit if they are looking to get new tires.

Find a keyword associated with your strengths as a garage and put them into the garage name generator to develop some ideas.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A good name for a garage communicates the garage’s values. For example, this may be honesty and reliability or dedication to quick or cheap service.

You can come up with a garage name by using the garage name generator and inserting keywords associated with your brand’s values. You can think of these keywords by using imagery related to speed, honesty, and cheap service.

JiffyLube is one of the most prominent car garages for quick maintenance and repairs in the US, with over 2,000 stores in the franchise.


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