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LightSpace Studios

Tbased in New York, this photography studio is known for the lighting and camera equipment it uses. Huge rooftop access and a tall ceiling are also defining characteristics (also reflected in the name).

The Art Pantry

an art studio for kids, this one puts emphasis on both art and something cozy, homely.


based in Singapore, Artrium is a studio and a gallery from which anyone could purchase contemporary artworks.

Universal Pictures

one of the world’s most prominent film studios. Named after the place where it is located, Universal City, the studio is the oldest surviving film studio in the US.

20th Century Fox

another internationally-recognized film studio, this one gets its name after the merger of two film studios – Twentieth Century and Fox. It’s interesting to point out that the name hasn’t changed, regardless of the fact that the studio is owned by a company called 21st Century Fox.

The Dungeon

this hip-hop recording music studio carries an underground and alternative vibe in its name.

Sunset Sound Studios

opened on Sunset Boulevard in 1962, the recording studio originally produced Disney film tracks. Eventually, it gained a lot of prominence in the late 60s and 70s due to work with Elton John, Rolling Stones, Jim Morrison, Ringo Starr and many others.

Abbey Road Studios

arguably one of the most popular recording studios in history, this one carries the name of a London street and also the name of a prominent album by The Beatles.

Marketing Strategy & Useful
Advertising Terminology

Individuals and businesses looking for studio services already have a pretty good idea about what they need. Thus, the audience is highly informed – a feature that can be used to make marketing campaigns more effective.

A good marketing strategy focuses on the studio’s work. It can be a website that features a visual portfolio or demo recordings. Social media marketing can also be quite beneficial.

As far as naming strategies go, a creative, artistic and out-of-the-box approach can be expected to deliver the best results. The Impressionist Paintbrush Studio, for example, is a name that tells the potential audience what to expect. A music studio or a photo studio can put a bit more emphasis on technical characteristics and equipment of importance. Such a name could be The Phoenix Piano Studio.

Some phrases that will work well in a studio marketing strategy include outside the box, artistic, creative life, digital-age equipment, smart technology, magical, crystal clear, expression, contemporary, traditional and abstract.

Clientele & Interests

Studios work with two lines of clients – professionals and individuals looking for professional services. A photo studio, for example, may work with models and fashion publications and it may also work with B2C customers like women interested in professional photoshoots or couples who want to hire a wedding photographer.

Clients are typically artistic and they have a profound interest in painting, music, photography, film creation and other forms of art. Finding other common interests and defining characteristics is going to be a much more difficult task, unless the studio is highly specialized.

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