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How To Name Your Renovations Business

Do you make dreams into a reality? Are you on hand to inspire new and existing homeowners, but not sure what business name will make you stand out? Then you’ve come to the right place! This article about renovation company names will guide you through all the necessary steps.

Before you can start planning, let’s think about branding, marketing, and choosing that perfect name.

Below you can find several helpful tips and tricks to get your name-choosing journey underway. You can benefit from 20 unique names taken from our renovations business name generator, a complete competitor analysis, and personalized suggestions tailored to you. 

As you read through, make sure to refer back to our renovations business name generator. It’s on hand to support you in your journey and get the ball rolling with ideas!   

20 Names From The Renovations Business Name Generator

20 Names From The Renovations Business Name Generator

The best way to get your ideas flowing is to look at some generated business names. Instead of sitting in a room trying your best to write down words from scratch, why not use our dedicated renovations business name generator. To get you started, we’ve generated 20 unique names:

  1. Renovatx
  2. Renovatster
  3. Doctors Of Renovate
  4. SparkTouch
  5. UrbanSapphire
  6. Vertigo Homes
  7. Chronicles Of Renovation
  8. InstantRepairz
  9. Cornerstone Repairs
  10. Chromatic Innovations
  11. Sketch N Remodel
  12. Happy Mood Homes
  13. Northern Star Innovations
  14. Durable Dwellings 24/7
  15. Paradigm Shifters
  16. Zeitgeist Designs
  17. Nova Builders
  18. Eco-Sense Solutions
  19. Level Up Innovations
  20. Clean Cut Solutions

20 More Renovations Business Name Ideas

  1. Rapid paint
  2. Horizon Air conditioning
  3. Magic Build
  4. Hammer Shake builders
  5. three heaters construction
  6. AC construction
  7. The Headers
  8. Grey Merchants services
  9. Bring it back renovations
  10. Gutterliner
  11. Fresh Start Renovations
  12. Dream Walls
  13. Luxury Lab
  14. RestoreIT
  15. Improvemento
  16. TopTall Improvement
  17. Captol
  18. Urban Glory Repair
  19. Hometrix
  20. Maximodel

Best Real-world Renovations Business Names

Now you have some ideas from our renovations company name generator; your next step should be conducting a competitor analysis. The aim here is to research the pros and cons of different competitor names. 

We’ve picked what we think are 5 of the best renovation business names and explained what makes them so successful. We’ll look at how the name works for them and why it appeals to clients. Here are the 5 renovation company names we’ve chosen:

  • Leaf Home
  • Remodelaholic
  • FullHouseRenovations
  • Mr. Handyman 
  • Luxe Remodel

Leaf Home

Leaf Home is a home improvement service that focuses on custom designs for its clients. The company is highly customer-focused and defines its brand on “growth through unity.” Using the term “leaf” shows that this company aims to support homeowners sustainably and responsibly, without damaging the environment.


Remodalholic is a very personal company that brands itself around a passion for home improvement. The company is run by an enthusiastic couple that regularly posts on their blog about their projects. This is why the name “remodelaholic” works them because it’s catchy, informal, and friendly. 

It shows customers that their business isn’t just a job for them. They live and breathe house remodeling.


FullHouseRenovations have been helping homeowners renovate their homes since 1989. They’ve seen many trends come and go in their time, but their name has always stayed the same. Their name is simple and straight to the point, allowing customers to know what they offer. 

Specializing in renovations in every room, from the basement to the attic, FullHouseRenovations certainly lets customers know the ins and outs of their company.  

Mr. Handyman

With 10 years of experience in home renovation and repairs, Mr. Handyman is a trusted national service. This name connects with customers because it’s friendly and down-to-earth. They’ve gained a reputation as a neighborly company that supports local communities, and the name certainly says that.

Luxe Remodel

Instead of the personal approach, Luxe Remodel aims to deliver high-quality and luxurious home renovations. It’s all about excellent craftsmanship and high-quality solutions for those looking for a more upmarket company. Using the word “luxe” tells customers that they’re not your average renovation company.  

RSM – Relatable, Simple, Marketable.

RSM – Relatable, Simple, Marketable

With the home improvement expenditure reaching 457 billion in the US alone, it’s a very profitable industry to be in. This is why breaking into this industry is going to take a lot of hard work and determination. 

We believe this all begins with your business name. Your name reflects who you are, what you stand for, and more than likely, it’ll be the first thing customers see. It may sound like a daunting task, but we know that if you follow the RSM formula, you’ll be on your way to creating an original, creative, and engaging business name. 

Relatable. Your name must connect with your customers. This means you need to understand your target audience before deciding what your name will be. Think about words that stand out and relate to the home improvement industry, such as “makeover”, “renovation”, and “redecoration”.

Simple. Don’t go overboard or use any big words. Stay away from technical or scientific language that will put your customers off. Simple usually means one or two words.

Marketable. Finally, you need to choose a name that you can build a marketing strategy around. Don’t just pick a name because it sounds nice. Think about how it will look on your website, marketing materials, and even merchandise.

5-Tips For Creating Unique Renovations Business Name Ideas

1. Try Using Your Own Name

If you look at some of the most successful renovation companies, they use a personal name that connects with audiences. When it comes to attracting customers who want a trusted company, using your name will show that you’re dedicated to providing high-quality services. 

In essence, people will see your passion for the industry by placing your name as the first thing they see. There are some things to think about if you’re going to use your own name. Firstly, make sure your name is not associated with anything you wouldn’t want your clients seeing on social media.

Secondly, think about the future! Do you want to commit to a family name that you can pass down to your descendants? This is a big commitment to consider, so take some time. To see what your name would look like next to renovation name ideas, why not try making some mash-ups with the renovations business name generator.

2. Find Your USP

Do you have a Unique Selling Point yet? In other words, do you know what makes you different from your competitors? Maybe you specialize in landscaping or kitchen renovations. Or, perhaps you have experience transforming bathrooms. Whatever it is, make that your starting point and build your name around it.

3. Don’t Be Overwordy

While some renovation company names have pretty long names, the most successful ones are short and memorable. There’s now scientific proof behind the success of shorter business names. Behavioral business scientists have shown that a brand name should never be more than 2 syllables and shouldn’t contain special characters or hyphens. 

To start, aim for one word that is simple and easy to pronounce. The last thing you want is potential customers being put off by the length of your name.

4. Make It Memorable

Creating a memorable name is not straightforward and doesn’t happen overnight. However, there are some steps you can follow to boost your creativity. Try a couple of these tips: 

  • Try using alliteration of rhythmic pronunciation like Reawarding Renovations or Instant Innovations.
  • Try removing a letter to make your name more unique, like Flickr. 
  • Try creating a mash-up of two words such as Facebook.

5. Try The Renovations Business Name Generator

Before using the renovations business name generator, we recommend creating a list with all the words that capture your company. Then go ahead and begin typing those words into the renovations business name generator, and you’ll get instant results. 

When you’ve found a name using the robot company name generator, your last step is to do a Business Name Search and Trademark. This will allow you to see whether the name is available. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When naming your home improvement business, you need to be crystal clear about your brand identity. Then try using our renovation company name generator to find a list of ideas. From this list, you can find unique names that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

The best renovation business names are the ones that build trust and convey authority. Our favorite picks are Northern Star Innovations, Durable Dwellings 24/7, Paradigm Shifters, and Zeitgeist Designs. Take a look at this article for more suggestions like these!

If you are looking for a personal touch to your business and build on your reputation, you may want to consider a business name with your surname in it. This is a big commitment, so be ready to be the face of your company. If you’re not prepared for this commitment, you’re probably better off with an original business name.


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