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Complete Guide to Naming Your Yoga Business

Our yoga business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get yoga business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Yoga is zen, yoga is a philosophy and much more than a set of poses or breathing practices. When choosing a name for your yoga business or considering the right branding approach, you should keep these facts in mind. The holistic, wholesome way in which yoga can change one’s life is what you have to put emphasis on.

Business-wise, you will have to focus on distinguishing your yoga studio from others. The medley of available classes isn’t the only thing you have to highlight. Your experience, the peacefulness and the sense of community students will get to enjoy rank as much more prominent factors for the selection of a yoga studio.

Now that you have an idea about what makes you original, it’s time to pour that essence in your branding efforts. A focus on emotion is always great. Most people practice yoga to feel more connected to their body, to discover their spirituality or overcome certain limitations. Think of phrases connected to these goals. This way, you can identify a winning yoga business name and base all of your popularisation efforts on it.

Demographic Interests

There’s a lot of information about yoga practitioners in the US but the situation is pretty similar in other Western countries. The vast majority of yoga practitioners (over 70 per cent) is female. These individuals tend to have a relatively high income level and most of them fall in the 18 to 34 age group. Yoga is also quite popular among those aged 35 to 54.

Over 70 per cent of the yoga studio customers have graduated from university. Apart from attending yoga classes, these individuals are also likely to buy yoga-related products like outfits, meditation kits and various accessories.

Yoga is continuing to grow in popularity. Over the past five years, yoga studios in the US have acquired five million new customers. The diversity of classes and the relative affordability of these are working towards making yoga more widespread and intriguing for a larger group of people than ever before.

Competitor Name Analysis

Good Vibes Yoga

Positive sensations and an energising experience are both paramount for yoga studios. The name carries both of these.

Hotpod Yoga

This London studio tells its clients exactly what to expect. The yoga classes take place in actual heated pods aimed at decreasing muscle rigidity and boosting flexibility.

Tranquil Space

The fact that the word “yoga” is missing from the name of this studio is a good thing and it shows that businesses can be much more creative and refrain from going for the obvious.

Kindness Yoga

When in doubt, always go for a positive emotion or a characteristic. The word “kindness” works perfectly well with the concept of yoga, increasing both relevance and the positive associations of studio visitors.


The London-based studio carries this name because the classes are available at three locations – Soho, Primrose Hill and Covent Garden.


Instead of opting for a positive emotion, you can choose a name for your brand that carries a dynamic vibe. BeYoga has accomplished just that.


Whether you choose a more traditional or innovative approach to naming your yoga studio, it’s important to make sure that the title is representative of what you stand for. Think of your strengths, your beliefs and your philosophy. Based on these, you can brainstorm for the right words and phrases to include in the name.

Try our Business Name Generator to play around with those words and phrases. The variations could inspire your creativity even further. Additionally, you will be provided with information about domain name availability.

To test out the generator, you may want to try the following yoga-related words and phrases:





Vinyasa flow


Ying and yang

Hatha yoga





Slow yoga







Yoga Business Name Inspiration

  1. Kali Yoga Divine: Kali is an important Hindu goddess and her name is often used to give yoga studios a relevant title.
  2. Deeply Spiritual: yoga is an entire philosophy rather than just a series of asanas. Focusing on this spiritual aspect will appeal to experienced yoga practitioners.
  3. The Body-Mind Connection: another relevant and somewhat spiritual name for a yoga studio that carries a deeper meaning and will appeal to all kinds of yogis.
  4. Sun and Moon: a more creative way of saying ying and yang due to the fact that the concept has become somewhat tired through the years.
  5. Just Breathe Yoga Studio: every yoga practitioner will tell you how important breathing is for a successful session. The name carries an additional meaning that’s also relevant.
  6. Millennial Wisdom: we all know how far back yoga practices date. This is a characteristic you can focus on, if you want to adopt a somewhat more unconventional naming approach.
  7. Yoga Friends: for many people, going to a yoga class is about the community of similar-minded individuals – a positive feature worth exploring when coming up with a company title.
  8. Heart of Gold Yoga Studio: the concept here is self-explanatory. Once again, going for the spiritual rather than the physical is relevant and a good option for standing out.
  9. Eastern Roots: whether you have a yoga studio or a meditation centre, you can pay tribute to the part of the world where these practices originated.
  10. Barefoot Yoga: most people know that various types of yoga are practiced barefoot, which is why the name makes sense and it carries a high level of relevance.

What Not to Name Your Yoga Business

Use your own emotionality to name your yoga studio. If you don’t believe in a certain value or emotional aspect of the practice, the brand will ring hollow and potential customers will sense the fakeness.

You should avoid trendy words and phrases for the exact same reason. Your business has to be based on something that you believe in rather than something that’s fashionable today and gone tomorrow.

Adding your own name to the title makes sense only if you’re a guru and an established authority in the field of yoga.

Finally, keep it simple. Don’t say something in six words if you could say it in three. Remember that people should be capable of easily recalling the name of your studio.